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  1. Sure. I agree. I’m hopeful Cincy is just too much of a mess. They’ve been one of the worst teams for years. I have held we should at least interview him. It’s embarassing if the Reds can get to the point of an offer and we can’t get a call. I know we are bad and will be but still AL east, have money, a real manager would be a sign of a competent proper quick as possible rebuild. I lnow know we will end up with Dempsey or worse but I can have my hopes!
  2. Still think the best case scenario is Girardi. Would actually be a sign the team is serious about righting the ship and going big. If he wants 5 million, great. He's clearly worth one million more than Buck. I know it won't happen and we won't even interview him but im still hoping.
  3. Yeah this argument might work a little if it wasn't his heel/tendon, what Manny did could have ended his season or worse. Dirty. And we have seen with Manny since he was 18, if you watch the footage, he doubles and triples down on the field when he could have defused or apologized right away, you can tell he knows he is wrong but doubles down causing a fight. Even after the game he triples down again. Many of Manny's antics would be defendable if he ever came out on the right side of them. Fights put your teammates at risk. It was disappointing to see, especially as the biggest Manny defender on the planet
  4. Not a chance and if he's so awful why not wish that on someone like Philly, what did Chicago ever do to you? Poor Padres too. Meanie.
  5. I heard the story but missed the cake!
  6. I just came here to post it, saw it twice. Knew the crowd here would love it. I don't care, I love Manny and at least he doesn't defend it. Pretty awful to do it in such an important game but also when youre an all time great 😃 you're calm and collected regardless of importance 😃.
  7. I agree, I want him out out out more than anyone just pointing out you cant blame him for advocating for Cobb and Cashner, who would be good moves (heading into this past season) even ahead of the rebuild.
  8. To be fair most here, including me, wanted these players. Edit: You could also argue that we have an awful track record with pitchers and if we don't mismanage them there must be something in the water or culture.
  9. I hope Im wrong but I suspect they will just re-phrase when they announce Brady, he wasnt the GM so its technically outside and I dont expect any announcements at all until so late it doesnt matter. Brady will represent the team at the winter meetings because we wont have any new front office hires yet. I think the reporters are just trying to keep fans engaged, its a long off season and there wont be many fans coming naturally to read up on the Orioles in the spring. Got to keep the ones who are diehards.
  10. Hes going to be President. Either that or there wont be multiple roles.
  11. I am pretty sure we will see something like, no word for the next 2-3 weeks. At that point theres some vague messaging from the warehouse about internal discussions and staff taking on more to fill the gap. Brady and one of the sons head to the winter meetings, we get super antsy because theres still no manager in January. February comes and maybe we interview Dusty Baker if its clear hes not returning to baseball next season and we get antsier. As Valentine's Day approaches theres an announcement that we've narrowed it down to 2-3 internal choices for manager and we end up with Sam Perlozzo 2.0, Bordick, or something as awful. No clarity on who the actual current or future GM is heading into Spring Training.
  12. Ugh, i wonder whos going to be in charge.
  13. He was manager of the year in his first and only season with the Marlins. Everyone in the league was high on him, fans players, reporters everyone. If he had accepted the Os offer in 2007 everyone here would love him. He took the better offer at the time but boy what he could have done here. He was fantastic with the media in NYC even when he was constantly in the spotlight due to his celebrity players and off field antics. He fiercely stands up for his players and puts them in their place when needed, he uses analytics but isn't completely controlled by the numbers. Players (yankees and opposition) describe him as patient and quiet until he needs to be and calm throughout any pressure. Heres an article from 2014 that lays out how he pulled a woeful (for Yankee standards) team into competition. I know he wont come here but I think it would be a huge step in the right direction to get an interview. A real honest top of the list guy. Show you are trying to pull this ship in the right direction.
  14. I would love if if everyone went and Dan was the only one left. Even better if he survives a team sale. I’ve always appreciated his vision and ability to think out of the box to bring in talent even with everyone in the org working against that. I’d love to see what he could do with less oversight. Or smarter oversight.
  15. All I’m saying is if the Reds can get an interview we should be able to. I’d much rather at least know we tried to get a top tier manager than just go with bordick or Dempsey and keep on keeping on with Our big league AA team.
  16. Why. Just because he managed the Yankees? Dude is a great manager and would bring a level of professionalism needed for a young team. He said not going to sit quietly and put Davis in the lineup every day either. Hit or sit. Who cares where someone managed before we need to build a prerrennial winner not the best retiree cruise.
  17. The Reds have interviewed Joe Girardi. Would love if we brought him in. The Reds are one of the few teams who have been worse than us and one of the few that approaches the level of Baltimore circus. Embarrassing if they sign him and we cant even get an interview.
  18. Definitely great for Buck that hes moving on, and ultimately good for the team. However what a disappointment it will be if we bring in Bordick. WTF. Why cant we just be a normal team and have a competent rebuild. Nuts.
  19. Want the Dodgers to win, so pulling for them and Manny. Probably wont watch too many games at all but will watch any Gausman starts if possible.
  20. That was one of the perks of the Cobb deal. You need someone who can pitch competitively and suck up innings through a rebuild. While he wasn’t as good as expected that still remains. He can be traded later if he gets back to form too
  21. A- or B+. Still may make some moves in August as everyone left will clear waivers for sure. The biggest negatives are due to how long this has been delayed. Given where we are this is about as good as it can go. Still impressed by the Schoop deal considering Brewers didn’t really need Schoop and we got a great haul. DD waited until he had the best deals we could find and moved everyone we could. We have international money to spend and will have about as low a payroll as could be finagled for the coming seasons. Maybe we can move Trumbo in August.
  22. Amazing return for Schoop (although sad to see him go) and underwhelming return for Gausman made up for by quantity and international money. We're really doing this!!
  23. MikeAD


    Random violence is (very) rare and big news when it happens. Not as safe as NYC but certainly safe enough. While I had to move away for work I am back all the time and most of my friends and family are there, raising their own families, little kids, etc.
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