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    Long term I feel like you neeeed a car but you can make it your first you for sure without it. Depending on where you find a job.
  3. Should be Schoop but since we failed to extend him properly it doesn't make much sense if we're picking one untouchable. Actually I don't know. Mancini doesn't seem like the guy to build a team around and Bundy and Gausman unfortunately seem like they have far more value via trade than via extension and long term rotation. Oy. Thank god we're rebuilding.
  4. Yes he would be a fine 3B for years to come. Strong arm, offensively hes going to keep progressing. I think hes a better fielder than most give him credit for and range is much less of an issue at 3B than 2B.
  5. LMAO Duquette has been awesome given the restraints and all things consider. Master of trades and the whole front office has been applauded for the Britton haul, and pretty favorable on Manny. Thank god he didnt leave for Toronto and I think a "tell all" would show that he was only trying to leave because he had little autonomy to compete in past years.
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    There are tons of neighborhoods where your neighbors would also be young people from the midwest. Don't believe the hype and scare tactics, there is almost never random violence in the city. Have some street smarts and keep out of trouble and 99% of the time you are fine. You certainly can manage Baltimore without a car if you have a bike and have the ability to supplement with Lyft or cabs. The public transit is not great compared to other cities but is much better than many midwestern areas. If you can afford to live downtown you have good options for transit but many neighborhoods are a short-medium walk from connection. Great city to bike in. Tons of open and green spaces, one of the best in America for that. Do you have any friends in Baltimore? My recommendation would be to go spend a long weekend or week and see what you think.
  7. This was better than other closer trades just this week and everyone knows what they have in Britton. Pitching more in Bmore wouldn't change that. There was already many teams fighting for him. You are misunderstanding Tate's projections. He could be a back of the rotation guy but theres a lot of potential in the bullpen. Nobody at this point should question having a strong closer or set up type either for actually winning games or for moving for more parts. I voted outstanding. I am surprised by what we got back and am more than pleased. You get Tate who I think will be a strong bullpen arm at worse. Carrol is a wild card, may not be a serviceable ML reliever and Rogers may not become a ML starter but the two combined is a really nice lottery ticket as add ones for a two month rental.
  8. Thanks you topped off my optimism tank!
  9. Tons of luck but what winning clubs dont? They had the leftover resources to get him. Verlander was a plus when he was brought in not a necessity.
  10. Look at how quickly Houston did this. Now I realize the Houston farm system was not in total shambles like ours has been but you can still do this quickly. I think this rebuild could lead to a competitive team in 2020 for sure. I think the 2019 season might even be one where we don't have to turn the TV off for all of August and September like almost every Orioles season over the past 25 years. Just bring in a multitude of pitching prospects and hope for the best. If the rebuild goes well and is done competently we will also have extra pieces to trade for a pitcher or another spot of need once everything comes together. Houston Houston Houston.
  11. Hes not that bad of a fielder especially factoring in his offense. And hed be more than fine at 3B. Im surprised he hasn't been there yet, probably because our infield depth has been garbage for awhile.
  12. Welcome to the board (as a poster)!
  13. I agree the optimal time to trade Schoop has passed but I say you extend him now and trade him later if theres a team willing to trade. As of now hes going to be (or needs to be) a top performer on the team for the near future. Its still a bargain to extend him.
  14. The area where the 3 philly stadiums are is fine crime wise, its just a lot of drunk people, and yeah a lot of fights. Its like that for all four sports, the tailgate culture and area is enormous.
  15. Philly fans are obnoxious and its hard to be anywhere without slurs being thrown around, loudly. In or outside the stadium. Hard to have kids around that, for me at least. I have been to almost every MLB stadium and have only ever had trouble in LA, the area around Dodger stadium can be bad if you dont know what youre doing. Im from Baltimore tho so never felt any negative way or unsafe in my life there (meaning in Bmore).
  16. Yeah unfortunately im in NYC and will be in FL for the rest of this month for work. Will miss the Philly series and no trips back to NY this year. I did get to sit behind the dugout for the last game against the Mets and got to share a few words with Manny. Obviously doesn't matter if I say thank you and goodbye but it meant a lot to me and he at least said thank you LOL.
  17. I scooped up the jersey T this morning. Love that hes wearing number 8! I wish I could see a Dodger game this season but alas not in the cards. Go Manny Go!!!
  18. Agreed i've never been more motivated as a fan (all things considered). It feels real this time and I actually feel myself feeling we will come out of this as a competitive well-built team. We have tons of pieces to move and nowhere to go but up.
  19. Almost every fan board has been drooling over Britton for weeks. Every time he strikes out a batter or throws a good sinker the value goes up. We will get a good return for Britton. We also have the flexibility of adding other above average relievers so a team could really change their makeup right now by adding a top notch closer/set up guy and an above average reliever this close to the playoffs. End of the day the Cubs farm system is better than ours and we can add value even though they aren't very deep.
  20. Im not sure how you can complain about 5 players for several years vs one super star for 66 games. Obviously Diaz is a great prospect but we already have "Depth" in the outfield. If even one of these players becomes a contributor on the major league roster this is a steal. We can nitpick the value of each prospect but five for one is pretty great, especially for a team with one of the emptiest and weakest farm systems in MLB. Well done by the FO and I fully expect more is on the way.
  21. I want it to be over for Manny. Dude has to be in LA for presser and then back out on the road for a game Friday. He will be going coast to coast. We will probably trade him Friday at 4 pm or some dumb thing.
  22. I mostly just can’t believe I and any of us wasted so much time. It was Christmas!!
  23. You could at least add a trigger warning before dredging up such misery.
  24. Had a traveling job and was able to see Manny play in the minors extensively. The enthusiasm he and Schoop brought to the field everyday was contagious. He has been so much fun to watch over the years. I hope hes an Oriole again. Until then, Ill be watching every at bat I can, wishing him well.
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