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  1. I think their future 3rd baseman will be the guy they draft 1.1 next June. There are a couple of good college SS bats who could get moved over to 3rd.
  2. I love the Giants. It's amazing how they have held off the star studded Dodgers. These two teams remind me of 1980 when the O's finished second with 100 wins, only no wild card then.
  3. I was in San Francisco about five years ago when I spotted a young kid, about 12 or so, walking in Golden Gate Park with his family. He was wearing the current O's home baseball cap, as was I. I ran up to him and in my most exaggerated Bal'mer-ease said, "Go O's. It's good to spot another fan out here." The kid just looked up at me in horror without saying anything. His dad then chimed in, "He just liked the hat."
  4. I'm not too worried about the lack of pitching selections given that next year they will again be selecting #1 or #2 overall. They will be in prime position to select next season's Jack Leiter if they wish. Of course, you have to go BPA. It's telling to me that all the picks have been college guys with the exception of the high upside catcher. I think Elias is trying to establish a good core no matter how he can get it.
  5. Probably the best move for the team, although I don't like the cap implications assuming the conduct clause is not met. Earl just didn't fit in here. You could see it last season in his play. He'll probably go somewhere and make another pro-bowl. The Ravens need a team guy at that position that the other players know have their backs. Good move on Harbs for calling this early before the season starts.
  6. Ownership and this egotistical GM let Trotz go because they couldn't pay him his due after winning the cup. I didn't agree with that move but I understood their reasoning. Okay fine. Now they fire Todd Reirden after only two seasons? This is another move I don't agree with. The Caps won their division both years under Reirden. Yes, the Caps looked old and slow in their matchup against Trotz' Islanders,; but that is because they are old and slow. They also have little on the prospect horizon. That's on the GM. You can't hold a playoff loss after a long covid layoff against the coach
  7. I realize the O's are not good but at least get players who can field. Santander has no business being out there if he can't get to that misplayed double. Milone looks like another bum in a long list of free agent starting pitchers signed by the O's. Oh well, it was only 1 game. Well, actually 2.7 games with the shortened season.
  8. I prefer Washington Football Club to Washington Football Team; but in any case, I think this is the way to go. It's better than having some lame new nickname half the people don't like. I am also glad they didn't pay off that a-hole who trademarked all the decent names. Screw that guy. I like the uniforms as well. No need to change colors. The numbers on the helmet are better than a Browns-like nothing and gives it an old-school look.
  9. It's disgraceful MLB does not have a home for one of its clubs one day before the start of the season. The Blue Jays present no more risk to the lives of Marylanders than the Orioles do. If it's too much risk to host the Blue Jays in Baltimore, or anywhere else in the U.S, then MLB should just shut the whole season down. I don't begrudge Canada for not allowing the Jays to play there. Just look at their curve vs ours. The difference is staggering.
  10. That ship sailed a few years ago due to a social media post made by Kaepernick's girlfriend. She compared Bisciotti to a slave-owning master and Ray Lewis to his slave. I was for signing Kaepernick at the time. Not now. The Ravens don't need the headache and they have better options in house. I don't see anyone signing Kaepernick at 32 years old and out of football for four years.
  11. The mlb draft show hosts seem to like the shortstop from Arizona State drafted two slots after Westburg. It will be interesting to see what Elias says about his guy.
  12. I love this pick. This kid hits for average with elite power and is left handed. He also has a strong arm, loves the game, and appears to be a hard worker. Honestly, I don't see any negatives.
  13. I think they are going to regret trading Hayden Hurst, at least for the short term.
  14. I don't like starting off with three tough games vs Clev, Hou, KC. I love finishing up against NY, Jax, and Cincy.
  15. I give them an 'A', but expectations need to be tempered. I was excited about Jordan Lasley and Jaleel Scott just a few years ago. I do like that the Ravens have emphasized not only speed and guys who can catch, but also high character people. I like to see team captains drafted.
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