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  1. The end of the game was anticlimactic for me. On the last Buffalo drive I happened to notice my dvr had a lot of time left on the recording. I surmised the Bills must have scored and the game went into overtime, so I watched with a ho-hum attitude. I was shocked when I saw Peters break up Buffalo's last pass sealing the victory. For some reason my DVR recording from PS Vue recorded the first quarter of the KC/NE game at the end of its recording. Glad to escape with a victory. Buffalo is a pretty good team.
  2. Buffalo's defense is pretty good. I think they hold the Ravens to 30. Ravens 30 Bills 17.
  3. Rumor has it Patriot players and coaches are lobbying to bring Brown back.
  4. Texans look like a completely different team than the one the Ravens played a few weeks ago. I thought they were going to fall out of the race after the beat down the Ravens gave them. Now things get really interesting. Ravens have control of the number one seed. New England still has to play Kansas City and Buffalo. They could conceivably not win their division.
  5. Wow. That was not an easy kick. Tucker is money. What a game. Outside of Lamar running, the offense was not generating much. Lamar's passing was off. Keeps hopes for the number one seed alive.
  6. I don't like the slippery conditions and a backup at center. I think Lamar and the offense is slowed, but I don't see San Fran doing much against the Ravens either. I am picking 49ers due to their defensive front and weather conditions.
  7. I wonder if the people who 'didn't see it' when Jackson was in the discussion are seeing it now that most publications are saying Jackson is the current front runner. They probably want to bicker about that too. Lamar might win it or not depending on how he and the other players in the mix finish. Personally I could care less. I am just enjoying this unprecedented ride and hope to see the Ravens get a first round bye. Number one seed would be nice, but I just don't see New England losing again.
  8. I'm betting he is telling Jalen what a stupid set of trades the Rams made at the deadline. And he is right.
  9. I know they are playing conservatively at this point, but I'd like to see what RG3 has left in the tank.
  10. Stupid decision going for it on 4th and 4. Either let Tucker try a FG or punt. Protect the franchise QB.
  11. Nice play by Weddle prevents a great completion from Lamar to Andrews. Lamar still picks up the first down on a nice throw to Brown. Lamar's throws have been spot on. Ingram with another huge run for twenty. My god this domination.
  12. All that and the Rams have to settle for three. Nice stop by the Ravens.
  13. I would have taken the field goal. I'm glad the booth is pointing out it is the hired analytics guru telling Harbaugh to go for it on these plays and not just Harbaugh's gut. Skura out. That's not good.
  14. And yet Brady is complaining about the whistle not happening fast enough on their last offensive snap of the game. Brady threw it up trying to run out the last five seconds of the game on fourth down. Refs gave Dallas possession of the ball with time left for one last play. God I can't wait until the Patriots are consistently bad. When that happens I hope Brady is still playing.
  15. Can't pick against the hottest team in football. The Rams' defense worries me a bit, but I think Lamar will fare better than Goff battling the Ravens' D. Goff seems to throw a lot of picks and I like our secondary. Peters will be motivated.
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