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  1. Maybe Altuve had a pornographic image on his T-shirt and he didn't want to offend anyone.
  2. and Flacco is washed up and not here anymore. You can compare Joe to Lamar once Lamar's career is done. Currently, Flacco is the greatest QB in Ravens history. That may, or may not, change by the time Lamar is done.
  3. Looking back during the two week layoff you can see this brewing. There was too much talk about the Super Bowl, coaching interviews, etc.. Sure, the players said the right things about there still being work to do, etc... but looking back you can see the attitude was much more relaxed than it should have been. Judon was joking with Harbaugh at one of his Q/A sessions. Lamar, telling people to chill on Greg Roman. Players were smiling like they were being interviewed prior to the Super Bowl. Even Harbaugh was rocking one of Hollywood Brown's apparel items at practice. I didn't see any focus specifically on the Titans other than the usual player speak of 'they're a tough team'. Earl Thomas' comments about not tackling Derrick Henry were downright incendiary firing up the Titan's locker room. I expect such antics from say, the Cleveland Browns, but from the Ravens we are not used to such brash cockiness, at least not without backing it up. It really showed in the lack of game planning and inability of our players to adjust. On the bright side, no one is making excuses. Lamar handled his post game presser superbly. He will learn from this. They know they crapped the bed. With experience they will learn to handle a little setback without panicking. It is striking how KC handled their game compared to the Ravens. Better coaching and more experience for key players. The Ravens are a young team. One silver lining: The biggest losers after this debacle are probably Roman and Wink, who along with Harbaugh deserve most of the blame. Who would want them to lead their team after this performance? Both are superb coordinators. I hope they are here in Baltimore for a long time. I don't see either as head coach material. No offense.
  4. Are we in a time machine? Did the Ravens just lose to the Chargers? I don't get all the Lamar bashing. The guy is 20-5 in his short career and will most likely be MVP in a couple of weeks. Here is a news flash. Lamar just turned 23 and he isn't done yet. We learned he has a little more seasoning to do. This is all part of the learning process. Elway, Manning, and a few other top QBs I saw listed lost their first two, and in some cases three, playoff games. It is what it is. You take the good with the bad. Hopefully Lamar gets a few Super Bowls by the time he is done.
  5. Oh the drops. So many drops. They were so out of sync. Next time the Ravens have a chance to rest starters I would play everyone not dealing with an injury. The layoff clearly affected them.
  6. I don't think so. Unless 'figuring out' Lamar is getting out to a huge lead so the coaches abandon the running game and Lamar starts to press. The Ravens beat themselves in this game with costly penalties, dropped passes, and bad play calling. Credit to Tennessee for playing a sound game and not allowing the Ravens back in it, but that is all they really had to do.
  7. Amen to this. People who say the Ravens should go for it on fourth down because they were successful doing it during the season are missing the point that in this game yards are a lot harder to come by. That's on Harbaugh and his lack of feel for how the game is unfolding and the negative impact of what can happen if you fail. The Ravens put themselves squarely behind the eight ball. After that they pressed and made a lot of mistakes. New England gave Tennessee a much better game. Way to go Ravens. I was thinking Harbaugh should get coach of the year, but now I hope that award goes to someone else.
  8. Hollywood!!! Damn, only get three out of it. Terrible first half.
  9. Ravens with the ball with 2:30 until half time. Score a td, get the ball to start the second half and take the lead. If they start playing like normal this can happen.
  10. This was my biggest fear. Three week layoff and they look totally out of sync. Going for it on fourth down on our own 45 yard line so early in the game was beyond stupid. Credit Titans for making them pay. Still time to turn it around. Let's go.
  11. A couple of costly penalties and a turnover. Titans score first. Pretty much worst case start for Ravens.
  12. I am most concern about the long layoff. If Lamar and the receivers are slow to sync up or the defense gives up some big plays early they could be playing catch up. If the Ravens are in sync I see this being a win. If not, it could get dicey. Still, I'd rather play Tennessee than a hot Deshaun Watson. Tannehill is a good QB, but he is less of a worry than Watson, Mahomes, or Brady. I think our guys cover Brown and Davis and they get to Tannehill with coverage sacks/hits. Can't wait. It's going to be one of those nervous, fidgety Saturdays up until game time.
  13. We have to hope the open jobs are not enticing enough or those teams hire someone else. With the way things are set up here both Wink and Roman will remain hot and should be set up for future hiring consideration. Steve needs to make both guys assistant head coaches and give them both huge pay raises.
  14. I don't see Roman as a fit for Cleveland and Baker Mayfield. I would think Wink would be a better fit for them.
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