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  1. It was nice seeing our guys wide open for a change. Also nice seeing the ball distribution getting everyone involved. Hopefully Brown can come back next week. Once again though the Ravens couldn't stop an opposing receiver in Auden Tate. Nice to see them clamp down on the running game.
  2. There is a good Holt interview on MLB Orioles web site. I love hearing about the step up our minor league pitchers had throughout the system this year. He talked about guys not in the conversation prior to the season now forcing their way into it. Strikeout rates took a big jump. It's so refreshing to see this. It shows that there was already talent in the system and how good organizations maximize it. We fans tend to think along lines of hitting or missing on draft picks when it is the development of those picks which is more important.
  3. I think the Ravens win at home. It will be nice to hold on to first place for another week. Schedule gets much tougher after this game. I have them finishing the season at 6-10.
  4. TBS guys were all over Roberts for allowing Kershaw to start the next inning. They pointed out how Kershaw's stuff was like batting practice to the Nat's hitters after dealing with Buehler all game. Leaving Kelly in was equally as dumb. I understand the Nationals going to Corbin, but LA's bull pen is loaded. No need to go to Kershaw or allow Kelly to struggle. This was the first time I ever rooted for the Nationals to win. Without Harper they seem like a much more likeable team.
  5. Harbaugh just said the PI non-call on the interception is part of the turnover review. That is why he didn't throw the flag. Also, Jefferson done for the year. ACL.
  6. Humphrey and Tucker win the game!
  7. Yes! Now run the ball a couple of times and let Tucker win it.
  8. C'mon. Please let this play (fumble recovery by Ravens in OT) stand. Would love to see all these Pittsburghers go home unhappy. It would make my day.
  9. and they do nothing with it. Unbelievable.
  10. Wow. No respect for Lamar and the Ravens' offense. Pittsburgh defers after winning the toss. haha
  11. Ten more yards and Tucker can tie it up. I don't really feel like OT. I'm pretty much done with this garbage team.
  12. Ravens do nothing with the ball backed up at their one. Horrible play calling. I can't believe they are going to lose this game against an undrafted QB. Just unreal. The wheels are going to start falling off the cart after this game.
  13. Oh wow. This is comical. Good news is it doesn't matter since the Ravens are terrible this year.
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