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  1. That ship sailed a few years ago due to a social media post made by Kaepernick's girlfriend. She compared Bisciotti to a slave-owning master and Ray Lewis to his slave. I was for signing Kaepernick at the time. Not now. The Ravens don't need the headache and they have better options in house. I don't see anyone signing Kaepernick at 32 years old and out of football for four years.
  2. The mlb draft show hosts seem to like the shortstop from Arizona State drafted two slots after Westburg. It will be interesting to see what Elias says about his guy.
  3. I love this pick. This kid hits for average with elite power and is left handed. He also has a strong arm, loves the game, and appears to be a hard worker. Honestly, I don't see any negatives.
  4. I think they are going to regret trading Hayden Hurst, at least for the short term.
  5. I don't like starting off with three tough games vs Clev, Hou, KC. I love finishing up against NY, Jax, and Cincy.
  6. I give them an 'A', but expectations need to be tempered. I was excited about Jordan Lasley and Jaleel Scott just a few years ago. I do like that the Ravens have emphasized not only speed and guys who can catch, but also high character people. I like to see team captains drafted.
  7. Harbaugh sure likes the pick. Knowing nothing about the player other than what Kiper just said, gotta love this kid's speed.
  8. A trade? How far back do we have to go? I hate trading back.
  9. I would have preferred one of the other guys, but RB is a pretty important position in this offense. We saw that when Ingram went down last year. I trust ED on this one but glad we pick again at 60.
  10. At least the picks are coming in quickly.
  11. All this uncertainty plays into the strength of a good GM. Sounds like the kind of draft DeCosta can hit a home run with.
  12. McDonald"s hype was just as big as Stephen Strasburg's. Both guys were heralded as the best pitcher to come out of college in 20 years. Ben just didn't have the career Stephen is having. I love seeing our Big Ben working with the current Orioles. He is a great announcer and spring training coach. Bundy was a bigger bust. I don't think his hype was as great. Riley has to be the most hyped prospect who flamed out.
  13. SouthRider

    Antonio Brown

    The guy was in a zero tolerance situation with the Patriots and lasted only one game. If the Ravens signed him now, chances are he wouldn't even make it to when training camp starts. I am not totally against it, but the guy is mentally ill. I'm sure the Ravens are monitoring the situation and considering it. If they ultimately think they can help him, great. If not, I understand. On a side note, I am glad to see Hollywood training with his cousin, Lamar, and Chad Johnson. As crazy as AB and Ocho Cinco are, they know what it takes to excel on the field.
  14. I am hoping Flacco goes to New England.
  15. It is mind boggling to me that people are visiting downtown DC and the cherry blossoms today. The video I saw looked like any other year with folks standing close to each other, taking pictures, etc. The DC metro is also still running. People aren't taking the stay at home recommendations very seriously. They will very soon as the entire country goes on lockdown. I look forward to seeing Tom Brady in whatever ugly uniform Tampa Bay chooses to wear next season. Just hope it is in 2020.
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