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  1. So disappointed with this team. The goaltending has been piss poor in the games we score 1-2 goals and outstanding in the games we score 4-6 goals. While it seems we are unbeatable when Green is in the lineup that is becoming rare. He gets dinged up every time he steps on the ice. Ovi is not the player he was 3-4 years ago. Yeah, the league has really clamped down on him, but his game and more specifically his moves with the puck are the same every game. He either trips over his own feet or loses the puck trying to get around the D-man. I would say Backstrom and Johannson have been the two best players for us this year and Green would be in the conversation, but isn't around enough. Sorry....rant over
  2. Supposedly, they wanted to make a big splash and have a huge build-up for one fight instead of two. From here on out, its supposed to have 3 fights and a 90 minute time slot. Still amazing UFC got 700mil for a 7 year deal. UFC was about to die off until Dana White came in and they made divisions and rules.
  3. Has to be a disappointing result for UFC. A 30 minute lead up to a 1 minute fight had to be low on the list of "outcomes". Watched the Henderson/Guida match on facebook and Henderson takes that in a great fight. He is next in line for a shot at Edgar. After Edgar's last couple of fights I don't want to bet against him, but Henderson has so many weapons where as Maynard relied to much on his punching power and wrestling, so I think Henderson will beat Edgar.
  4. Edgar's will/heart is amazing. To withstand what he did in the first round and come back to KO Maynard is something else. I saw a couple of Aldo's WEC fights and they were dominating but you're right, his first two UFC fights haven't been that great. Also, I really can't stand Sonnen. He got his chance against Silva and while he was dominant he still lost and then after the fight tested positive for Testosterone. I think he should have to wait another fight or two before he gets his chance again. Lastly, Evans is injured again so Jones will be fighting Machida Dec. 10 at I believe UFC 140. Jones has been busy this year, for being a champion.
  5. Did anyone else get to see UFC 135, Jones vs. Rampage? Jones is an amazing talent being so new to the sport. I really have a hard time seeing anyone currently at 205 beating him. Next up for him is Rashad Evans. Evans may be the best wrestler that Jones will have faced and they used to train together. I still see Jones winning easily. I think the best fight they could make is a catchweight with Silva and Jones at 195.
  6. Thats great to hear. Stay strong for her and will keep your family in my prayers.
  7. Stuck in Alaska and get the Seahawks. Anyone have a live feed to the Redskins?
  8. They lost, but the Lightning had one EN goal and two other fluke goals. Didnt see the Stamkos goal so can't comment on that. They were flat to begin the game which was to be expected, but outplayed TB for pretty much the rest of the first period and most of the second. Didnt agree with a couple of the penalties on the Caps, especially the one that led to the third goal. Think Kubina getting hurt on that play sold it to the refs. One thing is that Roloson didnt look as sharp as he had in the previous games against the Caps, so hopefully he begins to wear down because of his age. I think we win game 2 and then take one if not both in Tampa.
  9. Pretty much the order they are in currently. The Sabres should have wrapped their series up in 4-5 games with the way the Philly goaltending has been, Miller has been a big disappointment, but he can turn a series around by himself. Penguins while their record w/ & w/out Crosby is close, I just dont think they have much in terms of firepower that the Caps D couldn't handle. Canadiens are a scrappy team that seem to give the Caps trouble, and Lightning have more O than any team outside of the Caps and possibly Flyers. So I would rank them in order of Pens, Lightning, Canadiens, Sabres.
  10. I didn't agree with Boudreau calling out the refs as well as the Rangers/MSG after the game 3 loss. I wish he would just keep his mouth shut. After the Caps went down 3-0, I was furious with him as their fans just got louder and louder. Luckily Neuvirth has been a godsend so far. Once they tied it and went into overtime, I could barely watch I was so nervous. I truly thought if the Rangers won and tied the series the Caps would have been in trouble in the series, even though the series would have been tied 2-2. I thought we blew a couple great chances. Ovie does the same move everytime on a breakaway and their goalie has it down. Semin forgot how to pass from the his goal in the third and on. Was glad to see after the game Boudreau learned his lesson and admitted that he probably talked to much after game 3 and should just let the players play. I expect a close game in game 5 with the Caps finishing the series off.
  11. You look thrilled :laughlol: Congrats!
  12. I have no clue where to start, and some funny stories behind each of them. About a 2in scar on the back of my head, fell out of a tree when my friend started throwing wiffle ball bats at me, hit my head on a rock once I landed. Received, over 15 stitches Have a small scar on my stomach, was boogie boarding in Myrtle Beach, a shell jabbed me in the stomach after a wipe out. Was in a car accident and have two scars from that. One on my hand where some glass went through (no stitches), but had a big gash on my forehead from my head hitting the window, had 22 stitches. After getting drunk one night, was running (don't ask my why), and tried jumping a drainage ditch, didn't make it and hit my face on the opposite side wall, opening a cut above my eye. Received 11 stitches. Not to mention I woke up that morning still in the ditch. Just had stitches taken out of my foot 2 weeks ago, after a piece of a broken plate jabbed me in the foot, received 5 stitches.
  13. I will join as well, not sure what number we are at though.
  14. http://www.channelsurfing.net/watch-nfl-12.html The game for anyone who can't watch it on TV
  15. I bet it's pretty uncommon to have three players drafted from the same high school by the same team. Three picks from this school.
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