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  1. Here's my Chuck Thompson straddle the fence on this topic: Prospect evaluation is difficult. It is more difficult with players who have played zero games of pro ball, and even tougher this year due to the small sample size. I wouldn't put too much weight on these rankings, but objectively, this says that the evaluators believe that we picked the 8th best prospect with the 2nd pick. I was encouraged by the Vandy coach Corbin talking up Kjerstad on MLB network before we chose him. He is clearly one of the top coaches in college baseball, and he saw him several times in conference play.
  2. DanS

    Ump Show

    Best umpire moves since Leslie Nielsen
  3. He's batting .500, he pitched an inning, and how often do you see a guy with a career sub .500 ops pinch hit for a guy making $161 million? I'm anticipating a walk off.
  4. Chris Davis. The bar is so low that Eddie Gaedel couldn't limbo under it.
  5. I was going to say that Roy hit it out of the park, but that would be an understatement. You could put a 'Here' flag on this post. The quote that TonySoprano references is brilliant. I was just telling my wife that I suspected that most superstars weren't great people. How would you keep your ego in check with so many adoring fans? This was never an issue with Brooks. I recall so many times when interviewers would tee up Brooks to toot his own horn, and he would never take the bait. He would praise Clete Boyer, but he wouldn't praise himself. Brooks is more than a Hall of Fame baseball player. He is a Hall of Fame human being.
  6. If you believe we can win it all, I think you give up the picks. There are many variables, and you don't know how long the window will be open. We haven't won the World Series since 1983. If you have a shot, take it. If you don't think Gallardo and/or Fowler can take you to the promised land, keep the picks.
  7. Grich was a real badass. You could count on him to be front and center in any brawl.
  8. When you have a chance to get to the World Series, you need to take some risks. Those opportunities don't come along often. In our case, we haven't been to the World Series since 1983. I would make the Miller trade without hesitation.
  9. Steve Johnson had a 1.07 whip in limited innings in 2012. He struck out 11 per 9 innings in the majors. He is 26 years old. His 68 mph off speed stuff has to mess with hitters' timing. I would like to see him stick with the Orioles.
  10. All we are saying..............is give Schoop a chance.
  11. Times have changed. I remember when a guy brought a sheet to Memorial Stadium and hung a big banner on the fence at the top of the upper deck. The banner said 'Everybody must get stoned'.
  12. Earl was a brilliant manager. I loved how he stuck to the 4 man rotation after other teams had gone to 5. He was a master at getting the most out of his bench, and you always felt like you would win a close game. You knew Earl could get a great matchup at the key time of the game. My favorite Weaver momemt came in a Weaver/Billy Martin clash at Memorial Stadium. After a hotly disputed play, the PA announcer said "Billy Martin is playing the game under protest. Earl Weaver is protesting Billy Martin's protest". I can still hear the fans calling him out on to the field after we lost the last game of 82. May he rest in peace.
  13. Hopefully, we'll see more of this: This game could be easier than expected, based on this - "Kentucky's freshmen worked a little harder for Monday night's exhibition victory over Transylvania." We should press them and play uptempo. They may tire in the second half, as they will be a little low on blood. This is a young MD team, so be patient. There will be times when they look really bad, but they have talent. It will be fun to see how they develop this year.
  14. DanS

    Matt Hobgood 2012

    I'm reminded of the scene in The Dirty Dozen where the fake general inspects the troops and says 'Very Pretty Colonel, but can they fight?'. I'm encouraged that Hobgood looks to be in much better shape, but I would love to hear a report from someone who has seem him throw. It would be a real bonus if he rose from the ashes and became a prospect.
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