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  1. I would argue that fans not going to games, not watching them on TV and not buying team merchandise is a consequence of not being competitive. These things hurt ownership. So even if fans say they understand, and are supportive of the tanking, that doesn't result in helping the team. Even a payroll of $20m will eventually run the team into the red if virtually nobody goes to the games or are watching on TV.
  2. Two thoughts: - The next time a team is going through a "rebuild" and needs a warm body to be manager, I would like to throw my hat into the ring. I feel confident I can lead a team to at least 25-30 wins. - For teams intentionally tanking, they should institute the current intentional walk rule. Just allow the team to take an automatic "L" for each game during the season and have the players stay in Florida to play 162 extended spring training games. The MLB has become professional wrestling, you know who is going to win before the match starts.
  3. You could probably bring up the entire Shorebirds pitching staff and get better results.
  4. I wonder if next year we will be able to buy a $40 pass to attended as many games as you want. That's the only way I would invest any money into this team. $40 for the possibility of seeing 81 games.
  5. Speaking as a long time Hockey fan....ties are the worst. You just don't feel right after watching a long game with no resolution.
  6. They should play the bottom of the 9th even when the home team is winning so I don't get cheated out of my full 9!
  7. Thanks for the list...eyeballing it I see 3 players who played any part of this century that stayed with their small market team: Gordan - KC Mauer & Perkins - Min I think the scorched earth strategy will be pretty much the only available for second tier teams.
  8. Been thinking a lot about why I don't enjoy baseball as much as I used to, and what might be driving the causal fan away. Sure length of the game, too many HR's Walks and K's, financial inequities are part of it. But I think another part is small market teams like the O's, Royals, Pirates, A's, Rays and others can't have long term starts anymore. I think in todays game you would never see: -Cal Ripken play his whole career with Baltimore -Willie Stargell play decades with Pittsburgh -George Brett play his whole career with KC These players would have to be moved to restock
  9. Hey look at the bright side. We may have identified 3 guys who could be part of a winning team, just need 22 more!
  10. I kinda view my Oriole fandom like the grass in my yard. Very active during the spring growing season, but lay dormant during the hot days of summer. First part of the winter happy I don't have to think about it, but late winter looking forward to getting back at it again.
  11. Weight wins based on total dollars spent. Go to a point system. When the Yankees win a game they get one point in the standings, when the O's win we get 10 points. The higher your overall team expense, the less points you get for a win. You want to hide expenses? Then you pay more tax dollars.
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