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  1. Remember Danny White of the Cowboys? Oh I see SteveA did!
  2. Exactly! What if we learn tomorrow that Delmon Young was tipped off on the pitch he hit to help beat the Tigers...does that feeling you got when Hardy beat the throw go away?
  3. Right and wrong are subjective......Is eating meat on Friday right or wrong? Is using electricity to make your life easier right or wrong?
  4. I think you are setting up for some disappointment. Money still makes a difference. I can't imagine Yankee fans are growing concerned about losing Judge when he gets too expensive. I think our upside is to have 4 or 5 years a decade where we are a contender, a couple of years of .500 ball, and 2-3 years a decade of 65-70 win seasons.
  5. I suspect the '20's will be similar to the teens. A few tough years, hopefully a few playoff run years, and then another tear down and rebuild.
  6. Please distinguish between type 1 and type 2 diabetes. Type 2 is often associated with an unhealthy lifestyle. Type 1 is an inherited auto immune disease triggered by unknown environmental factors. I sit on the Central PA JDRF board and my son is a type 1 diabetic. Type 2 the pancreas, in most cases, still makes insulin, but your body can't absorb it....type 1 your body attacks the beta cells that create insulin and kills them. Type 1 diabetics have no control over the progress of the disease and can't reverse it.
  7. This is kind of where I'm at. Yes we need to rebuild, but you have to at least pretend to want to be competitive during the rebuild. At this point I see no reason to go to or watch a game next year. Just wake me up when they are done rebuilding.
  8. My first game was in 1972 vs the RedSox....don't remember a lot but I have the program somewhere.
  9. I'm thrilled about the early start....now I can see the end of the games!
  10. I have no problem changing rules to improve play......for those against...why shouldn't managers be allowed to change pitchers mid-at bat? Strike one from a 100 MPH flame thrower, then change pitchers and get strike two from a knuckle baller. Why can't you pull your starter after 3 innings, then bring him back in for the 9th? I'm all for eliminating down time.....no more reviews, just let the eye in the sky ump radio down when a call is blown...no more mid inning pitching changes....and while we are at it, raise all HR walls by 40 feet, lets get more balls in play.
  11. I lived and worked in Akron for about 5 years....yes Swensons is the best!
  12. I agree with this. Hyde did nothing to make me think he is the next great manager, not that anyone could have coaxed too many more wins out of this team. He gets another year to change that perception....who knows maybe he learned a lot in 2019 and improves in his sophomore year.
  13. Let's get radical! - Any pitch over 93 MPH is a ball (no more max effort by pitchers) - A ball hit over the wall in fair territory on a fly is an out (no more swinging for the fences) - add an extra base to be tagged in shallow right/center (more action on the base paths) - "foul" balls that stay in play are now fair (speed on defense is now rewarded) - two strikes and you are out (speed up the game, contact hitters rewarded) These would put a lot of balls in play...lots of base runners, and fewer deep counts.
  14. It's a tough game to watch.....don't get me wrong, I'm sure if the O's were within striking distance of a playoff spot I would be glued to the TV every night. But I used to watch games from all over the league, now I can't watch a game unless the Orioles are playing. It really is beer league softball. Bet the guy next to you at the bar that the next better will walk, K or HR and you have a good shot at winning a drink.
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