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  1. I might be one of the few Americans that stayed up till 4AM to watch the USA win the gold last Olympics live!
  2. So you are saying there's a chance?!
  3. 6 defensive replacements when leading after 7.
  4. American League pinch runner?
  5. Have always liked the Reds.....Don't follow them close, but if the O's are more than 10 games under sometimes I will watch the Reds to get my baseball fix.
  6. I was born into being an O's fan, but at the age of 8 in 1973 my family moved to Cleveland. So I was a Tribe fan (and O's) from 1973 until 1978 when we moved to NJ (then I dropped Cleveland and stayed with Baltimore). I was a big John Lowenstein fan when he was in Cleveland...and was thrilled when Brother Low ended up in Baltimore!
  7. It's turning out that ventilators are very little help. Latest numbers show 50-80% of the people put on ventilators don't survive. South Korea is the model on how to handle this.
  8. Remember Danny White of the Cowboys? Oh I see SteveA did!
  9. Exactly! What if we learn tomorrow that Delmon Young was tipped off on the pitch he hit to help beat the Tigers...does that feeling you got when Hardy beat the throw go away?
  10. Right and wrong are subjective......Is eating meat on Friday right or wrong? Is using electricity to make your life easier right or wrong?
  11. I think you are setting up for some disappointment. Money still makes a difference. I can't imagine Yankee fans are growing concerned about losing Judge when he gets too expensive. I think our upside is to have 4 or 5 years a decade where we are a contender, a couple of years of .500 ball, and 2-3 years a decade of 65-70 win seasons.
  12. I suspect the '20's will be similar to the teens. A few tough years, hopefully a few playoff run years, and then another tear down and rebuild.
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