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  1. Not to derail a thread about Davis, but there was nothing wrong with drafting Kjerstad. His medical issues are unfortunate, but no one could have known about that at the time of the pick. You could take it as proof that the org is cursed, I suppose.
  2. The big contract turned out to be a predictable disaster, of course, but he was a blast to watch in his good years. Some of his bombs are on my list of favorite O's memories, and who can forget the pitching performance in Fenway? I won't have much difficulty remembering the good over the bad.
  3. Anyone catch this exchange in last night's Fangraphs chat? 8:49 Guest: Hi Eric and Kevin,If Rutschman and Torkelson were in this year’s drart, where would they go, respectively? I say both 1-1 but friend disagrees. Settle a be on who pays the others MLB pass next year! 8:49 Eric A Longenhagen: both 1-1 8:49 Eric A Longenhagen: Adley killed BP today, he’s a freak
  4. I think you have to consider one more possibility - Lawler didn't want to be here. There was plenty of buzz that he would be comfortable going on to Vandy and shooting for 1-1 in 2023 if he was unhappy with yesterday's outcome.
  5. I would hope that the team's talent evaluators have SOME idea of whether or not they should expect this to continue, and aren't just taking it day by day. Not that their evaluation can't be revised over time, but surely this is a question they've put some thought into. As far as shopping him, sure, they're in the middle of a painfully long rebuild, anyone should be shopped in the interest of ultimately putting a competitive team on the field.
  6. That's not entirely true, the team should know exactly what he's worth to THEM. His value to other orgs is an open question of course. (Edited - my original second sentence felt too pedantic)
  7. Philosophically, if you're forced to accept poor value for your asset, then the chain of events that got you to that point has to be considered in the overall evaluation of the deal (IMO). If you want to shift the blame to other players in the org rather than DD, that's fine, but it doesn't change that they bungled the opportunity to trade a franchise player for fair value. To bring this back around to Mullins, I'd be particularly disappointed if they traded him for a similar package any time soon, as none of the duress of the Manny situation applies here.
  8. That would suggest that Duquette waited too long, no? I'm open to the possibility that the deal he got was the best available, but that's still a pretty disappointing return. Wasn't there legit concern at the time that Diaz would turn out not to have enough power for a corner OF spot?
  9. The deal was fine only as an alternative to getting nothing. As value for a player of Machado's caliber, it was very disappointing. I wasn't sold on any of those players ever providing major league value at the time and nothing since then has made me feel more positive about it. If all of the deals on the table were as bad, then DD made a major miscalculation with the timing of when he put Manny on the market.
  10. I disagree with the quantity over quality approach to that deal. I would have looked for a better prospect than Diaz, even if it meant a smaller overall package, up to and including doing a one for one swap. If it came down to the deadline and Diaz was the best prospect on the table....then I guess I would have reluctantly pulled the trigger, but I wouldn't have been happy about it.
  11. I would not. That was a bad deal at the time and it looks even worse now.
  12. 1. My personal favorite was seeing Cal take one out to right-center in game 2129...only one I ever saw him hit in person. 2. I went to a game in the last season at Memorial Stadium as a kid and saw Kirk Gibson (one of my favorite non-Orioles) hit a ball that I'm not sure has landed yet. 3. In April '95 I saw Andy Van Slyke hit a towering home run to right...from our vantage point in the Left field club section, my friend and I thought it might have hit the warehouse. Turns out it bounced off the top of one of the brick pillars behind the flag court. I remember thinking that Van Slyke wa
  13. Never argue with people who mangle famous quotes? Or who respond to reasonable points by bringing up arguments that no one has made? Hobgood's velocity has been all over the place this season, which could plausibly be indicative of a first-year pitcher dealing with conditioning/dead arm/minor injury issues. Would it be more satisfying to have someone closer to the majors like Minor or Leake right now? Sure. Would we be better off with one of them four years from now? Way too early to tell. I have concerns about Hobgood, and it would gratifying to see more progress, but high school pitch
  14. Which brings us back to assuming a failure occured in a situation where we have no proof either way. More power to you if that works for you, but it's not a philosophy that I agree with. I realize that this season has gone poorly enough to cost MacPhail most of whatever benefit of the doubt he might have had, but I'll still give him a little in a situation where a whole string of things would need to break right in order for team to see any benefit from it. Keep in mind that we're questioning MacPhail's effort to acquire a guy who has been a total disaster this season. Cheap, capable sho
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