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  1. I think this is the exact offseason that we should be signing two free agent pitchers of Eduardo Rodriguez's caliber to 3 -4 year contracts, if there are two on the market that fit that description. That would put them right smack dab in the middle of when we hope to be competing for the playoffs. In my opinion, a rotation of Grayson, Means and two solid #3's while our position player prospects are coming up to fill out the rest of the line-up would really make us in the conversation for the playoffs.
  2. What does “tried leading Kjersted back to Sarasota “ mean?
  3. I know that he gets a lot of attention as a 2022 prospect and currently is thought of as the possible 1-1 pick in next years draft. But is he a "Bryce Harper"/"Stephen Strasburg" type talent? Here's some info that I have found while looking around the interwebs today. Elijah Green OF Windermere, FL IMG Academy Commitment: University of Miami GRAD 2022 HT 6'3'' WT 215LBS THROWS RIGHT BATS RIGHT ARM 95 MPH 60 YD 6.28 Hitting 65 Hitting Grade (R) Grade. 70 Power Grade (R) Grade. 103 mph Exit Velocity Scale "As an amateur scout, you dr
  4. The reason that I asked the original question is because there’s a prospect in the Blue Jays system, Nate Peterson who had an 80 grade for his fastball and I gotta think that even though a 65 grade is good how is a fastball as dominating as Graysons is not higher than a 65?
  5. Seems like I keep hearing how he is consistently hitting triple digits.
  6. Did they ever mention why he left the game?
  7. I would love to see Gunnar go to the Cedric Mullins School of Hitting Lefties.
  8. How’s his defense? Should he stick at SS?
  9. This pick makes me doubt everything that Elias said about kjeirsted being the player they had rated as BPA last year.
  10. Does anyone know if the actual picks start at 7 or do they have a prolonged pre-draft picks show?
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