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  1. Are Hancock or Martin considered elite generational talent?
  2. Does he get another promotion?
  3. Having another Mancini like bat in the lineup isn’t a bad thing to have.
  4. higgybaby

    Adam Hall 2019

    Not a very good video to evaluate his swing. You can see that he doesn’t get the tilt that he needs. I do disagree that he’s staying connected. But it’s a poor angle to really make an absolute judgement on that. He has what looks almost like an awkward chop on quite a few of those swings as well. I would love to see an angle from the first base dugout angle. I could give a better evaluation from that angle, head on.
  5. higgybaby

    Adam Hall 2019

    Having never watched the kids swing I can’t say for sure but judging by the reports of his lack of lift, slap hitter label, I’d almost guarantee he has a linear swing and not rotational. Luke, can you confirm this?
  6. Did the ifa period start today?
  7. Awesome. It just seems like people have become bored with how great he is and decide stop posting it. lol
  8. I was always looking forward to all of the updates. I haven’t seen any in a long time.
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