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  1. I know he was caught playing with his Reece’s pieces in spring training but that’s just a SSS.
  2. Quick, somebody start a thread about Santander!
  3. When I scroll down the Hangout forum categories and I see that the O's Amateur Draft Talk isn’t grayed out and who is super bummed when it is grayed out showing that there are no new posts? Seriously, O's Amateur Draft Talk news/updates is the one thing that I look forward to the most on the hangout these days.
  4. “Too inattentive or stupid”? the question was rhetorical because the two reasons that you posted are obviously what mode the orioles are in and it’s frankly an embarrassing franchise right now. I do believe we are on the right path but it’s piss poor from a marketing perspective to not want to expose fans to the future stars of the club when that is all we have to look forward to.
  5. Am I the only one who thinks it is pitiful that the O’s aren’t tv broadcasting any games this spring? that’s pathetic!
  6. It’s encouraging. Although they noticeably didn’t mention anything about his velocity. And I would feel a whole lot better about it if it was a lot more than three days.
  7. These are the kinds of articles that I love. There’s a lot of meat in it.
  8. Sounds like we need a Hangouter to facebook livestream all of the games for us then.
  9. So with the changes with MASN, are they not airing the spring training games?
  10. Is that #7 and #11 in the Angels system?
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