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  1. Has he shown signs of keeping up with what he was doing in early spring?
  2. No. But all of the professional scouts had him rated as one of the elite bats with probably the best overall hit tool in this draft.
  3. That’s a big freaking gamble to hope that the players that you want will be there at 30 and 39. this sucks.
  4. Austin Martin was as close to a sure thing as there could be and we pick another outfielder??? like we don’t have enough outfielders as it is already???
  5. If so, where are they and when? also, where is minor league camp?
  6. IS there a clear cut ace pitcher this year?
  7. It’s called hyperbole. Obviously he didn’t add 25lbs of muscle. He added 25lbs and he looks pretty ripped. That is very possible to do in 25 weeks.
  8. Higgybaby and higgysbaby will be there March 8 thru March 14
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