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  1. https://www.mlb.com/news/look-back-at-orioles-trade-deadline-2018 Not news to anyone here but pretty brutal to read all in one place.
  2. Or on Orioles Hangout?! What’s the going rate?
  3. Mullins is particularly difficult to assess IMO because of the abandonment of switch hitting. I was concerned in May that the scouting had adjusted but then he just started raking again. In any case it’s a small bright spot in an awful season (like watching Cal hit beach balls in 1991). Unless a contending team has a high profile injury I don’t think anyone is risking looking dumb by trading for him for what the Os should ask for though and I’m ok with that. Question for the more knowledgeable folks regarding Manny - is he worth what we thought he was worth when he was traded? I thought
  4. Good for DJ. That was a bomb. Lopez just needs to get through 5 here.
  5. At least Ryan is making up for it with his bat...
  6. Pfizer, Moderna, and JNJ are the only doses authorized in US. Don’t put that Astra Zeneca juju on me Ricky Bobby. Get a shot people.
  7. What medical evidence shows there’s a greater risk than not being vaccinated ?
  8. No elderly are waiting in Florida. At this point if you want one you can have one, especially if you’re willing to snipe. More people getting one is a good thing.
  9. Loved watching him play. Loved the ridiculous Kinkajou nickname that popped up in the threads. I wonder if they would’ve gotten through the Yankees in the playoffs if he hadn’t gotten hurt - I like to believe he’d have gotten an extra hit or made an extra play to make a difference. Watching Buck put his arm around him in the dugout was crushing.
  10. That beer is awesome! Never seen it before.
  11. Selfishly as a Floridian I’m pretty excited to see Norfolk’s move to align with Jacksonville. Jax has a pretty great stadium to boot.
  12. Agree with this on both points. Good trade but Castro was my bullpen pet cat, so I hate to see him go.
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