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  1. Amen. I’m glad she’s involved, and Dr. Fauci, and Admiral Giroir. It really supports the thesis of Death of Expertise...we’d be so screwed without people like them.
  2. Dr. Birx said today that the issue they are seeing is the labs not using all of the equipment that they have. That apparently a high output Abbott machine is widespread but not being used for some reason. She said they were meeting with the lab company CEOs tonight or tomorrow to see about increasing throughput. They’ve gotten a lot better in a couple of weeks so hopefully the testing trend continues.
  3. The plan seems fairly clear to me. There's not a lot of good news but there's certainly a plan. I hate the situation on the TR, but Guam gets a say in that. As do all of the states...national leadership is providing information (publicly and more nonpublicly) but our system is our system. Guam is already massively crowded from people fleeing the rest of Asia for the last 3 months so they need a place to put them. The military is updating their planning and instructions on at least a daily basis across the world. That also isn't easy. The bad news is there isn't an easy answer to any of it...staying at home for 30 days helps stops the spread, which is the most that most people are going to be able to do. Hopefully one of the drugs being tried has a proven break through soon.
  4. Makes sense to me. Enjoy the learning to bike phase...mine was afraid so it took a while but man that look of joy when they get it is great. She just kept saying how much more fun it was than she thought it would be. Sure beats staring at the TV.
  5. 2002 Opener? That was the same date as the Terps NCAA championship game IIRC. I had a beer in hand and ate terrible food for about twelve straight hours that day! Epic. https://www.baseball-reference.com/boxes/BAL/BAL200204010.shtml
  6. Similar deal for me in security...we're figuring out coordinating work sites in MD, FL, WA, and TX. It's a mess. I was planning on flying up with my daughter to see schools in Baltimore and (Philly 🤢) next week but all the tours got shut down. Stay safe everybody, it's weird out there.
  7. Great call. I stayed up for that one! Symbolic of the whole season in 2012...I always felt like they’d find a way to win one late. I agree with 162 and Cal statue day for sure and the rest of the list is pretty good. Im so glad I got to go to 2012 ALDS Game 2. I have a soft spot for the first game after the riots because I was there too. Felt like an FU to the media in the rest of the country plus we got good Ubaldo that day!
  8. Which is why Austin should give him the catch of the year award.
  9. Austin needs to hand over that award. That was UNBELIEVABLE.
  11. Fighting to the last. I like it. I appreciate the hell out of Villar's season.
  12. Hanser makes me happy. He's fun to watch. That is all.
  13. Good for him. Nice to see him healthy and dealing.
  14. Loyola didn’t make the University Night cut? Shame. I expect Navy to be left out but a Baltimore school? Hmm.
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