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  1. That beer is awesome! Never seen it before.
  2. Selfishly as a Floridian I’m pretty excited to see Norfolk’s move to align with Jacksonville. Jax has a pretty great stadium to boot.
  3. Agree with this on both points. Good trade but Castro was my bullpen pet cat, so I hate to see him go.
  4. It boggles my mind that Castro and Pedro Martinez play the same position as Randy Johnson and Sid Fernandez. Pitching is weird man.
  5. Time to worry about Means?...and the season?
  6. That was a humdinger. Anything that flies that far ought to have a stewardess on it.
  7. That was absurd. Beautiful heads up play.
  8. There are cardboard cutouts in the stands faster than CD. Nunez!!!!!!
  9. Third Bass was an epic 90s rap group...Steppin to the AM and Triple Stage Darkness are legit. Serch being goofy looking hurt the band IMO. However producing Nas’s first album is a career...in any league. Also scew the Nats and their nonsense ground crew. Next time they’ll just have the sprinklers accidentally malfunction.
  10. This is Bull Durham "I'll get us a rain delay" level nonsense. If they'd just turned on the sprinklers and allegedly couldn't turn them off, that's a reason to get a mulligan and rest for the bullpen instead of losing an official game?
  11. Yes. Expanded playoffs means a hot streak that would normally not mean much might just get it done. After living through 89 I will never say never about an Os team.
  12. I’ll stay with the positive vibe. Kind of a positive that we’re 4-3 with none of them hitting. I’m hopeful that Hays will sort it out but he needs a day off or two. Chance has hit everywhere in the minors - seems like our luck if he did doesn’t do it in the majors. DJ is a great kid personally but he’s in big trouble if Mountcastle shows soon and mashes. Hopefully we’ll get enough answers about all of them in the next 50 games to make some decisions for next year.
  13. Aint the beer cold?!!!
  14. Congrats Roy. Subscribed! You were the best at this on TV, what took you so long to start a pod? I can’t wait to listen to you and Billy.
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