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  1. Great call. I stayed up for that one! Symbolic of the whole season in 2012...I always felt like they’d find a way to win one late. I agree with 162 and Cal statue day for sure and the rest of the list is pretty good. Im so glad I got to go to 2012 ALDS Game 2. I have a soft spot for the first game after the riots because I was there too. Felt like an FU to the media in the rest of the country plus we got good Ubaldo that day!
  2. Which is why Austin should give him the catch of the year award.
  3. Austin needs to hand over that award. That was UNBELIEVABLE.
  5. Fighting to the last. I like it. I appreciate the hell out of Villar's season.
  6. Hanser makes me happy. He's fun to watch. That is all.
  7. Good for him. Nice to see him healthy and dealing.
  8. Loyola didn’t make the University Night cut? Shame. I expect Navy to be left out but a Baltimore school? Hmm.
  9. Davis gonna Davis. Apparently isn’t acquainted with “go down swinging.”
  10. Go Blue! I want to believe all the good chatter I’m seeing about Patterson in camp but it makes me think of “baseballs coming out of hands well” in spring training. I think this is the year to get the Big Ten again finally.
  11. Ride or die O’s and Navy. Ravens as an AFC stand in. Used to be big on Terps basketball before leaving ACC and Gary retiring but now just generally root for UMD sports due to state loyalty more than anything else.
  12. All praise be upon Delmon Young.
  13. With AAA using the same ball is there a plan to work that down levels?
  14. Sports Guy had probably 50 of them teed up for the O’s that never came to fruition.
  15. Poor Markakis. Losing him in 2012 was huge and you could tell it killed him(and Buck). Hate to see him lose out on another chance at the playoffs.
  16. Not the last look you want the league to have of Givens before the deadline. Although maybe the GMs will think that their manager will clearly use him better.
  17. That along with continued pitching success at Bowie could make 2021 reasonably entertaining.
  18. Doesn’t Dan share the credit?
  19. Ended up in relationship with players (manager)? Good for them. Good for her.
  20. Good question. I dug around a bit online but I don't see anything. Seems like there wouldn't be a finite number of minor league affiliates permitted but who knows. Southern Maryland Blue Crabs are independent and close but I don't know if their facilities would be up to snuff.
  21. pdiddy

    Alex Wells 2019

    A cavalry even...😎
  22. Was that before he started listening to only his dad and their outside hitting coach?
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