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  1. It’s all about development as they move throughout the system - something we’ve sadly not been able to over the last ump-teen years. With new leadership, I hope this changes.
  2. Keep him at AAA. Absolutely no rush. Let’s make sure we have guys like him, Diaz and our other top prospects at the big league level for as long as possible during our “contending period” which is still several years away.
  3. I disagree. We still need butts in seats. We still need an identity. Look, I long for new blood as well, but we need some veteran help and Puig is exciting.
  4. Haven’t read through the entire thread, so if this was mentioned, you can disregard.... Would you do a trade for Puig? He is erratic but does bring excitement. Dodgers seem to want to move him. Not sure what it would take - Cobb? Something more? I think he’s the type of guy who kids would go to see at OPACY. He could help the team with their identity issue.
  5. Does Jackson have to stay on the major league roster all season (do we follow typical Rule 5 rules even though we acquired him in a trade)?
  6. WarehouseChatter


    Not sure those teams were built in a way to take advantage of our SBs. If built correctly, speed and OBP can definitely improve offensive performance. If those speedy guys play great defense as well, then you’re really on to something.
  7. I’m completely jumping the gun here, but do you package him with some veterans to get a more well-rounded prospect? Someone will value his hitting over his defense. I’m not saying to give up on the guy - just trying to think creatively.
  8. How bad is his defense? I’ve read about it here and there, but really - how bad is it? Defense needs to be a key piece of the rebuild and I’m wondering where he fits in? Will he be given a chance at 3B in the majors? Can he be a corner OF? Just projecting out one to two years and I’m wondering where everyone sees him at the major league level.
  9. Stewart is a guy who could be a big piece of our rebuild. He’s not going to hit for average, but he can launch the ball and get on base at a good clip. I’ve always seen him as a Kyle Schwarber type player. They’re the exact same size (height and weight) and have similar batting tendencies. Excited to see what he can do in a full year with the team.
  10. The most important thing....bring in the right guys (in process but a great start) and let them do their jobs while holding them accountable to clear expectations.
  11. Thanks backwardsk! I like the idea of this pick. Let Beckham walk. This guy is cheaper, younger, and better defensively at SS.
  12. Trying to find some info on Martin’s defense. Anyone have anything? We have to develop a defensive mindset. Having a scrappy, defensive team would be fun to watch (even if we lose 100 games).
  13. My old stomp’in grounds in York would be a great location.
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