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  1. Does Kremer’s stuff (when he has his control) play better in the pen? Curious as to thoughts.
  2. I’ve been to many Opening Days at Memorial Stadium and then Camden Yards. Can’t say that I’ve seen a performance this masterful. Mussina pitched some doozies but Means was Grade A+ today.
  3. We sure this is the real Jon Heyman account? 😉 Didn't see this one either, but I like the potential "mentoring" impact he could have on our young guys.
  4. The latest Baseball America mock draft has us selecting Jack Leiter with the 5th pick. Clearly he has pedigree and was highly touted out of high school (although selected in the 20th round, he had a strong commitment to Vandy which led to him slipping). I had previously seen Rocker and Leiter going 1-2 in previous drafts. Thoughts on Leiter? Is there more hype due to his name vs. actual performance success? Curious as to the board’s thoughts.
  5. Ummm.....did I double my dose of painkillers today? Ummm....did I accidentally double my dose of pain meds today? Not trying to put you down, but I’ve read this about 10 times and can’t figure it out. Lots of love OrioleDog, just can’t decipher....
  6. While I’m not advocating for Nunez as our long-term answer (certainly not at 3B), his .809 OPS with 10 homers and 24 RBI on a rebuilding team allows me to look past some of his defensive shortcomings.
  7. Wow is right. Yes, it’s an underslotting pick, but I have to say that I’m disappointed as I feel Martin was much more of a can’t miss guy. I hope I’m proven wrong.
  8. No worries! Not offended. I overstepped. I think we’re all frustrated with things but want the same positive result. I’m with you on wanting an ownership change (going on about 18 years or so). I can see it happening. MLB is disenfranchised with PGA and I can’t see them allowing an easy transition to his sons - especially if they’re not even attempting to compete. Rebuilding the organization could make them more intriguing to a buyer. I really hope for this to be the case. sorry about the Alabama loss yesterday - tough with Tua going down.
  9. Roll Tide......serious question.....are you in the camp that Elias is incompetent (or at least has made some very questionable decisions)? Any chance he’s doing what he can with the budget allotted to him (i.e. his hands are tied and he is forced to make moves such as this?) I sometimes wonder if our organization “overhaul” is smoke and mirrors for the fact that we have a dwindling budget yet want to keep fans encouraged. I don’t want to think this, but I wonder. Thoughts?
  10. Thanks 7Mo - appreciate it. Definitely frustrated with the franchise, but I’m still bullish on the future. It will take time, but I see Elias doing things that no GM/Leader for the Orioles has done in decades - focus on building the organization from inside out. The current economics of the league make it hard for some to compete, but it can be done and I feel we’re doing it the right way. While I understand the Villar move, it’s understandably frustrating to the fan base.
  11. Sad....just sad. Sorry you can’t be helped.
  12. I didn’t realize the board had a quota for posts. Also, while I dabbled on an orioles website in the past, I was turned off by personal attacks on posters (like yours above) and decided against it. I’m all for challenging one another on opinions, but personal insults directed at posters shouldan’ t be tolerated. I’ve been a paying member for many years and visit here every day. No wonder Tony loses members (and posts) to the site.
  13. I just have to sit back and laugh at some of this (not Elias and the O’s, but some of the posters on the board). Anyone who says he’s done nothing doesn’t deserve to be a fan. If you can’t see and feel the organization changes, you’re nuts. This club was years (if not a decade) behind others and “fans” are ready to jump ship after 1 move? In my opinion, go for it. Jump ship. I’ll still be here when we compete again.
  14. It’s all about development as they move throughout the system - something we’ve sadly not been able to over the last ump-teen years. With new leadership, I hope this changes.
  15. Keep him at AAA. Absolutely no rush. Let’s make sure we have guys like him, Diaz and our other top prospects at the big league level for as long as possible during our “contending period” which is still several years away.
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