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  1. We know then from Frobby about the rarity of minor league to MLB successful pitchers, and the even greater rarity of minor to MLB impact pitchers. What does that argue? 1. A team draft as many pitchers as are rated high by scouting because they are the best (because rarist) commodity to trade and the more you have the greater the statistical chance of success. or 2. A team shy away from drafting too many pitchers because statistics tell us that your failures will vastly outnumber your successes and thus you are losing valuable draft slots. It seems that "grow the arms buy the bats" is the conclusion one reaches if you accept #1.
  2. The main obstacle is that Uggla doesn't want to move off 2B: "Danny Uggla's been a full-time second baseman for the last four years," agent Jeff Borris said. "He's performed exceptionally well at that position. Although he has the athleticism to play other positions, he's performed remarkably over these four years at second base and there should be no reason to consider a position change at this time."
  3. Frankly, I don't believe we'll be making any major offensive acquisitions this off-season, if by major you mean anything more than a placeholder. All our immediate offensive acquisitions, if we make any, will be supplemental. That may change next off-season, but I don't believe this off season will make many of us happy. As far as "hanging on for the ride" this offseason, I don't believe we'll need to fasten the seatbelts.
  4. Hell, we all have a sex addiction.When a lady with 13 kids was on Groucho's show he asked her, "Madam why do you have so many children?" She said, "I love my husband". Groucho replied, "Madam I love my cigar but I take it out of my mouth every once in awhile."
  5. hahah a thread about insider info, with no insider info, and it still goes controversial with bickering. Just say "insider info" and there's some Russian guy ringing a bell somewhere for his dogs. And God help me, I like it.
  6. I'll miss the frustrating excitement of trying to deduce the cryptic comments and I'll miss all the controversy about the veracity of the sources. Yeah I'll miss it, it was fun trying to figure out if it was true or not, and frankly, it's a fun game, but a game nonetheless and made for fun reading. It made the off-season just a tad more bearable and a tad less boring.
  7. Regardless of what you think about parity in a competitive context, MLB has never been more profitable. Never. Does the perceived lack of parity cripple the sport's ability to be profitable? Hardly. Does it even possibly enhance the sport's ability to be profitable. Perhaps. You might make the argument that it's useful for the sport to have loyalty from cities whose markets are the largest. You could argue it's good for baseball. "What's good for the Yankees is good for baseball," is not necessarily simply a troll. It might be true, as horrific as it might sound. You can be certain however that MLB is under no illusion that so-called parity will result in additional profits. Their spreadsheets tell them otherwise. They are raking it in in unprecedented historical dollar figures. They have no incentive to make the changes we constantly hear regurgitated on message boards from year to year from, essentialy, fans of teams who had losing seasons.
  8. zff4

    Indians fire Wedge

    Frankly I'm surprised this hasn't garnered more attention from the "fire Dave" crowd.
  9. I've seen things you people can only dream about.
  10. This isn't first come first served or a deb ball where the nicest suit gets you laid. It's an auction. I'm not saying we'll bid, and you can be sure we scouted him and valued him, but Chapman will go to the payday and everyone has an opportunity to bid.
  11. Found an unexpected copy of one of Richard Stark's "Parker" novels, Backflash. Stark is the pseudonym of the late Donald Westlake author of the fine Dortmunder mysteries. The Parker novels are exceptional American noir whose hero is devoid of all qualities except those needed to survive a criminal lifestyle. Gibson played Parker in "Payback" and played him pretty well. Parker and his cronies are hard, practical men, stand-up guys for the most part, as in Parker's circle, betrayal has only one ending. If you find any Parker novels, grab them, they really are unique.
  12. I guess the draft is over, but there oughta be a Rule 5 draft opportunity for the mesmerizing new internet sensation: http://www.zimbio.com/Video+Game+Exercise/articles/58/every+guy+buy+their+girlfriend+Wii+Fit
  13. 5. Pinella having zero patience and unwilling to mollycoddle. Check
  14. There is always politics in play I admit. However, JHU is the city's largest private employer and commendably establishes their facilities purposely in the poorer sections of the city as anchors for local improvement. Additionally mindful of the student murders by intruders there a couple of years ago, the city isn't going to feel politically compelled to try a case. The kid is vulnerable to a civil suit though.
  15. No, probably not. By "assembling a jury in Baltimore that wouldn't hesitate to find this kid guilty" I assume you mean a black jury? I can assure you that the black community abhors the endemic crime in their own neighborhoods more than we likely do - they live there and in many neighborhoods, live shuttered in for fear of crime. While they might have different perceptions about the cause of criminality it's likely they would come to the same conclusions about criminal home intrusion as their fears on the matter are probably closer to home than ours.
  16. zff4

    9/16 Rays @ O's

    With a samurai sword but we unfortunately didn't cut off his head.
  17. Would we react differently if the student had been female? Would she get more dates? Or less? If she were hot would Moose draft her?
  18. I'm not sure vigilante is the proper term for citizens who defend themselves or their home against intruders. I understand the state jealously preserves its monopoly on the application of violence, but when the state is not present in one's home during an intrusion, the issue feels entirely academic to a frightened citizenry tired of being seen as easy targets in their own homes. Since it does appear that no charges will be brought against the Hopkins Hanzo Steel Ninja, I suppose the state acknowleges that the kid made an understandable cost-benefit analysis.
  19. If JHU fails to hand swords out during orientation I'll be pretty disappointed.
  20. I like to think that a nerdrage katana execution of a burglar that already stole a kid's xbox and returned for more loot can happen only in Baltimore. Hell, if they were still filming the Wire I guarantee they'd incorporate it somehow...
  21. I just watched Luke hit one onto the flag court. It reminded me that Scott carries wherever he goes. The degree to which a citizen can protect himself and his property from criminals is an interesting problem - I would imagine Luke has an opinion on the issue. I've experienced a couple of attempted home intrusions and it's very scary - at least it was for me. I've found it difficult to maintain my composure and oddly it's why I've decided not to buy a gun - I know I'd use it at the drop of a hat. On the other hand, if they're in my home, my philosophy with my aluminum bat is "Swing Away." It's probably wishful thinking on my part that they wouldn't take it away from me and send me into the flag court with it. Bah, it's a measure of our screwed up cities that we're having this discussion and it's infinitely depressing.
  22. I've got an aluminum softball bat next to the bed. It's made by master artist craftsmen of the Easton school of bat who fold the aluminum many times over to create a level of supple hardness not found in competing aluminium bats of lesser, pedestrian quality. The forging of a bat takes hours, and is considered a sacred art. As with many complex endeavors, rather than a single craftsman, several artists were involved in crafting my bat. A bat from the Easton forge is formed from a combination of two different aluminums which creates a bat which has a unique hard surface and an inner core wihich is resilient and provides a larger more responsive sweetspot when you tag a perp in the head - you'll really get his attention. (I want a sword now)
  23. Yeah, actually it's a decent learning experience about apartheid.
  24. Reimold has shown that not only does he belong but that he's a valuable addition. I've enjoyed his really mature AB's as he's got a strike zone understanding and patience that makes him stand out - if his injuries hadn't kept him down on the farm we might be looking at a very accomplished professional batter, and I think it's only going to get better. That said, he's one of the few really good spare parts we have. It'll pain me to lose him but it wouldn't surprise me if he's a chip in another big AM move. I hope it's worth it.
  25. Matusz is putting on one of the best displays of dominance we've seen from any O this year. Really phenomenal. Killer circle change, sets up a great curve with his fastball. These last few innings have been The Matusz Show.
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