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  1. This is a very interesting reading not only about Rick, but his high school friend, Jim Loll. Just look at that image of Loll’s swinging at bat during high school. That is definitely a look of a true MLB prospect. There is much revelation about the character of Dempsey in this article. Very uplifting. https://www.latimes.com/la-sp-col1-dodgers-dempsey-2019-story.html
  2. Was that the greatest catch of all time, or what?
  3. Santander’s “eyes got big”. You just have to love Ben.
  4. Wilkerson has a great “drop” pitch. It is a wonder why pitchers do not use it occasionally during a game. Maybe they are afraid it will mess up their mechanics.
  5. I know this has been talked about ad infinitum, but Davis looked absolutely awful at the plate as a pinch hitter in the eighth inning of today’s game. He casually gazed at a called second strike as a fastball wizzed by him waist high right down the middle of the plate - he didn’t even pretend he intended to swing. He then watched a breaking pitch go by for a called third strike. Again, he did not even attempt to protect the plate. The guy is totally lost as a hitter. He still has not attempted any adjustments to shorten his swing just to make contact with the ball. It is all so difficult to watch as a fan.
  6. Maverick just picked off the runner at first base during the Mississippi State game. Ben MacDonald, the play-by-play guy, said that was his ninth pickoff this year. It was a strong, accurate throw. He followed that up with a swinging strike out on a sharp breaking ball the following inning.
  7. The runner did not touch the plate. The catcher did not tag the runner. A run was not scored and an out was not recorded. Therefore, yesterday’s game is still live. I figure all that Sisco needs to do is tag Gurriel before today’s game commences and Hyde needs to appeal the MLB to reverse its decision. Game over - O’s Win! 😉
  8. AR doubled in his first at bat. He has good wheels for a catcher.
  9. I see that Davis was 0 for 3 today with three strikeouts and one walk. For the last 7 games he has 17 SO for 27 AB (OPS=.320); for the last 15 games, 27 SO for 50 AB (OPS=.601). It looks to me like regression back to the mean. How long will management keep sending this guy to the plate?
  10. I wonder if the pitchers are starting to feel the “pressure” when facing Davis? After all, who wants to go down in baseball history as the pitcher who stopped the ongoing record for hitless plate appearances? The drama will only build the more this continues.
  11. When Hyde came to the mound, I thought he was pulling an April Fool joke on Hess. But it turns out the April Fool was Hyde.
  12. It must suck knowing that you can play baseball way better than the rest of the world except for 750 other players.
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