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  1. What will their logo be? A shield?
  2. As defined by MLB tradition, a “perfect game” is a team accolade, not just necessarily a pitcher accolade. According to Wikipedia (not the final word): To achieve a perfect game, a team must not allow any opposing player to reach base by any means: no hits, walks, hit batsmen, uncaught third strikes, catcher's or fielder's interference, or fielding errors. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Perfect_game_(baseball) I think it is somewhat a misstatement to say in a contracted form that a pitcher “pitched a no-hit, perfect game”. A more correct phrasing would be that the “team played
  3. I found this to be a fascinating article: THE ELITE: In 150 years of MLB, fewer than 20,000 players have appeared in a major-league game.
  4. Mr. Weams, the grandest thoughts and prayers from my family to you and your family. I love your dedication and loyalty to our O’s!
  5. I just watched the Belanger documentary - worth viewing. I learned that Belanger was an equally gifted H. S. basketball player who respected Bob Cousy’s playing style. Belanger was planning to attend Boston College under the tutelage of Cousy as head coach. But Cousy delayed his NBA retirement one more year and Belanger chose instead to sign with the O’s. Such is fate. One criticism - I found that the background music was too loud and made it difficult at times to follow some of the commentary.
  6. Why am I not able to see this game on MASN in Harford County? They are showing the Strongman Competition!
  7. Some really outstanding image colorization work here of baseball legends. Check out that cleats up slide into 2nd base back in 1921. Do you think that might have caused a serious brawl in today’s game? Colorized MLB Images
  8. It really is disheartening to read about the feelings expressed in this thread from diehard, baseball aficionados. As an O’s fan since 1954, who lived through those lean early years of rebuilding a new franchise, I would be dismayed to think that baseball might be entering a slow dissolve phase, due to lack of interest by the masses and greed by owners/players. Baseball has such a long and storied history filled with stats and memories. I remember those bygone days of Paul Richards, masterminding the signing and development of the “bonus babies”, which helped toward winning the first modern er
  9. My understanding is that the Astro’s spring training cap will have a Trash Can logo on the front. Just saying.
  10. Hmmmmm... I wonder what that could be that Chirinos is working so hard to retrieve and conceal back into his pants’ pocket? Notice how the catcher has the same look of interest on what the heck is that?
  11. The MLB wants the Astro cheating scandal to quickly die down and go away. I suspect it will not. The NY media will be all over this tomorrow and I expect the buzzergate story then to explode. The MLB will be pressured to reopen their investigation.
  12. I am having a bad feeling about Mr. Altuve quickly running off into the dugout and down into the runway right after hitting his walkoff. Why would he do that?
  13. This is a very interesting reading not only about Rick, but his high school friend, Jim Loll. Just look at that image of Loll’s swinging at bat during high school. That is definitely a look of a true MLB prospect. There is much revelation about the character of Dempsey in this article. Very uplifting. https://www.latimes.com/la-sp-col1-dodgers-dempsey-2019-story.html
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