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  1. Jeff Reboulet, for starting over Alomar vs Randy Johnson and hitting a key homer, twice.
  2. Koji Uehara's fastball had a really high spin rate, if you remember that. Radar gun would say 89 but hitters reacted like it was 99.
  3. I voted meh but didn't expect that much more. It's interesting that these are all college arms, youngest being 21. I would've preferred some younger but higher-upside types, but maybe their development system is better suited for more mature pitchers at this point.
  4. Peek was a 6th rounder, Brnovich 8th rounder from the 2019 draft. Both out of college.
  5. I agree with the clear downsides as described (I can't bring myself to root for him... it's just too soon), and also I just don't see the upside here. He'll be past his prime before the team is competitive. If it's to flip him, he'll be hard to trade because other teams will be reluctant to deal with it.
  6. Is there a reason they have to make this decision now as opposed to later in the offseason?
  7. Is there anything other than exactly one, if he's claimed at all? I thought the opportunity to claim goes one-by-one in some order of teams.
  8. https://baseballsavant.mlb.com/savant-player/adam-jones-430945?stats=career-r-hitting-mlb This says Jones' sprint speed in 2015 was 79th percentile. From 2017 on, he's been around 50. Austin Hays last year was 85th percentile. There's no data from before 2015 but I recall Jones having slowed down a bit by then. They seem like mostly the same player to me, but Jones had a big head start by being healthy enough to play.
  9. It doesn't seem out of the question for Hays to have a 3-4 year run like Jones'. Putting up the same 10-year run is what's near impossible.
  10. What are some examples of pitchers with a walk rate like Hall's who turned out well?
  11. Statcast had his sprint speed at 54 percentile this year compared to 63 last year.
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