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  1. He commands his slider better than his fastball. Not great, but better.
  2. Rich Hill traded for Tommy Hunter. https://www.espn.com/mlb/story/_/id/31869520/new-york-mets-finalizing-deal-tampa-bay-rays-left-hander-rich-hill-sources-say
  3. The Angels took 20 pitchers in 20 picks. Maybe we'll keep making some trades.
  4. Not well, but the pitches weren't even really borderline.
  5. This ump is lousy. Three sliders in the zone called balls already
  6. Horizontal movement more than vertical but it is real lively.
  7. "Why would you leave Lopez in for the 5th?"
  8. Hit it hard enough. Just not high enough.
  9. That call gave the White Sox a run, and then Mountcastle got rung up on ball 4 before Nevin hit the double. I don't know that it's as much bias as it is Angel Hernandez.
  10. I don't know that he would gain much value as a reliever. Everyone can see he's good through 4 innings. I think they're holding out hope that his problems are fixable. His velocity doesn't drop, and his pitch count isn't super high before he falls apart. Maybe changing the pitch selection or some other adjustment could help. If he can turn into a 5-6 inning starter then his value jumps a ton.
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