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  1. https://www.radio.com/sports/mlb/mike-yastrzemski-shares-journey-from-uncoachable-to-star
  2. https://www.nbcsports.com/bayarea/giants/how-carl-yastrzemskis-slight-lie-giants-helped-unleash-mikes-power
  3. I remember Yaz being described as basically Dwight Smith Jr but a couple years older. Except he actually plays solid defense and can play CF? He made it to the big leagues late May last year... did he actually dramatically improve in those two months or was he just extremely misevaluated?
  4. Statcast has a lot of that, if not all of it: https://baseballsavant.mlb.com/savant-player/asher-wojciechowski-592879?stats=statcast-r-pitching-mlb
  5. Should not have been close to a send.
  6. Kevin Brown. He's not exciting like Thorne but he's prepared, pronounces names correctly, and isn't seemingly nonexistent the way Garceau can sometimes be.
  7. I like this PBP a lot more than Garceau's.
  8. Sad that it's only for remote parts. So far the Zooms have had bad audio and awkward interruptions with the other commentators because of the slight delay.
  9. I'd rather Davis be released but if he's on the roster, how he was used tonight was fine. His average defense is a lot better than Nunez's.
  10. Horrendous strike call to Mullins.
  11. Sisco looked like Davis that at-bat.
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