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  1. It might just be that the Orioles weren't trying to win games this year. If you just care about developing/evaluating, then might as well see if Lopez can fix his starter problems. If he doesn't, then make him an opener when we're ready to go for it.
  2. So basically get pitchers who have a really great pitch and tell them to aim down the middle?
  3. It was looking like a blowout and you need 5 innings from the bullpen, so you bring in someone who can pitch multiple innings. That's Wade or Watkins, and it looks like those two are covering those 5 innings.
  4. HR for Gutierrez tonight, putting his OPS over .600. He's gotten on base his last 14 games. I wonder what the deal is with the bad defensive numbers in KC this year.
  5. His sprint speed this year has dropped to 59th percentile, down from 76 last year and 86 in 2019. Both IL stints this year were hamstring injuries, so it could be that. A healthy Hays reminds me of Adam Jones.
  6. Are there stats available for how many of his strikeouts are swinging vs looking? Or just swing rates in and out of the zone? I'm curious if his patience means he just takes a lot of called 3rd strikes too.
  7. I wonder which if any of these projections can take into account his giving up switch-hitting.
  8. That combo was such a consistent machine. Schoop got a ton of extra double plays with that arm. I wonder how close Gunnar, Westburg and Mayo can get. Scouting reports have Gunnar with a 60 arm, Westburg with 55, Mayo with 70.
  9. We could've done without that interview.
  10. I think Greene should've handled that ball.
  11. I liked what I saw last year and I was pretty high on him this coming into this year, but I never imagined this kind of HR stroke. I was expecting more Kevin Kiermaier than Mookie Betts.
  12. Texas Rangers 1. I. Kiner-Falefa, SS 2. A. Ibáñez, DH 3. A. García, RF 4. N. Lowe, 1B 5. N. Solak, 2B 6. C. Culberson, 3B 7. D. Peters, LF 8. J. Heim, C 9. L. Taveras, CF S. Howard RHP Baltimore Orioles 1. C. Mullins, CF 2. R. Mountcastle, 1B 3. A. Hays, LF 4. T. Mancini, DH 5. P. Severino, C 6. R. McKenna, RF 7. P. Valaika, 2B 8. R. Martin, SS 9. K. Gutierrez, 3B A. Wells LHP
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