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  1. This dude is jacked. The times for his at-bats though don't match the video.
  2. It was interesting to see during the draft how many of the guys came from obviously affluent families.
  3. I said B. Longerhagen of Fangraphs loves what we did I think Baltimore crushed it. Cutting a deal with Heston Kjerstad at two enabled them to scoop up good high schoolers Coby Mayo (67th on my board, with huge power and arm strength, and who I have him projected in right field) and Carter Baumler near the end of the draft. I also think Anthony Servideo’s 2020 breakout is for real. https://blogs.fangraphs.com/draft-odds-ends-2/
  4. not doubting you, but who believes that he has more potential than the top two high school pitchers taken? I would like to read more. Agree he is exciting
  5. The Orioles are going to be signing soooooo many $20k pitchers.
  6. Yes, I imagine they are looking to potentially get two pitchers for overslot. They can talk to them ahead of time and get a good idea.
  7. Detroit also has a dearth of position players in their system.
  8. I think this is like every hit from this past year. Gives you a good idea of the quality of the competition and his approach.
  9. This is great. I. Just hope that other teams haven’t already moved on to the next thing. We likely aren’t behind like we once were, but you can bet teams that have been doing this for a few years are doing more different stuff now and have realized what doesn’t work as well as they thought it would.
  10. I loved CJ Abrams but have to admit I wasn't confident he would be better. I just hope our guys didn't screw this up. And before anyone says this guy was a consensus one so they didn't screw up, they have far more information than we have. It's their job to get it right, especially 1:1. The last 1:1 position player failure was Moniak, before that it was Matt Bush (Beckham was a disappointment). Most teams get it at least sort of right.
  11. It's those 5k's in 9PA that keep sticking with me. The guy has only put the ball in play 3 times.
  12. I sure hope Rutschman is hitting in intrasquad because not doing well with the bat for this long can definitely play with your head, especially when many of the others in the top 10 (except Witt) haven't struggled.
  13. It all starts to run together but you are most definitely correct.
  14. I may be in the minority but I am rooting for the guy. It is obvious he has some issues with the mental part of the game and is trying to overcome them. It isn’t all mental, obviously but the effort seems to be there. The mental thing also might explain the dust up with Palmer last year. This guy was in an emotional hole and hiding.
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