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  1. She said in a podcast when she first disclosed this that the guy with the candles was married and had pictures of his two kids tattooed on his back.
  2. No way this was just about finishing his degree. They wouldn’t have couched that as personal reasons. From the quote it seems there was something else and the interviewee was saying at least he got to finish his degree.
  3. Nunez and Ruiz showing some pop. Alberto is a guy that seems like he is always going to get a hit. Iglesias is Mr. Double. Hays still looks like he will break out. No one seems like an automatic out. I am conflicted because I think we still need to lose, but it’s fun watching guys not being constantly overmatched.
  4. If Mountcastle walked more, this would be more convincing to me.
  5. I am very political and this is probably the first time I have spoken of politics on this forum. It isn't really a political forum. Tony's issue seems to be more with not agreeing with MLB's politics and wanting to potentially cancel it because of his disagreements.
  6. Sometimes minds do change though. We have seen it with the death of Floyd. Some people just need to be exposed more than once. But I do agree that often it is banging your head against a wall.
  7. By this logic if anyone ever resists a police officer in any way they must not have respect for the law and are a threat. I think the issue that most people have is when we discuss police officer's actions in the context of a normal person. I often hear, what would you do if you were in a position where maybe your life was at stake. I am not a professional. I was not trained to control my fears in those situations. We need to expect more of the police than to excuse every time they confuse someone reaching for their wallet as possibly reaching for a gun. Or when we excuse them shooting a 12 year old with a BB gun when he potentially points the gun as opposed to dropping it immediately when they come flying up in a police car. See the 12 year old should have been able to keep his cool enough to know to drop the gun, but the police are entitled to panic because they can't anticipate that the actions of the 12 year old may be just consistent with a scared to death little boy.
  8. Good lord please get out of the damn rabbit holes. Black Lives Matter was formed because people wanted to bring attention to the fact that black lives were being extinguished and not enough seemed to care. Yes some of the founders had some other beliefs, but it doesn't mean you can't have two beliefs at once. It wasn't all some big cover to create a new world order. Those that support the movement aren't supporting marxism.
  9. Crime rates are some of the lowest they have been in 60 years, but whatever.
  10. With poverty and joblessness comes crime regardless of the color of the people in the neighborhood. I remember in the 90's when there was criticism of education being ridiculed in the black community. Now a large portion of the GOP denigrates education in the same way.
  11. Do you not understand that there is a big difference between citizens killing citizens vs those that are supposed to protect the citizens killing citizens? I don't know a single black person that doesn't have tons more scary encounters with the police than I do. And all it takes is that black person having a bad day and being a bit pissed off that they are being harassed yet again for something awful to happen. That's a stress that no one should have to live with and one that we as a society should be hellbent on snuffing out.
  12. It's not a political party. It's a movement. Name any movement that doesn't have parts of it or people in it that you don't take issue with.
  13. You are assuming an awful lot of ignorance by an awful lot of people. Perhaps this is far from as simple as you are making it out to be and there are very real frustrations on the part of people of color who are tired of being discriminated against. The idea that everyone in BLM hates police officers and is either looking to kill them or agnostic to their deaths is simplistic. The vast majority of people associated with BLM and who support it are simply looking to bring voice to the valid complaints that people of color are treated differently by the police. Of course the vast majority of police officers are good people, but watching two officers do nothing as one of their brethren kept his knee on the throat of a man that couldn't breathe should give you pause and worry that maybe there is more of a systemic issue. And kneeling during the National Anthem is more consistent with the beliefs of the Founding Fathers than blindly standing in honor of a piece of cloth regardless of whether you believe we are living up to the promises that form the foundation of this country. That cloth is just symbolic of the ideals that formed this country. To the extent that some find that we aren't living up to those ideals, it seems an appropriate response. I don't blame you for being scared for the life of your son. I would be too. It is honorable that he has chosen to server his community and he should be respected for it. But I also think of those that are afraid for the lives of their sons when they do something as simple as get a little frustrated because they have been pulled over for the tenth time for driving while black. And I think of all of the innocent men in Baltimore City that went to jail because drugs or guns were planted on them, in many cases in front of multiple other officers who did nothing I have been a member of this forum for a long time and have no issue with you having a different political view than I do on any of this. I hope that the forum persists and hope that you don't succumb to the cancel culture that many of us believe has become problematic.
  14. This dude is jacked. The times for his at-bats though don't match the video.
  15. It was interesting to see during the draft how many of the guys came from obviously affluent families.
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