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  1. I can’t remebr the last time I saw him drop the bat immediately because he knew it was gone
  2. I can’t remember the last one he just destroyed tike that one. It’s never coming back, but for a moment, I had a smile
  3. problem with the PED theory is why wouldn’t he just go back on them? Clearly,he did want to succeed.
  4. looking back, it might have been pretty suicidal for DD to make deals with teams that were as well run as the Dodgers, Braves, and Brewers. Problem is that we couldn’t make any more deals with Seattle
  5. my biggest worry by far here is the insurance company is going to see Trumbull’s holding back Davis and insist on not paying 85% of his salary for the rest of the season.
  6. Count me as a Hyde fan.
  7. Notice there was a big shift in this game as well.
  8. Me from the day he was drafted. Said we should have taken Almora or Akin (but I didn’t have his medicals LOL)
  9. I would like to know how much of his not walking is his hit tool vs swinging at bad pitches. If you hit the strikes they throw you, you aren’t going to walk. Then again, maybe if you do that you have to narrow your strike zone to those balls you can only hit well.
  10. Well of course if their system sucked they would thing differently. But that isn't the case with the teams I am talking about. They basically take their top guys completely off the table when in the past that wasn't always the case.
  11. It’s become pretty obvious that metrics powered teams have determined the risk of trading their prospects #3 -#7 is acceptable but will not deal their very top guys. Astros just did it. Dodgers have the past few years. This is the new normal. Will be interesting to see if this changes.
  12. He doesn't really have any guys that he HAS to trade at the deadline. He could move guys over the winter meetings if the offers just suck.
  13. Follow me here. Rondon’s name kinda sounds like Rendon. Rendon of the Nationals becomes a free agent at the end of next year. So, maybe we got Rondon in the hopes that he is Rendon’s lost brother who happened to be adopted by a family with a similar though not quite the same name.
  14. That’s definitely concerning.
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