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  1. That’s an impressive draft Petry was a good No.2 for a few years.
  2. BA still has us taking Hancock. Martin #1 https://www.baseballamerica.com/rankings/mlb-mock-draft/
  3. The Machado fake is the best. I had never seen it and depended upon Hardy being in the right place.
  4. How can you tell this? It’s impossible to know how much these players are hurt by being thrust onto a major league roster.
  5. Not sure I see the appeal of Rucker. He is 25 and based on the stat line not super special. I guess in Elias we trust.
  6. I think there is confusion. He is saying he previously was traded for Laureano.
  7. Interesting. Bailey was originally traded to the Astros by the A's for Ramon Laureano
  8. Looks like BA had the first two picks ahead of time. https://www.baseballamerica.com/stories/2019-mlb-rule-5-draft-preview/
  9. Looks like we took Brandon Bailey. https://www.mlbtraderumors.com/2019/12/2019-rule-5-draft-results.html From Luke 7. BRANDON BAILEY – RHP (ASTROS) https://www.orioleshangout.com/2019/12/11/lukes-2019-rule-5-draft-preference-list/ Bailey can do a lot of things. He’s a 5 pitch guy, with a fastball, cutter, slider, curveball and changeup. He can really spin the ball, and I believe his fastball has the highest Bauer Units (RPM/MPH) of any available pitcher. This give the pitch big vertical hop and allows it to miss bats at the top of the zone despite only being a fringe average pitch velocity-wise. The problem is that he has fastball command issues and the pitch can really get squared up in the bottom half of the zone. All of his offspeed pitches can miss bats but his feel for each comes and goes. He’s being developed for a multi-inning relief role and I think if he’s used as a once through the order guy with a simplified repertoire, he could make the jump from AA.
  10. They are letting him burn it all down. He clearly wants to do that. They must trust him to let him do so.
  11. Buddy Reed makes the most sense to me. If you could somehow get the guy to hit, he will be a monster.
  12. Buddy Reed please. Great athlete. Maybe we can teach him how to hit.
  13. Feel like we are in a no lose position. Likely either get Martin or Hancock. There are merits to either being added to our system.
  14. They were relatively accurate for the top part of this past season's draft.
  15. 2. Orioles — Spencer Torkelson, 1B/OF, Arizona State Hancock should be in play here as well, but we’d lean towards Baltimore’s group simply taking the bat they believe in at this spot, regardless of defensive profile. Right-right first baseman have a bad reputation in the draft, despite the fact that first basemen drafted high have a tremendous success rate. Torkelson has the biggest power in the 2020 class and has hit .337/.443/.723 with 48 home runs over two seasons with Arizona State. If he is drafted here by the Orioles, don’t be surprised to see him taken as an outfielder. This decision-making group drafted Seth Beer as an outfielder in the first round in 2018, and Torkelson is much more athletic than Beer was at the same time. They have Hancock going third. https://go.baseballamerica.com/e/504451/ce-Newsletter-utm-medium-email/xgg1yn/330436311?
  16. I can’t remebr the last time I saw him drop the bat immediately because he knew it was gone
  17. I can’t remember the last one he just destroyed tike that one. It’s never coming back, but for a moment, I had a smile
  18. problem with the PED theory is why wouldn’t he just go back on them? Clearly,he did want to succeed.
  19. looking back, it might have been pretty suicidal for DD to make deals with teams that were as well run as the Dodgers, Braves, and Brewers. Problem is that we couldn’t make any more deals with Seattle
  20. my biggest worry by far here is the insurance company is going to see Trumbull’s holding back Davis and insist on not paying 85% of his salary for the rest of the season.
  21. Notice there was a big shift in this game as well.
  22. Me from the day he was drafted. Said we should have taken Almora or Akin (but I didn’t have his medicals LOL)
  23. I would like to know how much of his not walking is his hit tool vs swinging at bad pitches. If you hit the strikes they throw you, you aren’t going to walk. Then again, maybe if you do that you have to narrow your strike zone to those balls you can only hit well.
  24. Well of course if their system sucked they would thing differently. But that isn't the case with the teams I am talking about. They basically take their top guys completely off the table when in the past that wasn't always the case.
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