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  1. Starting to look like the Buster Posey drafted a year after Matt Wieters kind of draft.
  2. Here's a list I found of the 37 players released: Angelo Mora, Ben Breazeale, Carlos Baez, Chris Clare, Claudio Galva, Cole Billingsley, Dalton Hoiles, Daniel Fajardo, Edison Lantigua, Gilberto Machado, Hector Guance, Hector Lucero, Irving Ortega, James Ryan, Jayvien Sandridge, Jean Carrillo, Jomar Reyes, Jordan Kipper, Jose Alejandro, Jose Lizarraga, Josue Herrera, Juan De La Rosa, Juan Echevarria, Lenin Rodriguez, Manuel Daza, Marlon Constante, Moise Nolasco, Nick Horvath, Preston Palmeiro, Robbie Thornburn, Scott Burke, Sean Miller, Trevor Putzig, Tucker Baca, Victor Romero, Willie Rios, Yelin Rodriguez
  3. Greg, my posts have never really been relevant here as I'm sure this one won't be either. I've always been a lurker. 🧐
  4. Picked Tork and I would love to see Torkelson in the middle of the lineup with Rutschman but it's more than likely going to be Martin.
  5. I guess Torres wasn't feasting on O's pitching today? I saw the YES network sim of Game 1 between the Yanks and O's. The Yanks won 6-1 (IIRC). I guess YES network will have them 162-0 by season's end. Thanks for the sim Tony!
  6. The Ironbirds' first no-hitter in team history and caught by Adley Rutschman. Hopefully the first of many exciting games in his career! Toby Welk 4 for 5, a single short of a cycle.
  7. Isn't this around the time Ubaldo became an American citizen? Just sayin'
  8. 12 Round Pick - Max Knutson http://www.omaha.com/huskers/husker-pitcher-max-knutson-signs-with-baltimore-orioles-forgoing-senior/article_d2d5fdf6-31da-11e6-b0b8-6bd4ba48c377.html
  9. 37th Round Pick - James Teague http://www.arkansasrazorbacks.com/teague-signs-with-baltimore-orioles/
  10. I live in NYC, so I'm forced to watch the YES or SNY feeds whenever the Orioles are in town. If you should happen to get any feeds with the Twins, Brewers, White Sox, Cubs, Cardinals and Royals, use the MLB.tv app and play the audio. I tend to try to sync up the tv feed (muted) and play the BAL radio feed just so I don't have to listen to the local broadcasters.
  11. This is for new or current T-Mobile subscribers. You need to register from your mobile phone while on their network.
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