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  1. 1 Gausman 2 D Bundy 3 Schoop 4 Rodriguez 5 Harvey 6 Ohlman 7 Urrutia 8 Davies 9 Alvarez 10 Sisco 11 Wright 12 Walker 13 Tarpley 14 Hart 15 Marin 16 Kline 17 Vader 18 Ayers 19 Seabrooke 20 Bridwell 21 Parry 22 Heim 23 Murphy 24 Berry 25 Mancini 26 Brault 27 Bray 28 Keller 29 T Wilson 30 D Jones
  2. blazer

    Midseason Top 10?

    1. Bundy 2. Gausman 3. Delmonico 4. Rodriguez 5. Hader 6. Schoop- A little lower than others, but just because I think Delmonico, Rodriguez and Hader have moved up... 7. Harvey 8. Ohlman 9. Hart 10. Urrutia- A little lower too, but if he puts up close the his AA numbers in AAA and does not graduate this year, will move up... Hoes, Davies, Walker, Sisco, Marin would be the next 5 for me...
  3. Tony, I'm curious if you received any feedback on some of the HS pitchers we drafted and/or any of the DSL pitchers: Grendell McAdams Rennie Rafael Moreno Yeizer Marrugo
  4. 1 Bundy 2 Gausman 3 Schoop 4 Delmonico 5 Rodriguez 6 Hoes 7 Avery 8 Wright 9 Marin 10 Kline 11 Johnson 12 Urrutia 13 Davies 14 Hader 15 Walker 16 T Berry 17 Wilson 18 Jones 19 Parry 20 Davis 21 Klein 22 Webb 23 Bridwell 24 Pomeranz 25 Kelly 26 Boss 27 B Bundy 28 Veloz 29 Bernadina 30 Belfiore
  5. I'm curious to see what his bonus was as most of the higher picks signed so far have been for under slot. I wonder if he's a bit under slot to save us a little money for players like Velazquez, Waltrip, Service, etc.
  6. 1. Bundy 2. Machado 3. Gausman 4. Schoop 5. Avery 6. Hoes 7. Delmonico 8. Wright 9. Rodriguez 10. #2 Pick
  7. Tony, do you think Lino plays in Aberdeen next year or gets a full season in Delmarva splitting time with Sawyer?
  8. Hobgood is still pretty high on my list because he was a high school 1st round pick and is still pretty young. However, at that point of the list you could argue for any of the guys you mentioned. Townsend, Mummey and Berry have all had injury issues but still have good ceilings. Angle, Miclat and Henry should have ML careers but don't have high ceilings. Simon, Baker and Lino have played mostly or exclusively in short season, but have ML talent.
  9. In regards to Townsend, he just can't seem to stay healthy and it lowers him quite a bit on my list. While he has produced when playing, I'm skeptical that he'll be able to put a full season together, let along back to back full seasons. At 24 next year he needs to produce in Bowie to show he's a legit prospect.
  10. 1. D Bundy 2. Machado 3. Schoop 4. B Bundy 5. Hoes 6. Schrader 7. Klein 8. Bridwell 9. Esposito 10. Rodriguez 11. G Davis 12. Avery 13. Adams 14. Wright 15. Esquivel 16. Delmonico 17. Bernadina 18. Hobgood 19. R Berry 20. Simon 21. Angle 22. Vader 23. Miclat 24. Mahoney 25. Henry 26. Townsend 27. Baker 28. Mummey 29. Coffey 30. Givens Next 10: Chalas, Wilson, Lino, Drake, Joseph, T Berry, Sawyer, Veloz, Reuttiger, Davies
  11. 4 days to go until the signing deadline and 18 players signed so far; how many additional players will we sign? I'm going to say 5, putting us at 23 total. Bundy, Esposito, Delmonico and 2 others.
  12. According to this article, Reyes will in fact not be signing with the Orioles: Arkansas signee Mark Reyes will not sign with the Baltimore Orioles, he said Monday. Reyes, a left-handed pitcher taken by the franchise in the 46th round of the June draft, was reported to have signed with the club Monday morning, but said that was untrue. “The only time I talked to the Orioles was the day I got drafted,” Reyes said. “I pretty much said then that I’m going to Arkansas. That’s the only time I talked to them. http://blogs.nwaonline.com/slophouse/2011/08/01/reyes-wont-sign-with-orioles/
  13. Are you sure that's what was said? This article written yesterday on the senior class award website quotes him saying he would like to go to medical after his baseball career is done. http://www.seniorclassaward.com/columns/view/the_right_things_matter_to_virginias_tyler_wilson/ “My dream as a child has always been to play pro baseball,” said Wilson, a 10th-round pick by the Orioles this June. “I’ve been blessed enough to have that opportunity, and that’s coming up here soon. I’m going to give that 120 percent every day that I can. But growing up, I thought it was important to establish ano
  14. According to Melewski, 19th Round pick, LHP Dustin Ward has signed as well. http://www.masnsports.com/steve_melewski/2011/06/updating-townsend-and-mummey.html
  15. Schedule today: Jones (Mississippi St) 12:00 Wilson (Virginia) 1:00 Mathews (S Carolina) 6:00 Reuttiger (Arizona St) 7:00 Esposito (Vanderbilt) 9:00
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