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  1. "Severino 3m Backup catcher for 50 games. I am resting Adley" No to Severino at 3m, 300k or 3k. Get him off the roster, period. The rest doesn't look too bad, though I honestly don't know if they are going to spend money on pitching with as much depth as we have in the minors. Granted, much of that depth isn't very good depth, but there are a ton of bodies. I'd love to see a decent starter to go with Means and give us at least the hope of being in 2/5ths of the games from a pitching standpoint.
  2. Was like he was throwing BP out there tonight. Pitiful.
  3. Nope. He pitches well, gave up 2 runs, then Scott came in and had given up 3 more so far. Very disappointing.
  4. Am I the only one who questions bringing in Stewart to pinch hit for Mateo here?
  5. Well of course the BEST solution is a catcher who is at least equal to Severino with the bat and superior to him behind the plate, which is about anyone. But if the scenario we are painting is AR being the starting catcher for 2/3rd of the games, then I'm fine with a no hit, solid defense catcher for the remaining 1/3rd. I certainly agree that the rally killing at bats is tough to watch, which frankly described Severino for the first 1/2 of the season, though clearly his bat has gotten better here in the 2nd half. But few are the teams that have good hitters in all positions. I'm ok if our
  6. Literally almost every catcher we have in the minor leagues is better at the receiver part of being a catcher than Severino. Wynns is better at it also. Granted not all could hit mlb pitching like Severino, not that he's great or anything. But I'm so tired of seeing his play behind the plate I'd take a no hit catcher who can properly play the position over him at this point. Finding a better defensive catcher wouldn't be difficult at all, wouldn't even have to go outside of the organization to do so.
  7. He was not blocking pitches during the first weeks of the season, way before any 'beat up' excuses would apply. He's not too beat up to block pitches, he's just simply not good enough to do so. He's a VERY poor catcher, in pretty much all aspects of the receiver position.
  8. Severino the batter is okish. Severino the catcher is terrible, regardless of how a waiver wire guy is heaping praises upon him. His framing sucks, let's way too many balls get past him, etc etc. I'll be extremely disappointed if he catches a single game for the Os next year.
  9. And btw, there is a good chance if the Os picked 10th in this past draft and still get Cowser and the rest of the guys they drafted. That's exactly what you said. Not that we could have a similar draft, but that we could get Cowser and the rest of the guys, and that's not true as the money would not have been there. If you think we could have gotten similar talent, then I assume that means you think the guys we went overslot on weren't really worth overslot money, and we could have gotten equal talent at slot value. Time will tell on that I suppose. I know I'm not sold on them m
  10. Just stop with the could have picked 10th and gotten the same guys nonsense. We spent almost all of our allotment. If we'd have picked 10th instead, we simply would not have had the money to sign the exact same draft class, even if we drafted them. I know you are constantly beating the underslot drum and not possibly picking the BPA stuff, but it's a complete lie to claim we could have the exact same class while drafting from position 10 versus 2.
  11. Man when he's healthy and on he can really be a threat with the bat. If I'm the O's I just don't know what to do with him. That lightening in a bottle of a full season of a healthy and on Santander is so tempting to keep around.
  12. No. No. Nooooo. Don't want to see him again in an Orioles uniform in ANY capacity. Not a starter, not as backup, pinch hitter, anything. He's terrible behind the plate, he shouldn't play 6-7 games back there, much less 60 to 70. The bat is ok sometimes, but not enough to offset the embarrassment behind the plate.
  13. The only thing awful is that we kept him employed as long as we did. He should have been cut many at bats ago.
  14. It'd better be a guarantee. I don't care if somehow he just stays at the MLB minimum, he's still over paid. One of the most exciting things about next year for me is to never see Severino in an Os uniform again.
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