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  1. I disagree completely. He is first in the league currently in the number of passed balls, and frankly quite a few of the pitches that have been scored as a 'wild pitch' should also have been considered a passed ball, but Severino managed to avoid even getting a glove on them, so they were considered WP instead of PB. He looks like he's lazy, and he isn't doing anything to show he's trying to get better. He's a VERY poor catcher behind the plate, and his bat isn't nearly good enough to offset the poor receiver skills. Sisco isn't good by any stretch, but I'd have cut Severino before Sisco.
  2. My interest in watching tonight has just decreased dramatically
  3. Interesting. Clearly someone is mistaken and/or lying. Unfortunately with the current societal issues, it's hard to really know who or what to believe. I can certainly see Elias not admitting to this situation if true as poorly presented, but at the same time I doubt a site called Advocates for Minor Leaguers is exactly fair and unbiased either. I hope the truth, either way, comes out soon and this ugly episode can be put behind us.
  4. Wynns is an improvement over him.
  5. Severino sucks. That's all.
  6. Get the man some spider tack!
  7. That's my hope. Not really for safe and out calls or the like, but balls and strikes for sure.
  8. Yeah he was safe. I'm surprised it wasn't overturned.
  9. Time to let Wynns start. Severino is terrible behind the plate. Another PB allowing a run to score. He's just too bad behind the plate to keep starting him. Wynns is not the long term answer, and maybe not even a good short term answer, but I'd be happy to never see Severino behind the plate again, ever.
  10. After watching Severino being so bad behind the plate again today, I'm tempted to change my mind and say bring him up now and cut Severino. I'm so tired of seeing him fumble and bumble around back there.
  11. That bunt by JD was a thing of beauty.
  12. Exactly! (yes I know you were being sarcastic, but realistically speaking if he never catches another ball he's made 4x what the average American will make in their lifetime by just playing college ball and then signing a piece of paper. Hard to shed many tears for him.)
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