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  1. I take Martin over Tork. I just feel like a good hitting first baseman is much easier to find later in draft or on the free agent market. We've had a dozen of them recently it seems (Davis, Trumbo, Mancini, etc). Therefore Martin would get my pick i think.
  2. Really? We all know that the underlying cause of the season not being played is the virus. But we have 2 sides who are trying to figure out how to deal with the aftermath. And in that negotiation both sides are taking specific positions that we, as fans, can look at and decide which is being the most reasonable and which side is doing their part to see the game we love start up again. Sorry if you find that 'silly', but it is what it is.
  3. I think I side with the owners so far in this particular situation. Unless something changes, if there is no baseball, I'll lay the blame largely at the players/union feet.
  4. Nah. You don't want to play, that's fine. But then you don't get paid nor do you get any service time. Paying them anything, even league minimum, is silly if they are refusing to do their job. I realize there are safely concerns. But I know of no one else who is refusing to work yet if still getting paid by their employer, provided it's possible to work. Ball players shouldn't be an exception.
  5. No way. I mean if I'm watching a non Os game there is usually a team I'd rather see win and may cheer for them in that one game, but to actively follow a different team, never. To chime in with others, I hate the Nats... 🙂
  6. I knew almost nothing on any of these players, and enjoyed reading about them. While most won't ever even get that cup of coffee in the majors, our farm system is more important than ever for our future and I am enjoying these little nuggets of information. It's easy to get caught up in the top prospects, but often teams have some underrated or not rated guys that end up contributing in some fashion down the line. It'd be neat if one or more of these players are a part of a playoff team a few years down the road.
  7. Having read both letters and followed the issue off and on the past few months, I feel MLB is largely on the correct side here. While this may harm me as my 2 favorite minor league teams may disappear, I find the MLB arguments much more persuasive.
  8. While I'll vote no, it also depends on just what the cheating is, and the form it takes. Without going in depth in specifics or examples, there is black, white and grey. Depending just on the exact shade of grey would be key in me deciding if I'm ok with it. Something like the Astros did, I'd say no. Slipping Ubaldo a laxative so Buck can't pitch him instead of the best closer that year? Go for it! (I jest...kinda).
  9. Awesome start. Looking forward to your reports!
  10. Was John Atobelli, the young baseball coach that died today in the crash with Kobe Bryant, related to Joe Atobelli, our manager during our '83 series? I tried looking online, but wasn't able to determine. Tragic either way.
  11. While this may be true, for many of us our record next season really isn't that important. The focus should be a couple of years down the road. If they lose their job and someone else comes in with a different plan/style/methodology, it could put us even more behind. I think they are building it the right way and hope neither is implicated in any way.
  12. Sure it is... and that's perhaps part of the problem.
  13. I think the punishment for the organization was fair. I think it completely wrong that none of the players, who by all reports were the real culprits in this scheme, were punished in any way.
  14. I'd have to think the punishment will be similar, no?
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