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  1. Yes, even over a 10 year period, I'd take winning a WS and sucking the other 9 versus 10 years of winning baseball but no WS. However, I'd assume that most all WS winners (note i said most) had at least a year or two of decent baseball on either side of their WS titles, so it's unlikely we'd have 10 years of .500 or less baseball with a WS in there somewhere. I was only 7 in '83, but I also remember the great Buffalo Bills teams who never could win a Superbowl, and even the Braves who were so good in the 90s, but almost never got over the hump (yes, I know they did get one). But I'd rather be the best once in 10 years than just 'really good' 7 out of 10 or whatever, without ever reaching the top. All that said, 10 years is getting close to my limit. I wouldn't take 20 years, 19 sucking and 1 WS. The line is somewhere between 10 and 20 for me... closer to 10 the more I think about it. But it also doesn't help that we haven't won one in almost 40 years while the stinking Marlins have 2 since our last.
  2. If I had to choose, I'd rather get a WS title and not make the playoffs the other years than to make the playoffs, yet never win the title. Clearly both is the best outcome.
  3. And it's fine to think that it's not the truth, but there is literally not an ounce of proof that it's NOT true. Facts are none of us know just what they are doing with the extra revenue at the moment, nor do we know just how they will be willing/able to spend when the time is right. Angelos was clearly willing to spend a times. Only time will tell what the sons are going to do.
  4. Because I don't think he's going to be that good. And yes, I do think if less money can be spent now it will increase what's available later. Regardless, one thing we DON'T need for our hopefully soon to be competitive window are guys who aren't producing relative to what they are being paid. I don't think he produces enough to justify that price, and if I'm right, then we'd be overpaying, and that could made adding more to the payroll different. While it certainly wouldn't be Davis bad or anything, having any underperforming contracts could make it more difficult to afford talent we need to add when the time is right. If I was the Os, I'd have been interested at the right price, but it was clear from the beginning that the price wasn't going to be right IMO.
  5. Ready to produce at the MLB level? Maybe, maybe not. Padres took a gamble here, not one the Os should have considered at that price.
  6. I agree with SG. I hate how watered down the MLB HOF is getting, and the Os one is way worse. It's not the Hall of Very Good, though you wouldn't know it by some of the folks in it.
  7. I think the truth is often between the stories from the 2 sides. I don't think the teams are in the poor house like some owners like to claim, but nor do I think they are rolling in dough after 2020 like Boras, the union and others claim. As to last year specifically, none of us know the 'facts', but it's my opinion that some teams made money (actual revenue gained after expenses), some broke even and yes, some actually lost money (not just made LESS money, but actually went in the hole). Expenses were way less, sure, but so were revenues. Some expenses are fixed, non-player salaries, insurances expenses, building expenses, etc and they weren't adjusted just because revenue decreased. Based on their payroll I'd imagine the Orioles made some profit, though the amount of profit was no doubt much less than it would have been in a 'normal' year. Regardless, baseball is facing some major issues in revenue and a soon labor dispute. Will be interesting to watch how it all plays out.
  8. As to Boras, no, but he certainly has his own agenda to promote. Boras does a great job for his clients, in most cases, but quoting him as being an expert on the finances of MLB teams is questionable at best. As to the owners, I believe the majority of them are business owners, and therefore expect/want to make a profit each and every year. I certainly don't begrudge them of such, any more than I'm mad at Microsoft, Google, McDonalds or any other company that seeks to make money. Some are better at it than others. I don't think it's right for an owner to refuse to put a decent team on the field usually when not in a clear rebuild, and I expect the Os owners to open the checkbook when winning becomes a priority again. But I also think the players union is WAY too strong and needs knocked down a peg or two. I HATE guaranteed contracts and think they should have have performance clauses in them. But that's a discussion for another time, and will never happen anyway.
  9. I had to check the author and make sure that wasn't written by Tony Clark. And quoting Scott Boras isn't exactly helping the credibility of the article. I also love how they pointed out that even the poor teams in baseball made money in the 'not so distant past'. Well duh! No one is really claiming that pre-Covid teams weren't making money. The question is how bad was 2020 for MLB teams, and more importantly what is the revenue going to look like for 2021? This article was about useless in my opinion, unless you are one that thinks the owners are nothing but money grubbing liars, in which case it summed up such belief. I'm not personally in that camp.
  10. I also agree and think these long term fully guaranteed contracts are not good for the game or usually the team. See Davis, Chris. All sports contracts should, in my opinion, be tied to a reasonable performance.
  11. I'd vote no. First we are still acquiring more prospects, not trading them away for expensive talent. Each prospect is a lottery ticket that may or may not hit big...we are clearly trying to get as many as we can hoping that enough pan out to field a competitive team. The time will come when we will trade prospects I believe, but that time hasn't arrived yet. As to the money, I'm not in the 'if we spend it now, we still have it to spend in the future camp'. I think spending frivolous now could hurt us down the road. I'm not pretending there is a giant pit that the saved money is being stashed into for when we are competitive, but I do believe that the more that is saved now will increase the willingness and ability to increase payroll when it really matters. We will not, unfortunately, know who is right in this argument until we get there. Bryant is a talent and in theory I'd enjoy seeing him in an O's uniform. But it doesn't make sense in this stage of our rebuild.
  12. I'll take the over there in that case.
  13. Wow. Simply wow. The facts are many fans aren't willing to come to the city any longer. Growing up my Grandparents, who had a house on the Chesapeake Bay with a Baltimore address but did not live in the city limits, would often take me to games at Memorial Stadium and later to Camden Yards. My Grandfather was a Baltimore cop and my Grandmother was a nurse at John Hopkins until they retired. They loved the city, and are the reason I'm an Orioles fan today. But in their last years of life (my Grandfather died 2 years ago and my Grandmother last year) they stopped going to games because they did not feel it was safe any longer. They were still very active in their community and did pretty much everything else they had always done, but the trips to Camden Yards and the Inner Harbor area ended as they didn't view it as worth the risk. I was sad because I wanted my kids to have the same interactions with their Great-Grandparents as I once had. Yet you claim that folks like them shouldn't be taken seriously, and that their opinion on the safety, or lack thereof, around the stadium makes them a fair weather fan. SHM. Well, you are entitled to your opinion as well. But as an extreme outsider (My house is about 7 hours from Camden Yards) Baltimore certainly has recently acquired a reputation for being an unsafe place to visit. Glad to know that fans with that opinion aren't welcome.
  14. forphase1


    Yes. And justifiably so.
  15. I'm so glad that you know exactly what the Orioles do with all their money... oh wait, we really don't. We can speculate, but in many cases that's all it is, speculation, one where our bias heavily weighs what we THINK is being done or going to be done. I'm a fan that cares about the money. Why? I know it's not mine, but I also know it doesn't grow on trees... there is a set amount of revenue, and the less of that going to non-performing players the better. As a fan, my hope is some of that goes into making the franchise better. Yes some may also go into the owners pockets, but I've never understood why fans care about the owners making money. 🙂 Anyway, running a franchise is very expensive, especially one that you are trying to drag out of the stone age from an analytical and technology standpoint. If even a small portion of that money that may be saved from keeping Davis if he is injured (so insurance kicks in) or there is a strike/work stoppage or games canceled due to Covid, is spent on improving the franchise, then that's a win. I DO wish they would cut Davis. But I certainly don't fault them for hanging on to him and hoping to save millions.
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