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  1. While this may be true, for many of us our record next season really isn't that important. The focus should be a couple of years down the road. If they lose their job and someone else comes in with a different plan/style/methodology, it could put us even more behind. I think they are building it the right way and hope neither is implicated in any way.
  2. Sure it is... and that's perhaps part of the problem.
  3. I think the punishment for the organization was fair. I think it completely wrong that none of the players, who by all reports were the real culprits in this scheme, were punished in any way.
  4. I'd have to think the punishment will be similar, no?
  5. I think that's fair, but it's honestly harsher than I expected. Good I think.
  6. That's great for me. I hate framing. Either the pitch was a strike or it wasn't. The catcher pulling the ball back into the strike zone or framing a ball as a strike is nothing but a game of smoke and mirrors, trying to get the ump to credit the pitcher with something the pitcher did not earn, a strike. I'd love to see that 'skill' abruptly have no value and be removed and irrelevant to the game. As to robo umps, I 100% support them. While technology and the wonderful TV productions today have hurt the perception of the quality of umps, few things bother me more than a missed strike 3 or a strike 3 that's called a ball. I simply want the pitcher (and hitter) to be credited with what they actually accomplish, and not just how the ump happens to perceive it. Sure, a 90% success rate is pretty good, but that still means 10% of the calls were wrong. If we can improve on that number without harming the speed of the game it should be done.
  7. What do I want from this rebuild? I want us to develop not just a team, but an organization, one where we have a steady stream of young players to replace the older players who inevitably age and decline in performance or get overpriced. I don't just want 3-4 years of competing for a spot in the playoffs, but a serious restructuring from single A to the MLB, and making an organizational philosophy that works. While I I'm not old enough to have lived through the late 60s and 70s teams, I do remember the '79 and '83 teams and World Series appearances and victory in '83. I remember growing up hearing about the Orioles Way and the magic. It seems that for much of my adult life we've been kind of a hapless organization. Even when we were winning under Buck and Dan it didn't appear sustainable as there wasn't a clear plan to put us in a place where we could compete each and every year. So I completely support this tear it down the bones and rebuild. I think that's seriously the only way we can become and consistently solid team and organization. My goals would be by the 2021 season to be seeing improvement in the MLB team due to the young talents players starting to trickle up from the minors, be threatening in '22 with a strong nucleus of top young talent and then be serious contenders in '23 and most seasons thereafter. Sure, I know we will have a down year here and there, but I echo others that would love us to the Cardinals, consistently good, and often in the playoffs. Once you get into some short series' anything can happen. And I'm very willing to see them burn it down and rebuild if that's what it's going to take. I think Elias is doing it the right way, the proper way, and I expect to see results we can be proud of in a couple of seasons.
  8. Exactly. So none of us yet know if the 10 million a year being thrown around is close to what the market will bear. Personally I think he signs somewhere for around 7 million a year, probably a 2-3 year deal at 14-21 million. I don't think he was worth 10 million a year, and certainly not worth that to the Orioles. I'll miss watching him play as he was entertaining. But our focus needs to be down the road and not this year. I certainly don't know if the money saved will be invested into the franchise... none of us do. But we all admit the changes we are making internationally, analytically and organizationally aren't free. Maybe freeing up this cash expedites some of the growth. Maybe it doesn't. I'll never be able to prove it does.... nor can the Elias detractors prove it isn't. But at this point I'm trusting in the process and Villar is a minor issue to me.
  9. Here are my thoughts on what went down, and why we are at this point with Villar. For the record I voted I don't know, but I trust Elias' judgment. I think they slightly miscalculated both the interest he would have in this off season and how much money he would get in arb. While there may have been deals over the summer for him, none were worth taking. Elias probably felt that keeping him and hopefully trading him this winter was preferable to trading him over the summer for a 'bag of balls'. However the market did not materialize over this off season like he'd hoped and now the decision had to be made how much to pay Villar since it didn't appear we could now unload him. Yeah, maybe this is all a ploy to get those teams that are mildly interested to pony up, but I don't get that feeling. We are not in a position where it makes sense to overpay for ANY player. We have no choice but to overpay for Davis, cut him or not. But we DO have the choice to overpay VIllar or cut ties with him. Yeah, I know going by WAR even at 10M a year Villar has value. But he isn't a key part of rebuild, so paying him 10M a year just doesn't make a ton of sense. In hindsight perhaps we should have taken some marginal prospects over the summer, if that was really offered. That would have been better than getting nothing or having to overpay (from the Orioles perspective) to keep Villar on the team. So I think perhaps Elias goofed and misread what the situation would be this winter. I can see us taking a rule 5 player or two, young ones, and give them the at bats Villar would have gotten. While it's a roll of the dice, at least those rule 5ers have a chance to be a part of the next good Orioles team, whenever that happens. Villar doesn't.
  10. That must have sucked for their acting careers....
  11. Yes, but only if the NL adopted the DH. I agree with others in this thread of my extreme dislike of the pitcher hitting. It's hard for me to watch NL baseball because of it to be honest.
  12. I know most of the young arms are still a bit away, but I'd really rather seem some kids get the chance who have a chance to show their stuff versus a retread, even one with Orioles history like KG. Granted he isn't hat old, and will only be 29 come next spring. I know we need someone to take innings, but I'd rather it be young guys with some potential upside. That being said I wouldn't be surprised if we do sign a few reclaim types and KG would certainly fit that bill.
  13. I defer to those with more knowledge on how things work than I, but I wonder if the reason we are going pitcher heavy is that is something we can fairly easily measure by analytics. Especially in a situation where we didn't have many boots on the ground in the form of scouts earlier, it seems we could bring in pitchers, put them on a mound, and measure things like velocity, spin rate, etc easier than we can hitters attributes when we invite them in. Again, I could be way off, but that makes sense to me.
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