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  1. Yes, but only if the NL adopted the DH. I agree with others in this thread of my extreme dislike of the pitcher hitting. It's hard for me to watch NL baseball because of it to be honest.
  2. I know most of the young arms are still a bit away, but I'd really rather seem some kids get the chance who have a chance to show their stuff versus a retread, even one with Orioles history like KG. Granted he isn't hat old, and will only be 29 come next spring. I know we need someone to take innings, but I'd rather it be young guys with some potential upside. That being said I wouldn't be surprised if we do sign a few reclaim types and KG would certainly fit that bill.
  3. I defer to those with more knowledge on how things work than I, but I wonder if the reason we are going pitcher heavy is that is something we can fairly easily measure by analytics. Especially in a situation where we didn't have many boots on the ground in the form of scouts earlier, it seems we could bring in pitchers, put them on a mound, and measure things like velocity, spin rate, etc easier than we can hitters attributes when we invite them in. Again, I could be way off, but that makes sense to me.
  4. Another up the middle defender, this time from high school. Only 17, looks like some potential there.
  5. Song just went right before we were able to pick again. I wonder if we'd have taken him.
  6. I was going off Luke saying this guy was more of a 6th to 8th round. That certainly sounds like and underslot to me, though I realize he was ranked 111th, or roughly mid 4th round, on MLB.com.
  7. Do we think it's going to take that much to sign our comp balance rounder that we needed to underslot in the 3rd round?
  8. I'm a little underwhelmed by this pick considering others that were on the board. But I trust Elias knows a ton more than I do.
  9. I wish I had as much insider information! It would be great to know how much they are spending on development, scouting, overseas facilities, etc. It's amazing to me that they let someone as critical of the team look at their private ledgers and books, but you said it as someone who actually knows what they are talking about, so I assume you are right. It's really amazing how you've been able to look at a handful of months under the new regime and have been able to plan out exactly how inept they are going to be the next 4-5 years. It's really incredible.
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