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  1. Yes, meaning the os are better than 10-14 when Means pitches. Probably just not updated where he was looking. Interesting that he had a decision 10 for 10 before yesterday.
  2. We have watched about 100 games, so far. Like others not every inning. It's better than last year. I expect worse, so I can enjoy plays vs overall games. Usually (not always) there is some good stuff here and there.
  3. His record is 10-10 and they won the game he started yesterday, so at least 11 wins from him.
  4. It's nice to set an offensive HR record this year too... edit: https://www.mlb.com/news/mlb-sets-single-season-home-run-record Villars bat is headed to the HOF.
  5. Watching it happen (WS or not) should be a lot more fun than rooting for the #1 Rule IV pick. Either way, I'm looking forward to it a bit more than these days.
  6. There was also a man on 1st, guy hit a gapper that he cut off and the runner was held (same inning as the first 2 outs you mentioned). They got out of the inning without damage and it likely saved a run. Not sure if other guys cut it off, but it was a nice play.
  7. It would be weird to call up 2 true CFers and then continue to put Santander and Wilkerson back in CF.
  8. Nice pair of plays to kick things off in CF.
  9. Nevermind, said it on broadcast. He can do both.
  10. Thanks. I'm more confused now though. I thought he got the call up because he couldn't play in AFL. This tweet says otherwise.
  11. Is he on the bench today or too soon? Likely to play tomorrow?
  12. Considering catchers seem to drop off a bit quicker with full use, I wonder if they are less likely to extend (or if they do more 1B/DH time as some suggested). Some positions like CF that require speed, which may go quicker than other tools, does CF resigning make sense. With basically no knowledge myself, I wonder if positions/skill set and other factors are evaluated to determine best risks for long term deals. I mean, it is just another area of analytics, right?
  13. Yeah, there is a lot to how they got here that isn't really explained.
  14. I think they should get bonus points for doing a good job, while watching the losing, bonehead plays and various craziness. They stay collected and still put together good commentary (generally). Sometimes they say some super obvious things that make me laugh, but that's probably true of all announcers.
  15. So blue comes from players drafted, but the WAR was accumulated on another team? At 64% Received Utilization, does that mean we generally traded away the right guys?
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