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  1. On a ~55 win team, the bar shouldn't be very high. Also, I'm not saying we need to sign him. I just don't think it's that worthy of argument.
  2. While it clearly hasn't worked out, Cobb repeating his previous years looked more likely than Ubaldo getting back to form. Ubaldo felt like a prayer from the start to me. Although, I probably hold Cobb in a better light since I haven't watched him get bombed as much (since that would require him to actually pitch...)
  3. I'd wager we'd get more out of that 3mill than the Tillman 3mill 🤐
  4. He did show up to camp, but before being signed. So they took care of business...
  5. So a few quick notes: From last year, DJ Stewart, Jean Carlos Encarnacion, Richie Martin, Branden Kline, Dillon Tate, Evan Phillips, Mattias Dietz, Jean Carmona and Luis Ortiz came off last years 31 players. (My count: 5 due to graduating and 4 due to poor showing). 4 players increased their grades: Grayson (45 to 55), Baumann (35+ to 45), Bannon (35+ to 40) and Rom (35+ to 40) 9 players decreased their grades: Diaz (50 to 45), Kremer/Lowther/Akin (45 to 40+), Hanifee (40+ to 35+), Carroll/Knight/Sparks/Cumberland (40 to 35+) 9 players maintained their grade: DJ Hall, Mountcastle, Hays, McKenna, Adam Hall, Greiner, Pop, Harvey and Zebron So 18 additions: Rutschman, Henderson, Stowers, Zimmerman, Bailey, Hernaiz, Bradish, Wells, Watson, Ortiz, Handley, Diplan, Rucker, Mattson, Peralta, Daschbach, Peek, Bautista Several in last group were draft picks (including top 3 new guys 1,5,10) and several from Bundy trade, the 2 Rule V guys and at least 1 waiver claim (Diplan). I don't know all the guys near the bottom, so add commentary to this last line if desired.
  6. Under promise, over deliver. In this case lower expectations and you'll be pleased not disappointed. I see nothing wrong with that.
  7. I was thinking draft pick position (although maybe not considered a track-able stat like loses), but yeah I don't think their going to be overly concerned with HR against.
  8. So I know this is based on Davis doing poorly and Mancini moving to first. Is there any indication they are moving Davis anywhere or that Mancini was instructed to get more time practicing 1B? Or is this simply hoping that Davis gets released? I would imagine that Smith/Williams/player tbd is more a battle for the 4th OF spot.
  9. Yeah, thanks to you both. I just didn't see a date on the page. It's really rapid fire these days. I might go an make a cheat sheet on how we got some of these guys (waiver pickups, Rule V...) I know some but despite following here a decent bit, I'm getting the "Who are these f****ing guys" feeling right now. edit: it didn't block my f-word....is that normal, I thought it would filter.
  10. So with the constant changes, I'm not sure I know 25% of the 40 man roster. Is there a thread or link that keeps this up to date? edit: http://m.orioles.mlb.com/bal/roster/40-man/ Still has Wilkerson (that would be pretty fast). I don't see a date though....mostly up to date?
  11. Oh right, I wrote that and did 17 minus 2 in my head instead of the 17-2 record against. But the accidentally getting 2 comment still holds. Haha.
  12. I agree it could be better. I think through development, waiver pickups, Rule V, DFA that were retained... we do have more arms to hopefully cover more innings, and hopefully more effectively. I just see several if/hope type statements, so we're in the wait and see mode. Maybe it's better, but agree that it's not a bet I'd wager much on.
  13. So my preference would be no cheating, but obviously there is little control over that. If the O's did win, we'd all celebrate and it would be an awesome moment. The asterisk would be tarnish that, but not change the feeling. Lance Armstrong won the Tour de France 7 times, celebrated 7 times and the runner up likely gets little to no satisfaction (at least in the same sense as winning originally would be). I really want to know what it's like to see the O's win a WS. If it when it happens I hope it is legit. If they turn out as cheaters it will tarnish the memory, but I'd still know the feeling. So personally, I'm not sure I can say yes or no to this.
  14. Well we were 2-15 against them last year without Cole. Even if terrible, hopefully we can accidentally find 2 wins against them.
  15. Yeah, the "bullpen can't be as bad as last year" made me cringe a little. Are we sure it'll be better?
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