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  1. I think we should just keep trading guys for PTBNL, seems likely at this point. Haha
  2. need an above camera shot to see both hand and tag, but it looked pretty clear the hand crossed first.
  3. My wife is a Phillies fan and last night was shocked at the inconsistency. It is the messy kind of season to try out electronic assistance. I see how Sulser's was close to call, and tough not to get. Britton's pitch 6 inches below the knee was a I'm ready to go home call. Ironically, Kevin Brown was basically calling pitches in counts for both sides. Would Sulser throw a 2-2 fastball, like he did the 3-1 fastball? It does make a difference. I will also say, maybe being in a fastball count against a HR hitter, you just don't throw the fastball... Either way, the O's did good to fight back from a 5-0 1st inning hole and it was a crappy way to see the game end.
  4. Lately, I've mentally given up around the 106 game mark, so you can't blame his math.
  5. Ironically that attitude was posted last year and the last post here was March 31st, so it didn't even make it to April... haha. With the Marlins next we should "should" make it to August.
  6. I watched maybe an inning yesterday and got bored. But I don't follow those teams like the O's. I'll watch some and see if I make it the whole game.
  7. This. Until we know the $$, IDK how you can decide either way. Maybe they think they can get him for a million or less. Maybe they expected to spend their full draft allotment and negotiations just went better. Maybe they think they can trade Puig for someones 2020 5th rounder they liked... Who knows, but at the right deal it could make sense. And I can't imagine this year we have any intention of spending much to acquire him. ME didn't just change his whole philosophy for one guy. I'd imagine it's an extreme buy low possibility that has reached a point of value.
  8. He signed for slot, so I wonder if he would have agreed to 5.4mill if taken at #2. Idk enough to answer your actual question :)
  9. https://www.baseballamerica.com/stories/can-the-yankees-sign-jack-leiter-mlb-draft-rules-make-it-nearly-impossible/ This is more or less what I was looking for. If Heston Kjerstad doesn't sign, they lose the 7.7 mill that was slated for his pick. Making up an additional 2.2mill (current over for picks 4/5) from the other 3 picks doesn't seem very likely with about 6 mill left in the pool. That's why not seeing at least Kjerstad surprises me, unless they are delaying numbers to assist negotiations for other 3 picks? Aka not revealing available money remaining.
  10. I find it interesting the money for the last 2 picks came quick, but it's been a while since we've gotten any data. If I remember correctly, not signing pick 1 means we'd loss the slot pool value. So if we knew what it was going to take to get 4th and 5th rounder, I expected to hear more on the others by now.
  11. This is literally my brothers name. I'll have to let him know he is now the 2nd dumbest Matt Harrington I know!
  12. As a kid we didn't have cable, so it was almost always AM radio for me. I went to college when the internet was starting and did a lot of game tracker following vs game watching. It was weird when I came in range again, how I'd much rather follow all the stat items on the computer. I haven't missed it as much as others have mentioned. It certainly doesn't help that I mostly expect them to lose. Although I haven't missed the Caps as much as I thought either. They weren't playing great when things ended, but obviously I still expected far more out of them. I think as a society we live and die by sports. There have been other things to think about while sports have been gone that have been a bit more forced. I won't take it political, but there probably is more to life than the amount of TV watching we do. I'll be curious how many people will continue some of these habits after sports do come back. Ironically, we probably won't know as those people will be less likely to post here. Either way. Enjoy time outside, with spouses and kids. Maybe it's time to go back to good old radio.
  13. Just going on record. He can't do them all at the same time.
  14. The #2 slot is $7.8 mill and I previously saw an argument that suggested it would take 6-6.5mill (don't recall the link, probably a post on here). Interesting to see this suggest as low as 4-4.5 million. Is there a reason he would sign that low when it seems he is likely top 6? Does he have a higher interest is Baltimore?
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