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  1. Is it 90 days total needed to satisfy the Rule V or does the counter reset with a new team?
  2. Yes, which is less than a full season and how it happened with Santander. He needed like 15 more days come the following year before he could be sent down. My point is simply that they can find ways to get that roster spot for a decent part of the year if needed.
  3. Hopefully just not ready and Marlins can't/don't remain patient. If returned we could give him the needed time in the minors, which is generally a one of the bigger challenges for Rule V guys making the jump. Most I've seen that stick spend some time the following year in the minors after a team can do it. (Or sooner for rehab like the O's did a bit with Santander). That would be my biggest concern, that he has arm soreness and they play a injured list game to limit his roster space eating time and find a way to keep him anyway. Again, time will tell.
  4. Well, I have higher expectations for Means vs Harvey. But you speak the truth.
  5. Glad to see you posting again and hope you've been enjoying some real baseball (and wins).
  6. Someone give this man a medal. Glad they started well, sure beats wondering when they'll win their first. Really good to see Means and Harvey pitch well.
  7. Oh, it's the 8th. I'm an idiot. My bad (still working...)
  8. This terrible line up just won. Way to go Orioles.
  9. Nice line for the day, fairly efficient too. Probably helps with near 0 baserunners...
  10. Sanchez must have really looked bad and/or been a problem otherwise.
  11. I'm only referring to the vaccine reaction, not all of life. Other things also get weaker over time and cause different pains/symptoms. Haha
  12. As you get older your immune system slows a bit, so the older crowd tend to have fewer symptoms. The reason people have a bigger reaction on the 2nd shot is there body "learns" to defend itself, so the second instance is tougher, but tends to happen more fiercely with stronger immune systems (aka younger crowd). I have had similar issues with poison oak and have basically been told I don't want to get it again (like I was trying the first 2 times....).
  13. I am worried that with his oblique injury he has been sapped of his power and needs to start the season on the DL. (Am I doing it right?)
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