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  1. Fair, I did see Darvish and Kim (not Snell). And the LeMathiu signing recently as well. Even still that is basically just one busy team among 30. It is something , so I won't argue that, just saying it's mostly quiet/boring even for many teams that aren't is the "$1 million and south" club.
  2. I haven't paid too much attention outside of the O's. I saw the Lindor trade and few smaller things, has there really been much excitement for the entire MLB offseason? Not that the O's can't do more, just seems pretty quiet so far (and again I could just be ignoring the other stuff).
  3. Lord Shen: How... how did you... how did you do it? Po: I don't know. Elbows up; keep your shoulders loose... Lord Shen: Not that. How did you find peace? I took away your NUNEZ. Everything. I scarred you for life. Po: See, that's the thing, Shen. Scars heal. Lord Shen: No, they don't, wounds heal. Po: Oh yeah? What do scars do? They fade, I guess? Lord Shen: I don't care what scars do.
  4. I almost went there, but decided not to open the wound back up....haha
  5. Even 140 / 162 and the O's save 2+ million on Davis. That's an entire Severino!
  6. Got 2 pitchers, lost 2 pitchers. Hopefully upgrades... edit: all RHP, weird world. 18 players taken, 3 position players. 15 RHP, 0 LHP.
  7. Cheap everything, while maintaining a good attitude? Honestly, Hyde maintaining the positive attitude alone is a magnificent accomplishment.
  8. He is in position to try things out and learn with little to no pressure. It's not a bad way to start your coaching career. Whether here or elsewhere people will know not to judge him on his record. Knowing he hasn't been given much to work with and intended tank, they better be judging him based on implementing "the plan" vs pretty much anything else.
  9. Once you're talking about the numbers he is, I do think there are a number of people that would walk away and I'm sure there are more examples out there of people that did. There have been more in the football world lately, although they have been related to injury concerns (Andrew Luck, Luke Kuechly come to mind). These are still different I guess, but for the right reasons people can walk away from millions and I would really imagine it would be easier with millions in hand. For how we'd all react if truly in that place is tough to 100% honestly answer. Few are ever in the position to had made that much and/or needed to make a decision to give up that much. (not questioning your response at all). I do think a decent number would walk away. Coc (I think...not going to find it now) mentioned a settlement. If he got 50% of 2021 and 2022 and then all the deferred money, it's still like $59 million over 17 or so years. Hardly the poor house. This really feels like the O's are trying to push a settlement and he is daring them to release him so he can have it all. Boras negotiated the deal and he usually seems to squeeze everything he can out of teams. I'm sure he's paid based on money players actually collect, so I wonder if there is pressure for Davis from that side as well. At the end of the day, I'd rather not even hear any of this. We are going to have a crappy team, with him being paid the most and be the crappiest player. If he adds being a prickly dick then it's going to make the Davis vs Davis argument much easier for me. Hopefully sooner, but one way or another, I'll be happy for this to end after 2022.
  10. With weams just posting Wynns off, that makes it likely 37 now. edit:Orioles claim RHP Ashton Goudeau So maybe they are just trying to keep it at 38 and have the option to choose 2.
  11. I think a Davis trade is 1 in a million, far better than the 1 in 292,201,338 for the powerball.... And no, I am not saying this.... If the money is close and they could save some face by trying the old change of scenery type move. I don't think it will happen, but that's about the only reason I see them trying it.
  12. Historically, I think it locks about a week prior (can't find confirmation), but with the Winter Meetings pushed to from Nov to Dec (6-10th), it would make no sense to be locked because it is very likely to change for many teams.
  13. I thought for the purposes of actually Rule 5 draft it was set Dec 2. So whatever it is now means they can/can't participate at this point. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rule_5_draft The selection order of the teams is based on each team's win-loss record from the prior regular season, as in the amateur draft, each round starting with the team with the worst record and proceeding in order to the team with the best record. Teams may choose not to select any player with their pick, passing to the next team in the order. Any player selected under Rule 5 is immediately added to his new team's 40-man roster; thus, teams who do not have an available roster spot may not participate in the Rule 5 draft. Players who are not currently on their team's 40-man roster are eligible to be selected in the Rule 5 draft, but only after a standard exemption period has elapsed, per selection eligibility below.
  14. Yeah, if they can save they will, otherwise I hope this is the year.
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