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  1. I certainly expect to learn a bunch new names this year again.
  2. We got the 1st pick when Manny started and 2nd pick with Richie Martin.... Hmmmm
  3. If were at the studs, adding fancy cabinetry, fixtures and style before adding the walls/floors may not make for a pretty result.
  4. I'd sign Lamar Jackson to play somewhere. IDK where but with analytics and that spin move we could find a way. He's on his rookie contract and I know we can offer more guaranteed. That would bring the O's closer to the Ravens level as well. Or the Ravens closer to the O's.... something like that.
  5. I'd think Villar's price is on the high side for this year, but last year they were willing to keep his 4.825 mill price tag. IDK if Martin starts in AAA or Majors, but he wasn't really full time at year end either way. If they trade Villar (or non-tender) and can get Iglesias cheaper than 3ish, it seems possible. I would imagine that would be the high side and about all they'd do this offseason on the FA side outside of rule V, waiver pickups, minor league type signings. I don't expect it, but they did put a lot of darts towards middle infield last year and I think they'd be wise to throw some more.
  6. Means pitching to his numbers of this team should count for more. Alvarez had protection. Both had great seasons. But it's silly if being on a winning team is a factor. (Not saying it isn't true)
  7. Well, with Hall and Rutsch as an option, the school test taker kicked in and went with Rutsch/Hall for the reasons you mentioned combined with the options available
  8. Thanks and fair. Like I said, an entire off-season to go. Was trying to get a view of what they might consider for these 2. I'm sure it's more about seeing what sticks, than planning on a platoon.
  9. Richie Martin had a better second half when they sat him vs lefties or righties? Pending the rest an an entire offseason, could these too be platoon pair for SS?
  10. An interesting thought from the guaranteed salary that Chris Davis holds. If we cut him, we all know it's a sunk cost. But opening up another roster spot would mean another 572k player, adding to the budget (not the payroll exactly, but overall outlay of resources). Crazy that they could trade Mancini, Givens, Bundy, Villar and be about 47mill and 37mill (78.7%) be from 2 players that have 0 to negative value.
  11. So Mora is where my brain went first, but if he's out it'd have to be Flaherty... even if this is all I knew. https://www.camdenchat.com/2016/7/18/12221076/ryan-flaherty-aroldis-chapman-orioles-yankees
  12. At the end of the day, clearly we don't know if this will help compared to how things were in the past. However, we've been bad more than not over the last 20 years, so I'm glad they're at least trying a new approach. And one the at least on the surface that seems like a change in line with current thinking/technology advances in sports.
  13. No, just we can actually see it and have something to talk about. If he spent a few weeks planning/orchestrating the K-Motion partnership we wouldn't know too much (I mean maybe now that it's announced). If he spent the month of August evaluating 40 guys for the _____ position and picks one, we'll never know anything other than the guy he picked to be ______. But removals from the 40 man, MiL deals, Rule V pickups are easy to see, follow and evaluate.
  14. True, but this busy is more visible to us.
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