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  1. My TV listing on my Comcast lists the Astros-Mets game instead for this morning
  2. Tickets will be easier to get? Fanfest will be less crowded? You won't have to worry about good promotion days selling out?
  3. Right about the time the announcement was made, Adam Jones said on Twitter, " Yeaaaaaa some people right now." Followed by "Just decided to back out of fanfest tomorrow. Sorry. Something came up !!!!!!" Then "My last tweet was pure Fake News see y’all tails tomorrow." Sure sounds like a team leader who's unhappy with fellow teammates.
  4. Rosenthal on MLB Network Sunday night predicted us to win because of our superior bullpen.
  5. O's Facebook just announced we acquired Kyle Lobstein from the Pirates for Zach Phillips.
  6. As someone who has a 13-game plan and still goes to a ton of other games, I feel like anyone can find reason for why they don't want to go. But there are counterpoints to every point too. For those talking about how much it "costs" at the game for concessions, is it still not common knowledge that you can bring pretty much any and all food into the park so you don't have to drop a dime on it? I've taken in whole subs from Subway, even Chipotle bowls. Sure, that costs money too, but you get way more for your buck than the $7 hot dog. Also, other than alcohol, which I admittedly don't drink at all, you can bring in multiple bottles of water/soda etc. So if you're concerned about concessions, easy ways to save money there. The official parking lots cost $8-$10 (or heck, even free at the Horseshoe). Again, that's nothing compared to almost every other single stadium I've ever been to. Nationals Park has $40 parking. I also think that almost any seat at Oriole Park is fine, so I'm totally fine with buying the cheapest Upper Reserve ticket and having a great time. I don't need to go get the $80 behind home plate stuff. I realize a lot of this is "I" and my own preferences, but there are definitely ways to not drop hundreds of dollars if you plan ahead. So people have their reasons for going or not going. I think we all would love to have a stadium full of orange-and-black rabid, passionate and fun-loving fans at every game they go to. And sure, I get mad too when people throw out tons of excuses that may not be valid to me, but they are to those people. But Oriole Park is a fantastic place to watch a ballgame. I think we can all agree on that. I just wish more people would do it.
  7. The obvious Game 2 2014 ALDS will never be topped. It was so incredible, the ups and downs of that game, and Delmon's double and JJ's slide. Incredible. Was also at last year's Orioles-Phillies game on June 16 where the O's smashed 8 homers for the team record. Also was at PNC a couple years back when Davis hit 3 HR in one game. And many more to count....but those stood out I guess because of their recency.
  8. Heads up to all, the Orioles-Jays game from yesterday will be on MLB Network the morning of March 5 at 9 a.m. I believe it's the Toronto TV feed they're showing.
  9. I also believe the Blue Jays-Phillies and Reds-Indians games are on MLB Network as well.
  10. As an avid watcher of the network, their website is disappointingly hard to peruse. Here's the link to the schedule: http://m.mlb.com/network/shows/?id=mlbn_30clubs_2010 The Orioles are always late into it, and this year we are Saturday March 26 at 7 p.m. The 30 Clubs in 30 Days stuff is actually part of their nightly MLB Tonight show, and not separate.
  11. I do get it. As far as he'll be cheap. But he's not exactly a Chen either. We need a more durable pitcher with history. At least Happ has that.
  12. You mean former Oriole Rich Hill, who had a 3-3 record, 1.87 WHIP and 7.80 ERA for us in 2009? I think we've been there, done that. Sure his last few starts were a surprise, but he came from independent ball. Because no major league team wanted him. Just sayin'
  13. Bob Costas is good in this format. They showed a clip during their All-Star pregame stuff yesterday that was basically Buck being aware that Adam Jones does impressions of him and the way he walks/sits in the dugout. Pretty funny segment.
  14. Cliff is tolerable. He is one of the players that shows up on MLB Network from time to time. He's still young and usually speaks in cliches, but I think Gary being Gary will bring the fun out of him.
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