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  1. I gave Mike a signed Ripken ball at a Hangout night a few years ago. You two have an impressive collection. Over the years, I have photos with Eddie and Cal, but never both at same time; that's awesome. Very sorry to miss Mike's celebration, but I think of him and you often. Ciao, all.
  2. Outstanding, Roy! A finer tribute could not have been written. It was a late night text message that led to their first date. They reached Rehoboth in time to see the sunrise. That's real romance.
  3. I just want to let you know how much the love you extended to Weams and D. means, as an example for all of us.  It was so good of you to make the trip to visit them.  That's special, special friendship, and I am sure that he will never, ever, forget that visit.  Just want to say I admire what you have done.  As Weams and D have made our world better, through your kindness, you so much made their world better.  Kudos, and thank you.  I am sorry if this message is disjointed, but today was tough.  

  4. Now it can be told, one night in June around 10 pm, Mike texted me that he needed help getting into his wheelchair so he could get outside to see the sunshine the next day. When I arrived, @justDmet me outside and thanked me for coming. "He had his first good night's sleep in a while knowing you'd be here today." A more touching and humbling compliment I could not have received. Of course, Mike had MLB network on the TV, but over the course of 3 hours, we talked about his first date with Denise, and their cross-country trip a few years ago. Not wanting to talk about anything depressi
  5. I had a feeling this is where things were. 😮 I'll keep you and Mike lifted up in my prayers.
  6. 4-24 for the month, tied w/ September 2002. Speaking of 2002 https://www.mlb.com/news/rays-beat-red-sox-in-ninth-straight-win?partnerId=zh-20210901-461875-mlb-1-A&qid=1026&utm_id=zh-20210901-461875-mlb-1
  7. True and it's also better than one, which is the loneliest number.
  8. If you thought a 5-23 May was terrible, thanks to the 19 game streak, the Orioles are 3-24 in August. The Orioles need to win on Tuesday night in order to tie the 2002 Orioles 4-24 collapse for worst full month ever. Even in 2018 and 2019 (both 6-20 in June), and 1988 (Sept, 8-19) never did the Orioles win fewer than 6 games in a full calendar month, let alone do it twice in the same season. How low will they go? Grab your dart board and compare after 130 games - 2018 37-93 (47-115) 2021 40-90 (TBD) 2019 42-88 (54-108) 1988 45-85 (54-107)
  9. Yep, the 2020 series started with a 3 game sweep of TB 7/31-8/2, and ended on a 1-6 run. It must be because of the huge payroll advantage TB has.
  10. To date, the O's have more losses to TB (1-18) than BOS (4-9) and NY (5-8) combined. 2 home/away series vs. each remain. TB has a winning record vs both NY (9-7) and BOS (7-5), so they're doing it on their own.
  11. Worst season records since unbalanced schedule (2001) 2021 TBR 1-18 2019 NYY 2-17 2009 BOS 2-16 2018 BOS 3-16 2006 BOS 3-15 2008 TBR 3-15 2010 TOR 3-15 2002 TOR 4-15 2004 NYY 5-14 2018 TOR 5-14 10X the Orioles lost 14 or more times to an opponent. The most they ever achieved was 13 wins 2012 BOS 13-5 2006 TBR 13-6 2014 NYY 13-6 2016 TBR 13-6 2005 TBR 12-6 2017 TOR 12-7
  12. Unofficial for months, tonight the Orioles are the first team to be officially eliminated from the playoffs. 34 games are left; the NFL regular season hasn't started. Which leaves us....
  13. That't because O's fans have learned to ....
  14. Tampa wins and the area has the trifecta to go with the Bucs and Lightning.
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