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  1. Zimmerman was their first pick after the move to DC, and got a September call up less than 3 months later. He sat out 2020 over COVID, but has played every other year.
  2. If he's only going by game 7, then it's Soto, Zimmerman, Robles, and Corbin. Strasburg didn't pitch in game 7, was series MVP, and is out for the season with neck surgery. Eaton, Cabrera, and Kendrick left via free agency after last season. Scherzer, Turner, Hudson, and Gomes all officially traded today. https://www.baseball-reference.com/boxes/HOU/HOU201910300.shtml
  3. Very well done, Nash. That video should get numerous up votes; my regret is that I have but one to give. @weams has quite the eclectic collection. Mike and @justD must have several hundred vinyl albums in their front room. Blues Brothers, Cheap Trick, CCR, ELP, Heart, James Taylor... People are nostalgic for vinyl again. I had quite a few but sold most of them off in the early 80s to buy CDs instead. Interesting Neil Young and Skynyrd in the same stack. "Well I hope Neil Young will remember. A southern man don't need him around, anyhow." Yellow Submarine was one
  4. Here's an exclusive inside look into the Nationals front office.
  5. The Orioles also caught a break that the Marlins traded away their closer yesterday. Yimi Garcia has 15 saves on the season, as many as the top 4 on the Orioles bullpen combined.
  6. Mike has quite the vinyl collection. Can't wait for the video.
  7. The uniforms came from a sporting goods store that Brooks owned. Boog Powell hated them, made him look like a giant pumpkin. A couple years later he had an all red uniform in Cleveland, and became the giant tomato instead.
  8. End of the 2000 season, the "human rain delay" managed the O's to win the last four games of the season. Johnny Oates' Rangers lost their last three, moving them ahead of the O's in the draft. The following June, the Rangers drafted.... The O's drafted Chris Smith, who pitched all of 52 innings in the minors before his career ended. 8 picks later, the Angels drafted Casey Kotchman, the subject of many multi-team trade deals dreamed up by @Sports Guy Then again, we would have missed out on all fun of the 10 "Teixeira Watch" mega threads in late 2008. So who will be the T
  9. Most underrated pitchers Kevin Gausman ERA-44, projected 93 Only deGrom (28) has a lower ERA- on the list
  10. Syd Thrift tried to unload Sir Drink a Lot to at least the Phillies. Ponson was part of a 9 player deal with the Phillies, which would have sent Scott Rolen to Baltimore. According to the Sun https://www.baltimoresun.com/news/bs-xpm-2001-12-14-0112140323-story.html Thrift told Angelos it could take 10/$150M to keep Rolen long term, and that was that. In 2005, Thrift was gone, and Pete was still the real GM. Phil Nevin refused a trade which would have sent Ponson to SD in exchange. The Rangers deal which was for Richard Hidalgo was quashed by Big Pete even after he met w
  11. Baby steps. First you need a closer to have a save opportunity. With the Orioles luck, the closer does a backflip, suffers an oblique strain, and is out 6-8 weeks. It would be far from the strangest injury in Orioles history (e.g. Cordova, Marty)
  12. Win or lose Trey can hold his head high. His 3rd round was more impressive than the 1st two.
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