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  1. I'm very happy my prediction failed.
  2. Well, Zach did his job. Don't know why Aroldis is smiling
  3. The Yankees lose THHEEEEEE YANKEES LOSE !! Pitching match-ups in this Series should be something to watch.
  4. Nashville Convention Center is booked through January with RV Trailer Shows, Taxidermy Fest, and Moonshine Madness.
  5. Well, Locksley has 3 wins so far, which matches his entire career head coaching record. Two of the three were against those rugged Howard U Bisons and that perennial powerhouse from Joysey, Rutgers. Remaining schedule. Which game do the Terps win? As for me, I'll make my pick when I see the 2020 schedule. Sat, Oct 26 @20 Minnesota Sat, Nov 2 vs16 Michigan Sat, Nov 9 @4 Ohio State Sat, Nov 23 vsNebraska Sat, Nov 30 @Michigan State
  6. My guess is they'll go with Dusty Baker because of his connection to Harper on the Nats.
  7. MLB picked the name. Bud Selig wanted to use Senators, but the DC mayor objected. https://www.espn.com/mlb/news/story?id=1891484
  8. Attendance was slipping several years before the Nats arrived in 2005. There was a 33.8% drop from 1997 to 2003. "Ravens stadium" opened in 1998 and served as a competition for entertainment dollars in the Baltimore area.Ripken retired after 2001 and there was a big drop the following year. 2003 was the 6th (of 14) straight losing seasons. Attendance in 2014 returned to the 2003 levels thanks to a 3rd straight winning season. I've been to Nationals Park; the commute from the Baltimore metro area is miserable, especially during the week. When the O's played there this August, my commute was almost 2 hours one way. The reverse also has to be true. Let's be brutally honest. What Baltimore has offered for 16 of the past 21 years is a losing team. How many diehards from the DC area would continue to make that commute year after year regardless of having a local team? Pre-Nationals 1997 3,711,132 0 1998 3,684,650 -26,482 1999 3,433,150 -277,982 2000 3,297,031 -414,101 2001 3,094,841 -616,291 2002 2,682,439 -1,028,693 2003 2,454,523 -1,256,609 2004 2,744,018 -967,114
  9. Greinke and Corbin have been hittable this postseason, unlike the other 4. I'd consider Sanchez 3, Corbin 4.
  10. Traber had serious medical problems this past May. A benign brain tumor caused seizures which required surgery https://www.tulsaworld.com/sports/bill-haisten-incredibly-blessed-jim-traber-is-back-to-his/article_6d756dfd-632b-53b8-b359-6ac00bc36ecc.html
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