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  1. What happened to the thread started by Roy? I thought perhaps it was merged here, but it's gone altogether.
  2. Keep praying for the GOAT-ee Greatest of all time. We know how incredibly hard it's been, Mike, but no one can fight back better than you. More sunny days ahead.
  3. "It's been a couple years now..."
  4. It should never have started. Including tonight, his last 7 games, 14.09 ERA. Going back to 2019 when he made the move to the American League, in 33 games 30 starts, his ERA is 7.793. This isn't a "slump." He knows it. After his last start, Roch quoted him as saying, https://www.masnsports.com/school-of-roch/2021/06/more-on-harvey-and-the-orioles-rotation.html Who pulls the plug first? The Orioles? Harvey retires?
  5. How long before the O's cut bait on Harvey? First, consider these lines in the past 11 years Matusz 11 GS, 10.69 ERA, FIP 7.66, set record for worst ERA for a pitcher with at least 10 starts (Halladay, 2000) Tillman, 24 G, 19 GS 7.84 ERA. FIP 6.93, if you add 2018 it's 31G, 26 GS, 8.42 ERA Harvey 13 GS, 7.41 ERA Dishonorable mentions 2019 Hess 23 G, 14 GS, 7.09 ERA, FIP 7.26 2011 Norris 18G, 11 GS 7.06 ERA, FIP 5.64, cut Aug 8 2017 Jiménez 31 G, 25 GS, 6.81 ERA FIP 5.54, Tillman made him look good by comparison
  6. My in-laws are lifelong Mets fans. The only Mets post my sister-in-law posted on facebook this year was when they beat the O's. Well, karma's a beyotch and so is she. Returned the gesture. June O's have already matched May's win total. Hang in there, Mike.
  7. Recommend pinning this thread on the front page also. It's too good to drift away.
  8. Don't make me cry, Roy! My son and I had the honor to meet up with Roy at Pickles pub and also his radio interview with Melewski at Dempsey's, before a hangout game in May 2015. The meeting was set up by Mike, who was already friends with Roy. Mike and I have texted, and while I won't share details, he also sent me the "made it another day" text to let me know he's still here. Youse guys haven't heard from me in 1 1/2 years, but this is a most special case. I'll say again. It's easy to say "thoughts and prayers," but actually do it. Mike would really appreciate it. Please
  9. If you believe in prayer, as I do, make the time to actually do it. I know he would appreciate it. Do it now ! Pray for Mike !! 🙏
  10. Looking back, we close out a decade that had 3 playoff appearances, second only to the 70s (5). It also ended with the two worst records in Baltimore franchise history. For the next few years, remember, misery may love company, but there's no better online group than here. Here's to turning the page and hoping for much better times in the years to come. PS If you must go out on Amateur Night, please be safe. Call an Uber or have a designated driver if the celebrations become too festive.
  11. The Ravens would... get their first #1 seed win 14 games, a franchise record win 12 straight games games, a franchise record score 531 points, a franchise record rush for 3,296 yards and average over 200 yds/game, both NFL records have two 1,000+yard rushers Lamar would ... set a NFL rushing record 1,206 yards (while missing all of game 17 and four 4th quarters) be 6th overall in rushing have 36 TD passes, a franchise record have a rating of 113.3, a franchise record (probably) win MVP No one would have believed you and I know I'm missing a few more
  12. Fake punt from their own 11. Call that play Rodney Dangerfield - NO respect.
  13. Put another way, without Lamar, the Ravens are screwed. M-V-P
  14. Team rushing all-time in the books.
  15. KC gets a week to rest and then gets to host NE (probably). They do scare me more than NE.
  16. Fins stun NE on road. Pats forced to play 1st WC game since 2010.
  17. Happy Hanukkah, Merry Christmas Onion rings, best in da state as far as I'm coincerned.
  18. Andrews robbed of a TD over a bogus offensive PI. Ravens settle for 3. Got to keep this at least a 2 score game.
  19. What a difference two minutes makes. Ridiculous throw by Lamar and catch by Andrews
  20. Ok so much for the spoiler thread. thanks It be gone.
  21. Well I think some would like this to be spoiler free for a while longer. If you assume otherwise than why didn't you ask a direct question about a character? Anyhow, for those who are well versed on the "canon" (which isn't me) then I have a temporary thread to discuss details.
  22. Anakin's story doesn't change. I can't say that for everyone 😉
  23. The main character arc that crosses Episodes I-VI is Vader. I stayed away from the reviews but the trailers do indicate the return of another big character. It's way too soon to give away more than that. Wikipedia has the plot summary up for those that have to know.
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