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  1. If this game feels closer than it is... Time of possession Jets 23:54 Ravens 21:06
  2. Kick coverage has also been lousy. Let's see if the D can stop the Jets going down the field...again.
  3. Tackling has been terrible so far. Way too many yards after a catch.
  4. Had them at 1st & 25 and they get 41 yds on 3rd down. unreal
  5. When the offense is like this, it's a video game. 13-0
  6. https://theathletic.com/990262/2019/05/30/inside-the-astros-cutting-edge-approach-to-minor-league-pitching-development/
  7. If all goes to plan, Lamar shouldn't be playing the 4th quarter.
  8. Jones insists he's keeping his options open - no deal yet.
  9. Same agent and the same deal that was rumored for Cole. Coincidence.
  10. Yep. Last year was a relative snorefest @Moose Milligan's hero - https://theathletic.com/1441618/2019/12/08/rosenthal-signings-and-stories-that-could-make-for-decadent-drama-at-the-winter-meetings/
  11. They screwed over NE yesterday as well <insert world's smallest violin>
  12. National TV. Division title clincher. #1 Seed in play. Lamar to break Vick's record. Yeah, it's a short week - for both teams. This one shouldn't be close. I fully expect the Ravens to sweep the AFC East as they did the NFC West.
  13. Section 5, Article 3C, PERMISSIBLE ACTS BY BOTH TEAMS WHILE THE BALL IS IN THE AIR NFL rule book - https://operations.nfl.com/the-rules/2019-nfl-rulebook/#section-5-pass-interference
  14. That's a rumor but supposedly no offer yet.
  15. Don't see the football anywhere close. And the Oscar goes to...
  16. Not me. I don't want to play them again. Better they have to play on the road in the playoffs.
  17. Difference in game was 2 failed 2 pt conversions for NO
  18. Kinda hard to complain about a PI when Jimmy Smith got away with one.
  19. 4th and 16 and can't get the stop.😡
  20. 30 yards in penalties this drive
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