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  1. Ravens need to get it back to a 2 score game.
  2. Keep it on the ground. Use the clock.
  3. More punts today than in probably the last month combined. Ravens 11/3-12/1 6 punts. today - 6
  4. So far, Buffalo has largely taken away Lamar running the ball.
  5. Allen's been sacked 4X but could easily be more. Lamar QBR 50.0 so far. Could be a game of who has the ball last.
  6. @Roy Firestone hope to hear more from you in 2020. Enjoy your day. Yeah, yeah, yeah
  7. https://www.mlb.com/orioles/news/fredi-gonzalez-orioles-coaching-staff
  8. I went on baseball reference and started digging in to his time there, and found out wikipedia had many of the points I had planned to make. He's not the "Brian Roberts" or "Mike Bordick" of GMs. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dan_Duquette
  9. What? No love for 2018? That season got us Adley Rutschman. 😉
  10. Part II of the ESPN Report - What is WAR good for? Absolutely nothing.
  11. His salary jumped to $9.35M last season. What kind of deal does anyone think he will get this year?
  12. Oliveira http://www.milb.com/milb/stats/stats.jsp?t=g_box&did=milb&gid=2012_05_26_salafa_frdafa_1
  13. Yeah, I found that quote after I wrote what I did. Not sure I agree with that approach however.
  14. Right now, it seems like the Orioles went for quantity over quality with this return. I'll defer to those who study these prospects.
  15. They have no incentive to do any reporting on this. Quite frankly, they would rather keep the public in the dark about the team's finances. The perception is already out there that ownership is being cheap again.
  16. $72.58M Since these numbers were hidden it makes me wonder what did Forbes use in their valuations of profit/loss. Along those lines, the Orioles may have been more profitable than some surmised.
  17. $362.9M/4 = $$90.725M/year from MASN. That's more than the projected payroll for 2020. Maybe I'm mixing up apples and oranges, but how would the Orioles not be profitable before all the revenue sharing from MLB as well as from ticket sales etc.?
  18. The $234.9M distribution of profits went to the Orioles team or to the MASN owners? My assumption is the latter to keep the numbers down.
  19. You forgot the gift baskets after the dates with Captain O-ver-rated. The Marlins' President of Baseball Operations (on paper) is Michael Hill, a Harvard grad.
  20. Depends on what "is" is 😉 "Next decade" for Mancini could mean either 2020 or 2021 (there wasn't a year 0 A.D.) .... https://www.nytimes.com/2019/11/28/us/what-is-decade.html
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