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  1. ESPN has their playoff machine running if you want to project how the playoff picture could be. http://www.espn.com/nfl/playoffs/machine
  2. Terps are 3rd in the AP. Michigan went from unranked to 4th. Puke slips down 9 spots to 10th.
  3. Well, I wouldn't want to play GB 2X either😉 It's not a question of who we'd rather play but who will win the NFC. Right now, the Ravens need to take the #1 seed. Beating NE twice is no easy chore and having to do it there makes it that much harder.
  4. Seattle beats MIN tomorrow and SF is a wildcard. I wouldn't overlook Seattle or the Saints, who won games even while Brees was hurt.
  5. HUGE stop. Now the Ravens have to eat the clock and drive down the field.
  6. Stupid call. You punt there instead of giving SF a shorter field.
  7. I'll be shocked if they overturn; they hardly ever do.
  8. Gimme a break that was more of PI than the one they called on the Ravens.
  9. Yes... and no. Letting them go down the field again is a problem.
  10. Difference is the Garoppolo turnover setting the Ravens up deep in SF territory.
  11. Mostert at 89 yards and counting.
  12. Reminds me of the Cleveland game.
  13. Well, that's one way to keep Jackson under 10 yd/rush - give him the ball at the one. 😄 14-7 good guys.
  14. Huge turnover led to 7 and we're tied.
  15. Villar had a 3.9 WAR season in 2016 and followed it with 0.1 in 2017 and 1.4 in 2018. No one can say with certainty which Villar will appear in 2020. That being said, it's pitiful that the decision is made on the basis of about $5M. Also, this talk of the money being banked for a later date, is speculation. The Orioles have repeatedly talked about tying payroll to attendance, and it's reasonable to assume that will be down again in 2020.
  16. MD actually doubled its field goal total for the year ,and had a 3 pt lead in the 3Q of the Mich St game. Season ends predictably on 7 game losing streak. OK, going out on a limb, MD will beat Towson in the 2020 home opener, not much more after that.
  17. It had started on the field
  18. Rushing yds Ravens 285, Rams 22. You wouldn't notice in a game Lamar had 5 TDs passing. Time of possession for Ravens very nearly 2:1. That keeps the defense fresh.
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