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  1. The Ironbirds are owned by the Tufton group, and the Ripken brothers are majority shareholders.
  2. What does truly finished mean? Didn't this start as part of the negotiations for the 2012-16 rights fees? What happens for 2017-21? The next 5 years beyond that? Do the lawsuits never end?
  3. I put "lost" in quotes, because I am not talking about a physical move, but one of interest. The cries of "sell the team" grow louder and louder as well as the number of no-shows. Boswell - https://www.washingtonpost.com/sports/what-once-seemed-impossible-is-now-undeniable-the-redskins-have-lost-washington/2019/11/17/c215e596-0975-11ea-8397-a955cd542d00_story.html?wpisrc=nl_most&wpmm=1
  4. If anyone predicted this is how Lamar would be at this point, I have my doubts about their veracity. That being said, I remember the player RG3 was before he broke his knee, and he has never been the player since. IF Lamar can stay healthy, his future looks very bright. Right before the season started, a caller into 105.7 asked about McSorley and his words were "IF God forbid something happened to Lamar..." Rob Long got indignant and unnecessarily confrontational. "Lemme ask you something why are you askin' that question? Why are YOU askin' that question?"
  5. I say 3-1. They also have Bengals and Dolphins. Ravens have Rams, 49ers, Bills, Steelers. Jets and payback for CLE (hopefully) is 2 wins.
  6. 63 yards on 1 run helps that. 7 sack day.
  7. So was the no-call on PI in 1Q, I'll make that trade.
  8. RG3 getting ready for mop-up BTW QBR Koch 79.2, Watson 63.7
  9. He lost some MVP votes today, especially head-to-head vs. Lamar.
  10. 5 sacks. Unreal. 19 total for the year before today.
  11. They've basically wiped out the NY-Penn League, disbanding 9 out of 14. 5 teams makes for awkward scheduling. My assumption is Aberdeen gets promoted to A ball, leaving only 4 teams: Brooklyn (NYM), Hudson Valley (TB), Tri-City (HOU) and WV (PIT).
  12. In baseball? Sure, if they're selling jeans, or looking for Fabio. I heard there were a lot of Brad Pitt lookalikes in attendance. Speaking of lookalikes, our last GM could've been separated at birth from Dan Akroyd, so not exactly buying this looks matter theory.
  13. Corrupt system and yet he's not shy about telling the Yankees they need to open their checkbook (for his clients)
  14. Reading the comments, Gausman is getting a lot of pushback.
  15. Soon he'll post one about Mookie Betts, dumped by the Red Sawx in order to slash salary.
  16. A good friend of mine is now USMC-ret. who fought in Desert Shield. His father before him was a Marine and next summer his son will be commissioned in the US Navy. When you thank his family for their service, he replies simply,"My honor."
  17. So nice to see a team from MD putting a beat down on one from Ohio.
  18. Unburden Baltimore? Over 1/2 of the payroll for 2020* is Davis and Cobb. Take them off and what's left is a payroll that makes TB say, "damn, that's really low." *BBRef has the 2020 number currently at $70.3M. Even if that number is in dispute, the point is the 2020 Orioles aren't overly burdened by payroll. https://www.baseball-reference.com/teams/BAL/baltimore-orioles-salaries-and-contracts.shtml
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