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  1. The Tejada "trade me" business sure did a lot for our "perception" as well, much, much more so, imho, than the nice things Nomar or anyone else said. Therefore, my answer to your question is no. I think the perception will change when we have a winning season. Markakis is turning heads. Loewen had one good game. Those are good things.
  2. I read Nomar's quotes; I guess you didn't really read my post. If we sign Byrd, then either we don't need to trade for Benson or we still get Benson and trade other arms for hitting. But who cares, right? Just why is the perception, "gone?" I'm still waiting.
  3. Nice quotes in the newspaper aside, Nomar decided to go elsewhere didn't he? How about Paul Byrd? Two more names meet your minimum requirement?Just who are you using as the basis for your argument that the perception is "gone?" Conine? Millar?
  4. And didn't Hidalgo decide he'd rather try his luck in Japan than play for Baltimore? And didn't Konerko take less money to stay where he was? That's why he hung around for just 4 days? It took longer than that just to get him to sign the deal to come here.
  5. Well, hopefully this thread has run its course because I sense a lockdown coming.
  6. I'm on record saying I think WB is legit. However, while he may have sources on the Orioles, I think the Yankees talk is more speculation on his part. I agree with your main point, it's easy to confuse the two, fwiw.
  7. Steinbrenner may add close to $40 million to his payroll despite the fact that the strategy is a "failure?" Interesting. The Yankees are saving close to $27 million next year by subtracting Brown and Williams. Leiter is gone as well, and possibly, Tom Gordon. The Yankees have seven starters on the payroll for next season. Torre has said he doesn't believe they will be in the market for pitching this winter. They already have big contracts at first base, shortstop, third base, and right field. All this leads to the question, how could the Yankees spend close to $70 million this offseason to get to the $250 million payroll you propose?
  8. As you note, Beattie may indeed have been the main problem, but he didn't do this all in a vacuum. Flanagan was with him when they met with Sexson and his agent during the winter meetings. "Geographic preference" was the story reported at the time. Source - The Sun - December 16, 2004 Source - Washington Post - December 12, 2004
  9. Then why didn't he fire Beattie sooner? The Guerrero negotiations dragged on for several weeks. I wouldn't have much patience with an executive who kept telling me "it was in the bag." Beattie was in Florida on "personal business" the weekend the Angels closed the deal. Flanny was left behind to finalize the Palmeiro contract. By your account, Beattie dropped the ball big time again last year. Are we to believe that Angelos let this slide just long enough for Flanagan to grow into the job? I find Angelos equally at fault for allowing the situation to fester.
  10. That's how I read it. The most likely candidates being Gibbons and Mora (extension), and possibly Rodrigo Lopez.
  11. Matsui won't be hitting the market. He has a clause in his contract that makes him an unrestricted free agent if he isn't signed by November 15th. Also, the Yankees cannot offer arbitration which I believe means they get nothing in compensation if Matsui leaves.
  12. How can we forget? You're the one who said there would be an announcement today. I told you nothing goes that fast Just giving you a hard time...
  13. I didn't ignore your "logic." All you said was since the AL ERA was larger, for reasons unexplained the effect would somehow be larger. You're talking about the "amplitude" when comparing between two teams in the same league, in the same year.("The difference between a good and bad ERA in the NL versus AL is also similarly influenced by the "spread".) While that may be true, with all due respect, that wasn't the point of this quote. I'm saying the "Mazzone effect" won't trim as many points off a pitcher's ERA in the AL then it will in the NL due to the DH. I'm talking about the difference in one player's or one team's ERA from one year to the next. Yes, we're moving on.
  14. Wouldn't you think that if there was a ptbnl involved, there would have at least been an agreed-upon list for Atlanta to pick from in advance?
  15. Your source's possible Thursday announcement was confirmed in "The Sun." However, I was correct that things don't happen that fast.
  16. The "Mazzone effect" deals with NL pitchers. For the difference to be higher in the AL you would have to assume that the pitcher will have more success facing a lineup with the DH, then he does against the other pitcher.Let's throw some numbers out there as a "swag." The "Mazzone" effect may lower a NL team's ERA from 4.0 to 3.5. However, in the AL, it would go from 4.3 to 3.9.
  17. Logically, it would be worth less than half a run in the AL since the pitcher is facing the DH and not the opposing pitcher. In the end, it doesn't matter. Mazzone will make a big difference.
  18. That was my read of the article as well. The "buck stopped" with Beattie. Flanagan, and even Angelos had no part. Angelos says he wasn't the reason the Orioles didn't spend money last offseason. However, both B&F commented on the lack of a budget due to the uncertainty about D.C. as a problem. It is Angelos and not B&F that sets the budget. Source - "The Sun" - January 15, 2005
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