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  1. I thought this whole thing was hilarious, personally. And I really wouldn't have been happy about the O's signing Bautista. I can't stand him, and given his age and injuries lately, and the loss of a pick that would go with it, and I think it would have the potential to be a disaster, especially since I don't think he is going to settle for a short, reasonable contract. But really, I just took the whole thing to mean that Buck and/or the players don't like Bautista and don't want him on their team. Which doesn't surprise me. Saying that to his agent would have REALLY been unprofessional, though.
  2. Except that as others have pointed out, it isn't an isolated incident. Someone threw a beer can at Nate McLouth in 2013. Last year, a bunch of fans threw crap all over the field in the ALCS because they didn't like a call by an umpire. (And in one of those incidents, I believe, a fan in the stands was actually injured.) And now throwing at Kim while he was trying to make a play. I don't believe in holding the actions of one or two fans against the fan base, but they aren't looking too good right now. That said, switching to plastic cups would, I think, eliminate the danger to players. Banning alcohol outright is probably unnecessary.
  3. Looking back through Eck's numbers, I think Britton's season is actually more similar to Eckersley's 1990 season: 0.61 ERA, 48/50 saves, in 73.1 innings pitched. I had forgotten until all this that he got the Cy for the latter season, rather than his more dominant 1990 season. I always kind of figured it was sort of a 'lifetime achievement award' to some extent, after all the great seasons Eckersley had. 1992 turned out to be his last really great year.
  4. There is a difference between chai tea, a chai tea latte, and chai tea flavored bottled drinks. But that's me being pedantic again. And I have no idea what is going on in this thread. :laughlol:
  5. Pretty much this. Ray's off-field problems hit just as his on-field performance was tanking. Now, I'd like to think that Ray would have had a resurgence that year with a better offensive line and Kubiak running the offense. But we'll never know, and with him being out of football this long now, it's anyone's guess whether he has anything left now. And I think the Ravens would be the last team out there to take that chance, now matter what they may think of him personally in private.
  6. Seriously, the Cubs haven't been to the World Series since before this team existed. And we've had 3 world championships and 6 pennants since then. No way are Cubs fans better off than we are.
  7. I just assumed you were typing in the voice of the Magnificent Clergyman from The Princess Bride.
  8. I look forward to the day when discussions about Hall of Fame ballots no longer revolve around which players did or did not use steroids, but rather which players did or did not have illegal firmware upgrades for their cybernetic implants.
  9. This thread is hilarious. A 23 year old guy wants to spend time with his family, and people are lambasting him for being selfish. "Someday he'll look back on this and realize what a selfish ass he was." No, I suspect that will not be the case.
  10. I think Harbaugh and Flacco are both similar in that they are good, but not great, at what they do, and while we can look at their flaws and think about replacing them with someone better, the reality is that would be really hard to do. Look at the list Camden Yardbird posted. Of the 10 guys with more wins than Harbaugh, how many of them would you actually rate as an improvement over Harbaugh? And those are the guys who already have jobs. I think it's safe to say, with the injuries to Joe and Forsett piled on top of everything else, that Harbaugh is getting a pass for this year. (I think it's pretty unlikely Bisciotti would fire him after one bad year anyway.) Trestman too, for better or worse. The D has looked bad enough that I could see them replacing Pees, but I won't be surprised if they keep him, either.
  11. I don't know, I think that was kind of a BS penalty. Asa and his man were shoving each other, it wasn't like he got a cheap shot in on the other guy or something. It looked like the kind of penalty that could have been called on either player equally, or more likely not called at all. Yeah, it was bad, but I have a hard time holding it against Jackson. But then, it was hardly the only bad officiating last night.
  12. To complete the circle, the "high payroll" era of Orioles history was in the late 90's, when the Orioles had, at one point, the highest payroll in the league. Those days produced a Wild Card, a Division title, and at least one overpriced disaster of a season. And that was all under the Angelos regime.
  13. Yeah, pretty much this. Not that it will make their fans any less insufferable.
  14. Well, as Drungo pointed out, a lot of times the viewer is 8. I learned an awful lot about baseball by listening to Palmer and Brooks do color commentary back in the late 80s/early 90s. I also absorbed an awful lot from listening to Tim McCarver do playoff games. Is that a good thing? I have no idea anymore.
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