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  1. Done after 5 - 5 ip. 2h 0 runs 2bb 6k. 71 pitches. Command wavered slightly in the 4th and 5th. Showed a good aptitude for fielding the position starting a DP to get out of the 4th. No balls hit particularly hard all night - couple runners made it to second over the course of his outing, but it didn’t really feel like Binghamton was likely to score.
  2. 3 ip 1 h 0 runs 0 bb 5k to start tonight. Hit was an opposite field grounder that beat the shift. Mixing pitches well and hitting 98 on the fastball. These hitters are overmatched this far.
  3. Will definitely watch some of it - I'll be flipping around to some of the better games as well as the Orioles won't be contending for one of the many playoff spots - but I'll watch some of the O's game for sure.
  4. It may be a fallacy - but it's an awesome way to look at it. It allows us to say that you and I and probably everyone else on this board have contributed more to the Baltimore Orioles franchise than Luis Ayala! I'm putting "Better than Luis Ayala" on my business cards today.
  5. Totally fine with most of the aspects of today's game. Love the shifts - that's just good analytics and scouting. Defense should be able to position itself wherever it wants - offense needs to beat it. If a guy doesn't like the ball down and away - that's where you try to pitch him. If a guy pulls the ball on the ground 90% of the time - that's where you play him. I would not support any measure to artificially restrict the defense's ability to get a batter out - it's up to offenses to adjust back with the type of hitter they employ. Just as teams eventually learned not to start 9 lefthanded
  6. My favorite Orioles since Mussina left - now also gone to the Yankees. At least it'll hopefully only be for half a season?
  7. If Davis can go 85 for 85 tonight - that gets him effectively even with Betts and from there it's anybody's race.
  8. Probably - but we're 6-11 in inter-league play, Marlins are 5-5. It's far from a guarantee that we're as good as or better than the Marlins.
  9. The Marlins had a huge fire sale and have been predictably terrible, worst team in the NL - and we're 11.5 games behind them and not even at the All Star Break yet. That's pretty amazing.
  10. I think we root for the dumbest franchise in the major league at the moment. It's unbelievable that Manny is still on this roster - literally beyond belief. Every game he plays risks injury where we end up with nothing. It's too infuriating to even think about.
  11. It probably helps the turn around to have at least 1 of the top 131 prospects.
  12. Orioles are taking 2 out 3 in this clash of titans. Marlins played 16 innings yesterday and then traveled while the Orioles were off - and we have both Gausman and Bundy going this weekend. The Orioles tank has been travelling at warp speed, but it slows down a little this weekend. However, after this series - we've got a brutal schedule until the ASB - like playing .250 baseball for the 27 games after Miami but before the ASB is definitely possible level brutal. I encourage all Orioles fans, even if rooting for tank, to enjoy these wins this weekend with no conflicted emotions whatsoever bec
  13. I wanted to do Ludicrous Starting Pitcher Acquisitions By Duquette That Had No Hope Whatsoever of Succeeding and Cost Either Big Dollars or Valuable Prospects - but there's aren't anywhere near enough heads on Mt Rushmore to house them all.
  14. Gimme '83 just cause of Mike Boddicker. Went 12-4 2.23 in the 2nd half, then 2-0 0.00 with a 20/3 k/bb in 18 innings in the postseason. In the second half of that season he was dialed in, pitching at an extraordinary level. Would win 20 and the ERA title the next season - he was cooking.
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