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  1. It may be a fallacy - but it's an awesome way to look at it. It allows us to say that you and I and probably everyone else on this board have contributed more to the Baltimore Orioles franchise than Luis Ayala! I'm putting "Better than Luis Ayala" on my business cards today.
  2. Totally fine with most of the aspects of today's game. Love the shifts - that's just good analytics and scouting. Defense should be able to position itself wherever it wants - offense needs to beat it. If a guy doesn't like the ball down and away - that's where you try to pitch him. If a guy pulls the ball on the ground 90% of the time - that's where you play him. I would not support any measure to artificially restrict the defense's ability to get a batter out - it's up to offenses to adjust back with the type of hitter they employ. Just as teams eventually learned not to start 9 lefthanded hitters that struggle with offspeed stuff against a lefthanded pitcher with a good curveball - so too will they learn not to employ lineups full of dead pull hitters incapable of adjusting to shifts. 100% in favor of electronic balls and strikes - the technology exists - let's use it. Arbitrary strike zones and missed calls in key counts absolutely decide games - and the easy fix is there - just needs to be deployed. I'm good with reasonable pitch clocks and reasonable time limits for batters getting set in the box - let's keep things moving. This is CBA issue rather than a rule of baseball - but I'd like to see the league innovate some way so that's there's no service time incentive for leaving guys in the minors who are clearly ready and can help the big league team in order to gain an extra year of control. Don't know what the solution is there - but baseball is better when each franchise fields the best team they can - early in the year especially - when everyone theoretically has hope. On the flip side - I hate the expansion of rosters in September - we play all year with one set of roster rules - now the races for playoff spots are really heating up - and suddenly teams can have 40 players? What kind of crazy nonsense is that? I'm a team battling for a playoff spot but I've struggled all year with getting enough innings out of my starters - presto - Sept 1 rolls around - problem solved - I can carry 15 relievers if I want. It's bizarre. Let's see, what else - my rant is gaining steam here - can we do something with the schedules to try to tilt the home series for West Coast, Southern, and teams with domes to more in March.April and the back half of September? Not full blown no home series at all at that time for times in the North and Northeast - but as much as is reasonable tilt it so that as many of the games of the season are played in whether that is semi-fit for playing baseball? It'll cutdown the early and late season cancellations which result in weird makeup days, double headers, and teams losing precious offdays to make up games and have to play 54 days in a row in the heat of the summer. Plus, it's a better overall product - more total games played in conditions fit to play baseball in. While were at it - when executing this tilt - start earlier and end earlier - let's get going on the West and in the Domes in mid-March and wrap the playoffs by mid-October - so that Playoff and World Series aren't played in ice-sleet and with pitchers that can't feel the ball to throw it. NBA style soft cap/increasingly punitive luxury tax/ hard cap system. I don't need total payroll equality - I'm okay with owners that want to spend doing so - but let's dial down the spending inequality some so that the Red Sox rotation doesn't make more than an entire franchise's payroll. Full international draft. Why is this not a thing? It's bizarre that half the talent in the game is acquired through these other complex systems. That's probably enough from me for now.
  3. My favorite Orioles since Mussina left - now also gone to the Yankees. At least it'll hopefully only be for half a season?
  4. If Davis can go 85 for 85 tonight - that gets him effectively even with Betts and from there it's anybody's race.
  5. With the Orioles flailing miserably and the Red Sox getting scorching hot - it has put the record for finishing the furthest out of 1st place in history in play I think. As best I can tell the modern era record is held by the NL's 1909 Boston Doves (eventually the Braves) who finished a cool 65.5 games out of first. The AL mark is held by our extended franchise as the 1939 St Louis Browns finished 64.5 games behind the Yankees. Right now we're on pace to finish 68 games back of the Red Sox. I don't see them staying hot enough and us staying bad enough to break the 65.5 games back record, but it's definitely in play.
  6. Probably - but we're 6-11 in inter-league play, Marlins are 5-5. It's far from a guarantee that we're as good as or better than the Marlins.
  7. The Marlins had a huge fire sale and have been predictably terrible, worst team in the NL - and we're 11.5 games behind them and not even at the All Star Break yet. That's pretty amazing.
  8. I think we root for the dumbest franchise in the major league at the moment. It's unbelievable that Manny is still on this roster - literally beyond belief. Every game he plays risks injury where we end up with nothing. It's too infuriating to even think about.
  9. It probably helps the turn around to have at least 1 of the top 131 prospects.
  10. Orioles are taking 2 out 3 in this clash of titans. Marlins played 16 innings yesterday and then traveled while the Orioles were off - and we have both Gausman and Bundy going this weekend. The Orioles tank has been travelling at warp speed, but it slows down a little this weekend. However, after this series - we've got a brutal schedule until the ASB - like playing .250 baseball for the 27 games after Miami but before the ASB is definitely possible level brutal. I encourage all Orioles fans, even if rooting for tank, to enjoy these wins this weekend with no conflicted emotions whatsoever because there's losses a plenty a' comin'.
  11. I wanted to do Ludicrous Starting Pitcher Acquisitions By Duquette That Had No Hope Whatsoever of Succeeding and Cost Either Big Dollars or Valuable Prospects - but there's aren't anywhere near enough heads on Mt Rushmore to house them all.
  12. I would not be a fan of that deal as described. The Cubs are really light on high end pitching prospects, so the unknown prospect isn't going to change the calculus much on this one. Baez has pop but his plate discipline is terrible and he can be exploited by decent pitching. I have no confidence in the current FO to get a decent return for Manny, but this would be even worse than my already low expectations, which if I ever write an autobiography about being an Orioles fan might be a decent title for it. Even Worse Than My Low Expectations: - My Life As an Orioles Fan by Canadianoriole.
  13. Gimme '83 just cause of Mike Boddicker. Went 12-4 2.23 in the 2nd half, then 2-0 0.00 with a 20/3 k/bb in 18 innings in the postseason. In the second half of that season he was dialed in, pitching at an extraordinary level. Would win 20 and the ERA title the next season - he was cooking.
  14. I have no hope for this season - the only things to be determined is whether we finish ahead or behind Tampa in the division and how close to the bottom of the overall league we end up - could be looking at a very nice draft slot for next year. However, I do have a glimmer of hope for the future. Bundy looks like an ace, and the team has started so poorly that we surely will be disabused of any notion of trying to compete. I'm hopeful that our W-L record being in complete shambles will motivate the franchise to start trying to deal vets for prospects and youth and get the rebuild stated.
  15. I do not like the signing and expect him to be bad. I don't hate quite as much as either the Miley or Hellickson moves though, so I guess that's progress?
  16. Might not be the worst, but pretty close to the most frustrating. Despite everything else, this could still have been a playoff team with even the tiniest effort to be creative and address the starting pitching situation. That Miley/Tillman/Ubaldo/Hellickson combined to make 82 starts for this team this season is an absolute atrocity of rotation management. There was never any hope Ubaldo/Miley/Hellickson could be effective, and it was obvious about 6/7 starts in the Tillman wasn't going to be able to get anyone out either. Cycling through our minor leaguers, the waiver wire, and QuadA guys trying to catch lightning in a bottle and find some quasi-effective arms - while unusual - would have had a far better probability of success than just running those gas cans (or worse - trading for someone as putrid as Hellickson) out there and accepting our fate
  17. August is the cruellest month, breeding Despair out of the dead land, mixing Memory and desire, snuffing Dull hopes of Wild Cards
  18. We dealt him in the K-Rod deal in 2013. Finally cracks the bigs tonight for the White Sox. .760ish OPS in AAA this year.
  19. Might not hold for all Pitcher X's - but Jeremy Hellickson with his terrible K and GB rates is going to be in tough to not be a full run higher than the 4.73 era he has currently. His peripherals would suggest his era was headed north anyway, but moving to the AL and Camden will only accelerate that likely result. He's not a great bet to beat 6.00 here the rest of the season. Ridiculous acquisition.
  20. There'll be no re-flip of Hellickson - he's dreadful, contenders want players that will help them, not hurt them. While minor, this is a terrible deal.
  21. Terrible. Sure the cost was low, but the cost wasn't nothing. Hellickson is awful and has zero upside. Even if Cleavinger becomes nothing this is a complete waste of assets, no matter how minor those assets may be. Acquiring someone else in the same badness tier as Miley I'd have thought nearly impossible- yet Dan manages it. Duquette has to go, his starting pitching moves have been consistently putrid. It's time to move on.
  22. What about just starting Dylan Bundy every game? Have we considered that?
  23. Team Canada up 5-0 on the Blue Jays today too.
  24. To me that's a heist for Tampa. Forsythe is a fine player - but De Leon has an electric arm. I would not have made that deal if I'm LA.
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