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  1. I think this OH community is a laughing stock right now for anyone watching. And certainly those of us criticizing the coaching staff are not part of that embarrassment. I suppose we should all agree with each other so you wouldn't think we are lowering the iq?
  2. Pitchers do what they do....I doubt you can motivate them much. But yes, I think most of the Orioles players have just been playing for their own stats for the last month at least.
  3. Just because they finally scored a few runs doesnt mean they played hard (as a team) all of a sudden. They are playing for their own stats for the most part, so of course runs are gonna score. Oh and I just took a peak at todays score. 6-0. 10 losses in a row coming up. Sure, Trembleys got them all fired up.
  4. WOW! They lost the game! How is it a comeback? They have lost 9 in a row on their way to 100 losses. What dont you comprehend about this? Trembley gets credit for nothing. He has done nothing to merit any kind of praise. In my opinion he is just a deadbeat manager.
  5. I never said that and I dont think anyone else did either. The Orioles decided to score a few runs yesterday and now Trembley gets credit? Just silly.
  6. So its a fact that Trembley did that? If he gets credit for coming back (and losing) then does he get the fault for 100 losses this year?
  7. So how is Trembley and staff doing? I know I couldn't win this argument a couple of weeks ago but I am wondering if anyone has reconsidered the apparent need of a shake up in management. Sure looks like another collapse to me.
  8. Yeah, it was kinda stupid to call you stupid. My apologies.
  9. I went to sleep after the Dolphins blew the lead. So upset. I dont take anything personal on this board. I called SilentJames stupid because he referred to me as stupid in the post before that. Sorry SJ....didnt mean to get you upset.
  10. Yet the poll question about extending DT is 24-16 as no. Even this Oriole board thinks he doesnt deserve it What about logical people?
  11. This is the stupidest argument ever. Prove to me Berken wont be the next Jim Palmer I cant believe I am wasting my time with the same 5 koolaid cheerleaders that will defend anything this franchise does. I am out.
  12. Nope. Torre had success before the Yankeees. 1982 89-73 1983 88-74 1991 84-78 1992 83-79 Ok? Its not like he was a minor league manager coming to a major league team.
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