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  1. You are right. I goofed with LF and RF for Stewart and Santander. I do think Stewart is a better defender in LF long term than Mountcastle. If Mancini is not playing then Nunez or Mountcastle shift to 1B and the other to DH. Reality is all of these guys will likely move around a good bit. Then when you can add Rutschman at some point next year it hopefully improves the offense another level and absolutely enhances the defense.
  2. Lineup for 2021: Hays - CF Stewart - RF Mountcastle - DH Santander - LF Mancini - 1B Sisco - C Alberto - 2B Iglesias - SS Ruiz - 3B Bench - Diaz, Severino, Valaika, Nunez That is the makings of a fairly decent offense. I think the bullpen for 2021 has a lot of options. And then there is the rotation that will take some time probably 1-2 more years.
  3. I think this lineup could be a little better than league average and above average defensively: Villar - 2B (806 OPS in 2019) Mancini - 1B (892 OPS in 2019) Santander - RF (796 OPS in 2019) Nunez - DH (772 OPS in 2019) Sisco / Severino - C (Both over 730 OPS in 2019) Ruiz - 3B (827 OPS post All Star break) Stewart - LF (OPS just under 700 for August-September) Hays - CF (I think he could put up a 700 OPS, was 758 at AAA in 2019) Iglesias - SS (Lifetime 685 OPS) Adding in Mountcastle to play in May will also help to some extent. Overall this team could out up a 760 OPS in 2020 and be league average. Now about the pitching.......
  4. Most of this article is stuff we already know. I had not seen this part before though: " John Vidalin, whom the team named as chief operating officer to lead its business operation in July 2018, recently left to return to the NBA’s Miami Heat."
  5. This is hard to believe but Davis' stats for the last 30 days .290/.371/.581/.952 in 62 AB with 19 strikeouts and 6 walks. SSS but in April I would have thought this was impossible.
  6. 1 in 2017, 0 in 2018 and hopefully 1 in 2019. Oh the pains of living in Southeast NC. If I still lived in the Baltimore area there is no doubt I would go to more games in 2019 versus 2018. I am more hopefully about the future now than I was at this point last year.
  7. A few guys that were way better than I remember them: Chris Hoiles - OPS from 1992 - 1996 - .890, 1.001, .820, .830, .833 - Career .833 and 23.5 WAR. That would likely make him the best catcher in MLB today. By comparison JT Realmuto has a career OPS of .768 and his best year was last year at .825 Randy Milligan OPS of .852 and .900 in 1989 and 1990 Gregg Olson had 11.5 WAR from 1989 - 1993 with 176 saves and an ERA of 2.23
  8. He does not seem to think so. Compares him to David Ortiz. "The knock on Baby Vlad is that he's probably a DH in the long run. He's enormous, and though he's a good athlete for his size, he has gotten so big so quickly that it's hard to imagine him at any position, let alone third base, where he isn't quick enough on his feet to play now and brings only a plus arm to the table. If he looks like this at 19, he's not going to be svelte at 23. "
  9. Keith Law posted his top 100 prospects for 2019. It is behind the ESPN+ paywall. Number 1 -50 http://www.espn.com/mlb/insider/story/_/id/25851786/keith-law-2019-top-prospects-nos-50-1 Number 51 - 100 http://www.espn.com/mlb/insider/story/_/id/25852941/keith-law-2019-top-prospects-nos-100-51 He only had one Oriole prospect in the top 100. DL Hall was #63. No Mountcastle or Diaz like many other lists but he does agree with Tony and Luke that Hall is the Oriole's clear #1 prospect. Also of note was that he had Fernando Tatis Jr. as the #1 prospect (who he compared to Machado but stronger at the same age) ahead of Vlad Guerrero Jr. He based this largely on the fact that he believes Vlad will be a DH which limits his value even with what he describes as an "80 hit tool" A part of his write up of Hall "He is a good athlete who should develop more consistency to his delivery with repetition, while he already has the arm strength and feel both to spin the curveball and turn over the changeup that is all very hard to teach. There's some relief risk here just due to his inexperience and the need for him to develop a starter's command and pitching plan, but he has good mid-rotation upside and real value as a left-hander in an industry that still covets them."
  10. For opening day this would be my guess: Mullins - CF Villar - 2B Mancini - DH Davis - 1B Nunez - 3B Stewart - LF Sisco - C Rickard - RF Martin - SS Not exactly inspiring but based on who is here I think it will look like this at least to start the season
  11. Interesting to see Victor Victor Mesa on this list at 71. Based on the time spent on this board talking about him and the let down when he was lost you would have thought he was a top 20 prospect. Not saying he was ever that guy just gives some interesting perspective to the angst he created on this forum.
  12. A few interesting things Played a high school playoff basketball game against Jason Kidd and held his own and was not intimidated Tim Cossins is from the same town as Hyde and they have know each other since they were minor leaguers and work together in the Marlins as young coaches Looks like Cossins will be the catching instructor and maybe also the bench coach -- "Their baseball careers literally took off together; they drove to the airport in one car and were on the same flight from California to Florida to start their new adventures. They’ve been together, for the most part, ever since, spending nearly a decade as co-workers in the Marlins’ system before Hyde brought Cossins to the Cubs organization about a year after he moved to the Windy City. And now they are reunited in Baltimore; Cossins will instruct the big-league catchers and assist Hyde with strategy from the bench. No one in baseball knows Hyde better." One of the turning points early in his career was helping a young talented player in Low A ball who was struggling and even thought about quitting baseball improve and turn into a major leaguer - Robert Andino -- “He was like my first real coaching project, where I was living and dying with this kid on a daily basis for two years,” Hyde said. “To watch him have success, after going through so much with him, that’s when I realized this is what I want to do.” He is generally very calm and laid back but once got so angry arguing with an umpire in a minor league game that he pulled an oblique Joe Espada is his brother-in-law and they compared notes all off season as they interviewed for the same jobs His wife spent a lot of time in Baltimore as a child. Her father was once the chair of the Boys Latin English Department and her step mother was the librarian at Gilman.
  13. For anyone who has a subscription this article by Dan Connolly is a really great read. Great insights about Hyde and his time in baseball. Really makes you want to root for his success even more. https://theathletic.com/771822/2019/01/17/o-my-how-brandon-hydes-long-unassuming-climb-up-the-baseball-rungs-led-him-to-become-the-orioles-manager/
  14. This was my favorite Orioles season every. They came out of no where and Memorial Stadium was electric in the middle of the summer. I was in middle school. My cousin and I used to take the bus from Loch Raven Blvd to 33rd Street for games. Amazing memories of that season: Cal homered and we beat Roger Clemens and the Red Sox on opening day Caught a ball in batting practice that I got signed by Randy Milligan that now sits on a shelf in my son's room Cal and Billy up the middle all year. It seemed like no ground ball every got by them Tettleton playing out of his mind all year. He had an autograph signing at Greeting and Readings on Taylor Avenue and was signing Fruit Loops boxes all day Devereaux making crazy catches in CF Gregg Olson struck out Dave Parker, Dave Henderson and Mark McGwire in the 9th inning of a game in April with the best curve balls I have ever seen before or since and I thought he was a god Jeff Ballard somehow won 18 games I was at the last home game that season and remember it was the "Shirt off our backs" promotion where a fan drawn at random would get the jersey of a player. I remember an overweight fan got one from Jim Taber and my cousin and I thought it was the funniest thing ever Bradley homered in the first at bat in the deciding series in Toronto The radio stations in town playing the Why Not songs on repeat Pete Harnish stepped on a nail and could not pitch in that series somehow, still think we could have won it if he had We used to stand by the player's entrance trying to get autographs before games and one day a strange looking guy walks by and into the entrance and none of us knew who he was until he got to the entrance to the stadium and turn around and called to us and took off a hat and fake mustache and large coat and waved. It was Billy Ripken. I don't know short of winning a World Series if there will ever be a season I love more than the 1989 Orioles. It wasn't about stats or launch angles or spin rate or prospects or if they were a fluke or not. For me it was as pure as a kid who loved baseball watching his team shock the world.
  15. The Goob

    New manager

    Whoever Elias believes will work best with him and his team is who I want hired. No friction, no division, no games. The Orioles have never hired a manger like this before. They have a role but to me are less important than the GM, Head of Analytics, Director of Scouting and Director of Player Development.
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