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  1. Do not want a catcher that will wear out early unless the hit tool is elite. We need to be drafting for upside.
  2. The following have a chance. Anthony Santander Chance Sisco Austin Hays Tanner Scott David Hess Austin Wynns Steve Wilkerson Paul Fry Cedric Mullins Luis Ortiz DJ Stewart
  3. I admittedly had checked out for a good portion of the season but man this guy needs his own thread. I love watching him play D. He also seems to have a clue at the plate. Seems like a good glue guy if not better. Hopefully I am not overreacting.
  4. Confident, ambitious , young GM's want to win.
  5. IDK I think Dan had very serious limitations in what he was allowed to do.. No international presence was not a Dan thing. O'day being included in the Gausman deal I am pretty sure was not a Dan thing. Resigning CD was not a Dan thing. Brady was not a Dan thing, All the people Brady had a hand in signing was not a Dan thing. Dan cannot be held accountable until he is allowed to do the job the way he wants to do it. I hope that is the case now because he has proven over his career that he is an effective GM.
  6. But, but, but TTTP!!!!!!
  7. And Roy 🤣 Sorry Roy all in good fun 😉
  8. I think we are more likely to reduce the payroll than add. I could see Villar, Cobb, Cashner and others dealt in the off season. If Schoop stinks the rest of the year and can be had for very little in the off-season then MAYBE we bring him back as a reclamation project but I doubt it. Even if we did it would be to rebuild value and trade him again. We need to have the best farm system in baseball before we start adding salary. At this point I agree with Frobby we fleeced them with Villar IMO being a better player by himself and we have him for an extra year. More OBP, better athlete, switch hi
  9. Yep nowhere near as many wild flailing swings lately
  10. Everything but the bat. He's just never hit enough for me.
  11. I've heard this a bunch of times and experienced it myself. That being said for the most part he stayed out of trouble and is a good role model so there are a lot worse out there. No one could live up to the standard that Brooks set 🙂
  12. He doesn't seem to be happy with the direction we are taking and it doesn't look like we will be renewing his contract. It looks like he lost the battle of control with DD so there is that..
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