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  1. Aaron Wilson ‏ @RavensInsider Evan Mathis calls Ravens a 'wonderful organization.' Said he felt very welcome on visit. He's contemplating his options with his family 29m Aaron Wilson Aaron Wilson ‏ @RavensInsider Evan Mathis confirmed to me in a text that he's returning to Arizona to mull over contract offer from Ravens. Eagles still involved.
  2. Hope Kindle has a chance to show his pass-rushing skills.
  3. Aside from all the other horrible things on Monday night, I'd say we are missing both Grubbs and Evans badly and if they don't return we're done.
  4. When the O-line plays like that, is there any other aspect of the game more satisfying to watch? For me there isn't. We were remarkably solid. On to TN!
  5. ...or knocking him on his ass is also good.:thumbsup1:
  6. We were completely dominant physically. Our offensive line was tremendous, and wow what about Dickson and Pitta?! The list just goes on - Rice, Reed, Flacco, Ngata. Just f-ing tremendous.
  7. Guess they'll be taking a hard look at Reid these next couple of games to see if he's really capable of being the starter or if they're going to have to trade for one. Please don't put Yanda over there. We need him at guard for the run game.
  8. He's a Raven. AdamSchefter Adam Schefter by jamisonhensley Filed to ESPN: Buffalo has traded WR Lee Evans traded to Baltimore. 6 minutes ago
  9. Back to the drawing board, and quickly. They've got two rookies rotating at C now with the 1st team offense.
  10. Another factor I'm not sure has been brought up here is "Newsome is concerned about previous injuries to Umenyiora" according to Preston.
  11. "jamisonhensley Jamison Hensley #Ravens still have strong interest in #Chargers free-agent WR Malcom Floyd 3 minutes ago"
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