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  1. I agree - I'm thinking Hess breaks spring with a rotation spot.
  2. That's not the first reason I would think of to pass on him.
  3. Offseason baby! Let the excitement begin....
  4. Was anyone able to recap the DSL season - who were the most successful/promising prospects from the July 2 international draft?
  5. 2nd base seems to are the only position they haven't tried out Mountcastle, which surprises me a bit since the word is that it's his arm that doesn't play at 3rd and SS. Why haven't they tried him at 2nd, which would help to ease the corner OF/1B/DH log jam.
  6. I think Gausman is exactly the type of pitcher we will be targeting this off-season. I would not be surprised (or mad) if this happens. 2020 off-season I hope we will be setting our goals a little higher
  7. Let's look at the future, not the past. I like Hyde.
  8. Long term with just these players I would like to see Santander in LF, Hays in CF, Diaz in RF, Moutcastle at 1B, Mancini as DH and Stewart and McKenna as 4th and 5th OF.
  9. Big night for Ryan. 1-3 with a BB, his 23rd of the year. 3 more and he will tie his carer high of 26 set just last year 😝
  10. He leads the league in at bats because he doesn't walk. Oh no, not that again! 😂
  11. Oh fine. Misread that. But people can improve once they get to the mlb. and at 7% you also have Tori Hunter
  12. How about this for a comp closer to home: Mark Trumbo. 4% walk rate in the minors.
  13. Chandler Shepherd is 0-9 with an 8.39 era in AAA this year. Hopefully this is rock bottom.
  14. Gonna be tough to get someone out to the west coast. But Ynoa been good last couple times out. I go with Scott.
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