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  1. connja

    Jahmai Jones

    and he's not hitting too much lately either.
  2. sucks that it's so quiet for the O's. We really have no one to move.
  3. Totally agree with this. I also feel there is no way we get a good return, so expect him to be in the lineup tonight.
  4. Givens traded again....Did the Rockies end up net positive or negative on the trade? Case Williams and Noah Davis for Nevin, Vavra, Deson. 11:29am: The Rockies will reacquire right-hander Case Williams from the Reds in return for Givens, reports MLB.com’s Thomas Harding (via Twitter). Williams was the Rockies’ fourth-round pick in last summer’s draft, but he was traded to the Reds alongside Jeff Hoffman in the deal that brought Robert Stephenson and outfield prospect Jameson Hannah to Colorado. 11:52am: The Rockies will also receive right-hander Noah Davis from the Reds, Fein
  5. I'm only trading John Means if I get one guy who is immediately our #2-3 prospect and another guy who will be in the top 10. Otherwise we roll into 2023 with a rotation of Means, Bowman, GRod, DL and Matt Harvey (haha). and let it ride!
  6. connja

    FCL happenings

    Not sure how he has time to bill any hours with all the time he spends watching baseball and posting here 🙂
  7. He literally just pitched his first inning. talk about SSS!
  8. We have less to trade this year than any prior year in recently memory. I'd be shocked if we could impact our top 20 prospect list
  9. I predict we don't make any trades this week.
  10. Honestly we haven't had a good return at the trade deadline since Bedard. Teams just aren't giving up top prospects unless you are trading a major contributor. I think for us that is limited to Means or Mullins. And they are not high salary guys, so limited incentive for us. At best we hope to get back something that might turn out to be as good as them in the future. I suspect we'll trade some of those bullpen pitchers for a couple of lottery cards who more than likely turn out to be nothing. And if they do nothing, that's probably OK also.
  11. I'm planning to see a game while they are in Sommerset the week after next. Have been holding out hope but doubts are creeping in.
  12. I think you can bring him in for high leverage situations, just not in the 9th inning. Maybe that's just too much for him.
  13. All you have to do is look at him to see he's out of shape.
  14. He's been scuffling quite a bit in July. Like to see him go on a tear for a couple weeks to justify a callus to AAA.
  15. I watched the game on the free MiLB.tv weekend offer yesterday. While his stats were nice, he was really sitting 93-94 for most of the game. I thought his velo was upper 90's typically. That is concerning.
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