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  1. The training center he worked out at this winter is called the Baseball Performance Center in New Jersey. Check out their twitter - have some really cool videos and commentary on Harvey (and others as well). Twitter: @the_bpcsj
  2. Seriously. How about some planning. It's a joke that he's the only one late, of all people.
  3. I also don't see Mullins as a threat to Hays. Hays all be in the lineup. but I do see a battle between Hays and DJ Stewart. Not for the same position, odiously....but if Mullins shows he can play up the level of last year, I could see him starting, pushing one of the outfielders to DH leaving Stewart without a space. Would make us a better defensive team.
  4. https://www.mlb.com/news/felix-hernandez-at-orioles-spring-training Good article on MLB.com
  5. connja

    MiL start dates

    haha. touche. But AAA is still the minors.
  6. connja

    MiL start dates

    Will be interesting to see if that impacts placements. Would suck if Adley has to stay down in Florida til May. Put him in Norfolk and let's get this party started.
  7. Your options only talk about speculating on how he would do in the majors. My choice would be "Only if he is playing at a very high level in the minor leagues and deserves the opportunity." I would love to see him slash + .300/.400/.500, and then get the call.
  8. If only we could play a few games against ourselves, our SoS would look much easier!
  9. Wow, Harvey has been terrible for 5 years https://www.baseball-reference.com/players/h/harvema01.shtml#pitching_standard
  10. connja

    Baysox starters

    Where will G-Rod be? No posts predicting all 4 MiL staffs yet? 🙂
  11. I am interested in subscribing to Baseball America. Anyone aware of any discount codes?
  12. Aren't most of these single admission - so they are getting 14/9s - rather than the more recent creation of split gate/day-night double headers.
  13. https://www.espn.com/mlb/story/_/id/30864253/mlb-mlbpa-agree-health-protocols-7-inning-doubleheaders-runners-second-extras But no NL DH....at least not yet?
  14. Contgratuations, you are the biggest Debbie Downer on the board of the worst team in baseball.....it's painful to read your comments.
  15. So where does Jahmai Jones fit into our Top 30?
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