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  1. Where do the 2020 draftees fit in?
  2. what did Bill Gates say?
  3. Am I the only one who is glad he got bombed? Don't want to see this guy in the rotation, whoever the season starts.
  4. Spring average down to .160. How much rope does he have with the starting CF job?
  5. Limited group of us folks here that will get this humor.
  6. Just for fun....what's our upside if Davis hits .250 with 45 homers? No comments on likelihood please. Offense could be pretty good.
  7. My bold prediction: one way or another, this will be CD's last spring training with the Orioles. Most likely case #1: He has a small bounce back to start the season, but over the course of the long season he turns in another awful campeign. Hangs it up. Case #2 - He has an awful start, and is released or quits before the all-star break Case #3 - He regains some confidence with is refund strength. Does just enough to merit a trade at the deadline, with the O's picking up 75% of the rest of his contact,
  8. What an absolute joke that this guy is not in camp yet. How tone deaf can someone be.
  9. He's definitely a candidate for major regression, considering he was never a top prospect. What a great story if he can maintain 2nd or 3rd starter profile. This is a big year for him (and us).
  10. My take: Off the juice.
  11. I totally agree. Most of the comments I've read about his defense seem to be about his arm, which shouldn't be as much of an issue at 2nd of course. Could he be a Jeff Kent like 2nd baseman?
  12. I agree - I'm thinking Hess breaks spring with a rotation spot.
  13. That's not the first reason I would think of to pass on him.
  14. Offseason baby! Let the excitement begin....
  15. Was anyone able to recap the DSL season - who were the most successful/promising prospects from the July 2 international draft?
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