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  1. sad but i'm more excited for the minor league season than the ML. I also live in NJ and very escited that the Yankees moved there AA team to Somerset, a mere 30 minutes from me!
  2. Middle Infield Prospects (MLB Top 30) Henderson (6) Westburg (7) Vavra (13) Hall (16) Servido (20) Bannon (25) Graffiano (30) Herniaz (nr/OH 19) McCoy (NR) Grenier (NR) Missing anyone?
  3. Michael Wacha. Just cause I like saying his last name. Wacha wacha wacha!
  4. This list feels a lot deeper this year. Legitimate MLB prospects all the way at the bottom of the list for the first time since I can remember.
  5. Aren't we still due a couple from somewhere? Now that the WS is over, the exciting part of the year for Orioles fans can start!
  6. my takeaway from 2020 is Mountcastle, Hays, Akin, Kremer, and to lesser extent Mullins. Santander and Iglesias did good things. Means finished strong. Hope.
  7. I'd really like to get a look at Diaz.
  8. Are we expecting to see Hays again this season?
  9. connja

    Joey Ortiz

    Love it! Assume you're related? Any insight into the work the guys are doing this summer?
  10. Was thinking about Alberto when the Padres trade was announced. A trade for someone like Trammel would have been very interesting. Would think Alberto would be at least as valuable as Nola?
  11. Can't help but think a bit about an opening day lineup next year that looks like: CF Hays, 2B Alberto, RF Santander, 1B Mancini, DH, Nunez, 3B Ruiz, C Rutchman, LF Mountcastle, SS Inglasias. The possibilities....
  12. It's fun to watch when they play good, fundamental baseball. Of course I want them to make the playoffs, but I'm just happy to have an enjoyable baseball game to watch every night.
  13. Sorry if I missed - are we expecting Kjerstad to make this 60-man roster? They have to find a way to keep him busy. Was interesting to see Austin Martin added to Blue Jays.
  14. Where do the 2020 draftees fit in?
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