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  1. THey are not just moving money within payroll….they are taking payroll savings and investing in operations (see new DR facility). If I thought they would take that $7mm and put it back in the payroll I might support it.
  2. I’d like to see 2 starting pitchers and a strong middle infielder. I like each of Urias, Mateo and Gutierrez, but I think signing one more veteran infielder would allow these other 3 to rotate a bit around the other 2 positions and not rely on them so heavily.
  3. I’m suprised about Stowers given he had a full season of at bats. I’d prefer to let him go into the off-season on this high he should be on.
  4. I might have gone Henderson over Jones. Jones was disappointing to me…though he’d hit for higher average.
  5. I'll say it....I hope we lose out from here and get that #1 pick.
  6. I just hope we add someone at 2b, SS or 3B this offseason. Though they have some potential, counting on the IFs we ended the season with would be a bad strategy.
  7. No room for Henderson? Overall had a pretty solid year.
  8. If McKenna still on this team is 2023, it’s a disaster.
  9. Akin, A Wells, Lowther, Zimmerman….any of these guys long term pieces? Been a rough season for all 4.
  10. I think there is a good chance we see that $100M salary floor in the CBA this off season, so it is a realistic sceario that the O’s have to spend $40M or so. That said, I think they would spend a lot of that, if not most of it, extending guys and buying out arb years. Mullins, Mountcastle, even Rutschman could get a longer term contract at a decent rate. But I would love to see them invest $15-20mm per on a starter to ease the burden and dependency on the young guys. And a decent middle infielder to bridge us to the Henderson and the younger guys.
  11. Are we at the point in the season where it's OK to root for the L now? While yesterday was painful to lose both ends in the final inning, I can't say I was mad.
  12. connja

    Kyle Stowers 2021

    True, I just thought it was a cool picture of the 2 best players on the team chatting away.
  13. connja

    Kyle Stowers 2021

    Thanks, let's see if this works. https://imgur.com/a/WbIK4rk
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