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  1. From Roch article this morning.....just love this comment from Means. I think a lot of us can relate. “I think it’s a good thing all around,” he said. “I’ll probably shrug it off as much as I can, but I just love baseball, man. I just love it. I just want to go out there every fifth day and compete. That’s all I care about. As long as I’m playing this game I’m happy.”
  2. That update did not ease any concerns about Baumann.
  3. His changeup is almost like a fast knuckleball in the way that it moves. It's crazy. If it didn't move so much hitters could just sit on it because he throws it so much.
  4. OK is this guy for real? Starting to look like it. He's playing at all-star level right now. Kind of amazing.
  5. Where is secroler? Didn’t see him on this roster.
  6. record is pretty good for as bad as we have been hitting.
  7. Be interesting to see the knock on impact if one of the AAA guys gets promoted. Unless Ruiz or Urias picks it up soon, we're gonna have to try something different at 2b.
  8. How fast can we trade him?!
  9. Rotation? Keegan Akin, Zac Lowther, Isaac Mattson, Josh Rogers, Alexander Wells
  10. the people at the game will care -they'll be pissed that Adley is not playing!
  11. Article in The Athletic today by Bowden highlighting top MiLB pitchers he looks forward to scouting this year. Grayson makes the list. https://theathletic.com/2550922/2021/04/30/padres-mackenzie-gore-and-11-more-ranking-the-must-watch-pitching-prospects-for-the-minor-league-season/ 6. Grayson Rodriguez, RHP, Baltimore Orioles Age: 21 Height: 6-5 Weight: 220 REPERTOIRE: FB: 65 CB: 45 SLI: 60 CH: 60 CTL: 50 CMND: 45 Grayson Rodriguez is well-regarded throughout the industry due to his aptitude and maturity. He runs his fastball up to 96-99 mph with heavy life. His above-average slider has late break with average tilt. His curveball flashes above average, and his change-up has developed to average. Rodriguez has a three-quarters delivery with a repeatable release point. He has an unlimited ceiling.
  12. connja

    Minor league rosters

    From Roch's Blog this morning. Very annoying that they are going to wait until Tuesday! Orioles minor leaguers are breaking spring training camp today and heading north, hitting the road and catching flights to join their respective affiliates for the resumption of a season that never got off the ground in 2020. Teams will announce their rosters on Tuesday as an attachment to opening day.
  13. Given the issues he has had over the last year, got to be Kjerstad. Been a tough start so really hoping he is healthy and has a big year
  14. connja

    59 feet, 1 inch

    That's cool - thanks for the cool observation. I read somewhere that one of the minor leagues they are using for rule experimentation will move back the distance by 1 foot, and will play at 61 feel 6 inches today.
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