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  1. I'm going out on a limb and predict that Kremer outperforms all pitching prospects except Hall and Rodriguez.
  2. I don't want to see any more threads about heart or lack thereof for the rest of the year.
  3. I'd rather sign Jaime Garcia and trade Trumbo plusa low level prospect for Jason Hammel.
  4. How about Trumbo for Jason Hammel. K.C. could use a first baseman when Hosmer likely signs elsewhere in free agency. They could also use him to platoon with Brandon Moss as a part-time DH or right fielder. Hammel is still throwing 92-93, is only 34 and is a bounceback candidate. At worst he gives you 180 innings of 5 era for 11 million as a 5th starter.. We might have to kick in 5-6 million due to Trumbo's second year. Sign Garcia 3 yrs, 42m and Chatwood 3 yrs, 36 m. Trade Britton to Houston for Brad Peacock (arb. eligible, 3 yrs of control surprisingly) and Hector Perez, a hard throwing starter now but possibly a future closer. Peacock is your 6th starter instead of the Mike Wrights of the world. and with Castro gives alot of innings.
  5. Time to circle back to Andre Ethier. Can bat leadoff, virtually the same OB% as Fowler, and could probably be had for a few C prospects. The question is how much will the Dodgers kick in.
  6. Trade Z. Britton & M. Wright for Y. Puig Trade M. Gonzalez and C. Walker for Pedro Alvarez Resign Chen for 4 yrs. 64M Sign J. Zimmermann for 5 yrs. 110 M Sign D. Span for 1 yr. 7M Spann LF 6M Machado 3B 6M Jones CF 16M Alvarez 1B 7M Puig RF 7M Pierce DH 3M Schoop 2B 1M Hardy SS 10 M (estimated) Joseph C 1M Bench Clevenger, Paredes, Reimold, UT, 3M Zimmermann 21M Chen 16M Gausman 1M Tillman 7M Ubaldo 13M Givens .5M Brach 2M T. Wilson .5M Bundy 1M Remainder of cheap bullpen and deferred salary TOTAL @125M
  7. My plan: Trade D. Hernandez and Josh Bell for Dan Uggla Trade Nolan Reimold and X Avery for Reynolds Trade Scott for Furcal Sign Dunn Lineup Roberts DH Furcal SS Markakis RF Dunn 1B Uggla 2B Jones CF Wieters C Reynolds 3B Pie LF
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