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  1. mcpd

    Carmona vs. Hall

    Was watching the game for awhile. He also hit the ball to second basemen and beat out the throw .
  2. It will be interesting to see where the guys from Delmarva rotation end up after the season is over. So far looking good but it is still early.
  3. Tough getting hits off him tonight.
  4. Yankees and it's not even close.
  5. This must be why we have a losing record.
  6. I mean why?why?why?did he leave him in there why,why why????
  7. mcpd

    David Ortiz

    I thought the way the ESPN announcers were talking about him last night all three would have to go get a room after the game.
  8. Just keep winning each series like they have been.
  9. Roy can't do 1000 but I will go 50 dollars to each one. We usually try to donate to a charity each month anyway so this will ba our donation this month. If you could post the addresses would appreciate it.
  10. Are there any position players in lower minors like Delmarva,Aberdeen or GCL that you think could become good major leaguers?
  11. Maybe he ought to draw names out of a hat and go with it.
  12. So you would take the chance of missing the playoffs just to get Giolito . O'Day and Brach are not Britton. Our chances of making the playoffs go down without Britton. To me no prospect is worth missing the playoffs. Plus hasn't Giolito already been injured . With the Orioles luck with injuries I wouldn't be taking that chance either.
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