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  1. Seems like we've been here before.... http://forum.orioleshangout.com/forums/showthread.php/124013-Here-s-why-Juan-Pierre-would-be-a-bad-acquisition-for-the-Orioles
  2. The Angels have the rally monkey, the Rangers had "The Claw", we need a rally device for the playoff push.
  3. It bothers me how much he uses the word "objective" while beating this dead horse opinion of his. If we win the WS, he'll still project us as a 60 win team next year, and I hope his biased opinions open ESPNs eyes to his hate.
  4. Palmer on Chen getting hit, "That happened to me once in a playoff game, and I ended up going 9 innings and striking out 12."
  5. This theatre is about 15 minutes from my house, and I was also really looking forward to seeing this movie. My wife was trying to get me to go at midnight last night to see it, I told her I didn't want to because "all of the crazies" would be out. They're also reporting that the suspect has "boobie-trapped" his apartment with explosives, a building I visit often with my job. Way too surreal.
  6. Did I just spot Roberts hanging out in the dugout? Shouldn't he be getting familiar with Bowie?
  7. What was that bullpen celebration? First time I've seen it, hoping someone makes a GIF of it.
  8. Dylan "Icky" Bundy Wish I could find a video of Roy Firestone interviewing Al on "Married with Children"
  9. Apparently this is being blown up enough to make the front page on yahoo again. First Luke then this, guess any news is an improvement.
  10. Yeah I expect to at least wear an O's hat in each picture. My thoughts were should the pic be overlooking the field during play? Maybe if I'm in Yankee Stadium take a pic in monument park? Also, I intend to create a thread once this whole thing gets going showing the pics, and my experiences at each park. Never really been a fan of interleague play, but in this situation it does allow myself to get around to see the O's in different cities each year, which is why I expect this to take a considerable amount of time to complete. In the end, I want to create a map, matted with each picture for t
  11. So I, like most of you I'm sure, have the ambition to visit each Major League ballpark. I've already checked a few off the list (Camden, Nats, Turner, Coors), but I feel I need some sort of momento for each visit. I'm fortunate that I'm getting married to a flight attendant (free airfare :thumbsup1:), so it's definitely feasible to visit a more than a few ballparks each season. I digress, so here's my idea and feel free to chime in. I intend to have a picture of myself eating a hotdog at each stadium, preferably taken at a distinguished point in each ballpark. I live in Denver now so I'm p
  12. Didn't realize Ryan Braun already had 128. He doesn't quite fly under the radar, but how popular would this guy be if he were somewhere other than Milwaukee? Amazing...
  13. We all can dream... I should be in the big leagues considering how much time I spend on this board, but I prefer to fly under the radar most of the time.
  14. Name for my first born: Seven (Micky Mantle's #) If she doesn't buy that, I'm naming the kid Soda.
  15. I gave my fiancé a puppy for Christmas last year. I've had it made up in my mind for quite a while now that one day I'll have a Newfoundland and name him Brooks. Well, turns out Newfoundlands are a little too big for our current apartment living lifestyle, so I adopted a Yorkshire Terrier-Minature Poodle mix. To my surprise, my fiancé (who despite my efforts is not a baseball fan) named him Camden. Works great for a kids name as well, but outside of Camden not top many great unique Oriole names for kids. On an unrelated note, I really wish OPACY would have a "bark at the park" day like th
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