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  1. My spot ended up making Top 5. To say my life has become insane is an understatement. The support in Maryland has been spectacular. People I don't know are reaching out to me telling me how they love it. This whole experience is so surreal. Being named a Top 5, I get to watch the big game in the Doritos suite and that's where I find out if we've won. If we air, we won. If we don't, we didn't. It's going to be crazy. Even my parent are being interviewed by the local media. Insane. If you are so inclined, you can follow our journey at www.doritostimemachine.com
  2. Hi guys, Long time reader but seldom poster. Wanted to pass along news that I created a commercial for the Doritos Crash The Super Bowl competition and out of over 5000 entries, my commercial was named a Top 24 semi-finalist! On January 5th, Doritos will name a Top 5 and of those 5, 2 will air during the Super Bowl. Plus, if we make Top 5, we actually get to watch the Super Bowl in the Doritos suite! It's pretty exciting times for us! If you are so inclined, check out our commercial at VoteTimeMachine.com. Thanks for taking a look. VoteTimeMachine.com
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