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  1. Agreed all around... now I still see us as a longshot for Sano, but the picks thusfar have been interesting to say the least.
  2. This is a very good point, because HS players generally do have quite a bit of leverage because of their age and the option to go to college. While they may not be saving up for anything, there are a few things that indicate that they may be: 1. Signable draft picks- for one reason or another the Orioles have selected a few guys that came as a surprise given the other available players on the board. 2. Recent draft history- We have shown a willingness to spend heavily on the draft in the past. 3. Recent reports suggesting we are interested in Sano This might be smoke indicating a fire, or it may just be something I'm imagining. I admit the correlations aren't incredibly strong, but it may be something to think about. I think what will be most telling is the total amount we end up spending on this years draft in comparison to the previous two years, although this figure may not be the best indicator, given the fact that this years draft appears to be a bit light on talent.
  3. I certainly trust Jordan's judgement, don't get me wrong, and while I have really warmed to the Hobgood pick, I just find it odd that with other pitchers rated ahead of him (almost unanimously I might add), economics may have had something to do with it. It just seems that we have selected some under the radar guys so far who are, inherently, bound to be cheaper and easier to sign. While I genuinely like the draft we have put together, I think this may be a sign that our big day might come a few weeks from now. Also, our 9th and 10th round picks apparently, will get above slot money, but the money we saved in the early rounds more than compensates for this. As SG said in another thread, the Orioles have always seemed to miss out on the big name international signings. I have to think AM sees this as a problem and is looking to correct it.
  4. I am by no means an authority on the draft or amateur talent, however it appears that the Orioles have made a few "head scratcher" picks so far that appear to be influenced, at least somewhat, by signability. This surprises me because, in recent years, this team has exhibited a willingness to spend a great deal of money on the draft, paying well above slot for premium talent (Wieters, Arietta, and even Oliver Drake come to mind). I find it interesting that this new found sense of parsimony has coincided with the recent reports that the Orioles have shown interest in Miguel Angel Sano. Are we sandbagging a bit in the draft to make a major play on July 2nd? Mods, if this is in the wrong place, or already has a thread dedicated to it, please move or delete. Just wanted to get everyone's thoughts.
  5. This is not true. Walker came in and got Millar to fly out earlier in the game and I used this as an example in my previous post. Yes, you do realize that my criticism of DT lies in the fact that he consistently puts players situations where they are less likely to execute?
  6. No, of course not... what did I say that implied that?
  7. I agree 100%. I was originally one of Trembley's biggest supporters and was even one of the few who said Trembley has been more important than McPhail in a previous thread (on the logic that there were a great many GMs that could have gotten the same amount of value out of Bedard and Tejada that AM got, and that there were few managers who were able to motivate this team like Trembley). Lately, his management style has been nothing short of unacceptable. He has been overaggressive on the bases as evident the countless hit and runs and the 60% success rate on stolen bases (albeit in only 20 attempts). The way he manages the bullpen has been mind-blowing. It is amazing that this game got to the tenth inning. Presented with a choice between allowing Baez to pitch to the ice cold Lyle Overbay or bring in Walker to pitch to the certain pinch hitter, Kevin Millar (who has been on fire thus far), Trembley inexplicably opts for Walker v. Millar. Also, why sit Pie today? Although I disagree with sitting him yesterday against a RHP, I understand that we were facing an extremely tough RHP. There is no reason to sit Pie today unless we have resigned ourselves to the fact that Pie will be a fourth outfielder, in which case Reimold needs to be brought up. I'm not even going to talk about innings 9-11 today... While this may seem reactionary, today's game was truly representative of how bad Trembley has been this year.
  8. <p><p><p>Hey, What's your handle on pokerstars?</p></p></p>

  9. I suppose she has contributed nothing besides a philosophy based on reason and self interest. Atlas Shrugged has widely been considered the most influential fictional book of all-time. As an O's fan, I would like to hope you could appreciate the fact that Cal has mentioned both Atlas and The Fountainhead as books that fascinate him. Instead of criticizing with snarky remarks, could you please state something you dislike about Rand's books, philosophy, or even personality?
  10. Egalitarian or self-confident? Either way, I vigorously disagree.
  11. Fixed that for ya... Put down the hackey sack and frisbee and read Atlas Shrugged.
  12. He is actually Hideki Matsui.
  13. 4. Trade him for Kotchman... Seriously though... I have a feeling that we will make a serious attempt to move Ramon at the deadline, or at least by August 31st. I think the only way we see him this season is if Ramon is gone.
  14. Perhaps the best moment of the game is when he threw the 2-0 changeup to Giambi, who was completely shocked.
  15. Well... it took seven pages, but somebody finally recognized your Rounders quote.
  16. What site do you play on, and what's your handle on it? I've been playing as tripl3thr33 on pokerstars for a while.
  17. I'm finishing up my undergrad at UMD, then headed to law school. For employment I work at Sears selling appliances and play poker.
  18. The way you feel about this deal ultimately boils down to two premises 1.) Do you trust that AM got the most value he could for Tejada (all things, like salary considered)? 2.) Do you think the package we received will be more valuable than Tejada? If you answered yes to both of these questions, then the deal makes sense to you. Personally I think it's a good deal as what we will likely be receiving is a decent bullpen arm, a left fielder that figures to produce slightly less than Tejada (or at least he could be traded for something else of value), a third baseman that will have an obp around .350 and hit for power (maybe move him to first and keep Moore at third since they both are similarly productive players, and Greg65 informed me that Costanzo can't field very well), and two potential middle of the rotation starters. All the players should be under our control for 6 years (besides Scott) and will all be cheap. This compared to 2 more years of a declining Tejada, who is owed a decent amount of money.
  19. For the deal to be consummated, or for you to complete the FWIW trilogy?
  20. Although if it is Dempsey,he has ties to the Dodgers...
  21. The ground rules of Yankee Stadium... Jeffrey Maier ME! On a diet... Sydney Ponson The Realistic Guide to Major League Trades and How to take Inside Information with a grain of salt... The OH
  22. I apologize if this has already been noted, but if it has already been brought up, I still think it is important/disgusting enough to deserve its own thread. Last night, my girlfriend went into the Orioles store on Eutaw street, and they actually sold Red Sox gear at the stadium...
  23. I am on the fence about trading Ramon. I think he would probably bring a reasonable return, and I think he can be pretty easily replaced. Hopefully the wait for Weiters won't be too long.
  24. I think Cameron is a very viable option, I just don't think it's reasonable to think he will sign 2/10-15, where i think 2/11 would be an absolute maximum price we would have to pay for Patterson.
  25. That is a very unfair assessment of his overall performance. Patterson, in 2006, was on pace to save 14 runs per 150 games with his glove. Although he has not been the offensive force many predicted when he was drafted, I think it is ludicrous to only take into account his atrocious 2007 numbers which are inconsistent with the rest of his career, and certainly speak nothing of his untapped potential.
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