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  1. The past few years, we’ve watched every minute because we worked as a team to populate the annual Draft Tracker threads in this forum. It’s been quite the event, a ton of work and a total blast. This year we won’t be able to pull that off. I hope the comments that everyone makes outside anything we ever did will be a seamless transition for OH coverage. You gotta know it breaks my heart not to be doing it again this year, but am also kinda relieved to actually just be able to watch what parts we’ll be able to see.
  2. Weams asked me from across the living room to take a look at the draft pool to see if anyone jumped out at me, and why, and then write up a post for the Hangout. Here ya go For the sake of discussion only, I've picked several who land anywhere from #3 to #315 in various Top Draft Pick lists. Jordan Lawlar SS Jesuit Prep (TX) - - 18 6' 2" / 190 lbs R R
  3. I’m so lucky to be able to sit here with the big man and share in the love that you and Jim showed him, Roy. Forever grateful.
  4. To everyone who has posted here and communicated with my weams in other ways, I can’t begin to express my gratitude. His spirits soar on the wings of the good vibes that continue being sent his way. You guys rock.
  5. Passing the generosity to relatives who came across country to help out - thanks to Tony for this magnificent spread from Longhorn Steakhouse!
  6. So grateful for this act of generosity and deliciousness from @Roll Tide shipped fresh from Linthicum Heights. Man were they good!
  7. Thank you, best thing ever to have you visit him!
  8. I met my husband at an Orioles Hangout night, thanks to cindyluvsbrady, back in 2007. Forever grateful. Never thought I’d find someone as crazy about baseball as I am!

  9. Brandon Young, RHP - Senior, Louisiana-Lafayette A "get to know him" video: https://ragincajuns.com/news/2020/6/14/baseball-brandon-young-signs-professional-contract-with-the-orioles.aspx https://ragincajuns.com/sports/baseball/roster/brandon-young/7161 Line from Mar 7:
  10. JD Mundy, 1B - Senior, Radford University Video from 2019: https://www.wsls.com/sports/2020/06/16/unparalleled-work-ethic-pays-off-for-former-northside-and-radford-standout-jd-mundy/
  11. Ryan Watson, RHP - Senior, Auburn University (first link below includes some video) https://www.wtvm.com/2020/06/15/watson-horne-sign-free-agent-deals-with-mlb-teams/ https://auburntigers.com/sports/baseball/roster/ryan-watson/14640
  12. Fumy, weams and I had a discussion about that this morning. The inability for some players to get visibility because they don't have the same financial resources is definitely an issue I think needs addressing. Good for you for your contribution towards that end.
  13. 2080 Baseball (Nick Faleris and co.) had him on their watch list, an addendum list to their final top 125 list. https://2080baseball.com/2020/06/2020-final-mlb-draft-ranking/
  14. Was looking through his twitter profile and found that he had put together a fundraising project for Pediatric Cancer. Wanted to find out more - but then his profile went private while I was looking 😄 Wasn't fast enough but was still glad to see that about his "makeup" as additional info.
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