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  1. And Best Tools of the current prospects in the system per BA
  2. I find it interesting that not a single International player is on this list. That, of course, is what will contribute finally to our rising from the ashes of the past 5 years. From the BA article
  3. Here's Meoli's response to a question about Cowser that I thought was an interesting take for the entire 2021 draft class:
  4. Meoli on International players next season:
  5. His opinion on Yusniel Diaz is that the talent has always been there, just needs to be healthy enough long enough to show what he's got. Meoli:
  6. From that chat, the question was when Adley would be brought up in 2022. A portion of Meoli's reply:
  7. Okay not an out but that throw by Bregman just now. Awesome.
  8. Just saw that he had a fractured fibula. I mean how does that happen? Did he get hit with that one comebacker? Or was that Valdez?
  9. Was gonna start a thread but then it seemed no one really followed any of the games here during the postseason? Anyway am rooting for neither, or both. Wanted a free Doritos Locos taco and Maldonado took care of that with his fumbling with the ball on Albies’ attempt. So I’m happy bout that.
  10. Was living in Los Angeles, in my late teens. A guy who had a crush on me took me to a Dodgers-Yankees WS game, 1977. Relationship with the guy didn’t go anywhere but the one with baseball was cemented for life.
  11. I've completely jumped off the Stowers bandwagon with his back soreness sending him home from the AFL. Seen far too many struggle with back issues every damn season once they start. So I'm writing him off. Not that anyone cares, but don't try talking me out of it. So pissed about it, tbh. 😁
  12. At the end of the event yesterday, @Tony-OHand the guys were talking about who the Orioles future shortstop will be. I chose Jordan Westburg with limited info to go on. Probably really believe it will be Gunnar. After reading through this thread, however, I’ve been totally convinced it will be Frederick Benscome!
  13. I missed the details of this. I had thought it would be one solution across MLB. Is it instead up to each organization to come up with their own approach?
  14. Was going through some of weams' things and ran across these three stray pics with the date Feb 1986 on the back. The (?) signed balls are kept in the "shrine" next to a more recent photo of the three of them decades later. How fun is this? A fan for life.
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