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  1. I've lived through good and bad O's baseball. While the current team isn't in the top quadrant of good for sure - here's what I liked about this year. - We won more than most people including myself thought we would win. For the most part our loses were much closer than the last few years. - Got to see some new young Orioles that could be part of an even better future. - Didn't have to see or listen to Yankee or Red Sox fans at Camden Yards.😀 - Beat the Nats , Phillies, and Braves head to head. - Am looking forward to next year and feeling good about the O's future. If that is Orange Kool-aide - I'm guilty!!!!
  2. Not defense, but all the bad at bats - swinging at balls clearly outside the strike zone. Especially breaking balls low and away. We had a Tampa pitcher last night with nearly 60 pitches in two innings and the only run was scored by a hbp. I agree with the the points made about defense but our approach to hitting is driving me nuts and has led to wasting some good pitching!
  3. Ugly end to a pleasant game to watch. Maybe it is me, but I had visions (even the glasses) of watching Kevin Greg all over again.😀 I thought OH NO, not another .... Did the Orioles claim a clone of that nightmare from times back? Be interesting to see how this plays out. CM saved it from being a lot worse!!! Getting him into the useful category should test our coaches!!!
  4. Stu Miller returns? Showing my age, but an Orioles closer who Chuck Thompson said had three speeds - slow - slower - and hoooooo boy! Fun to watch. May he be as successful!!!!!!
  5. I'm an old, isolated guy and this is fun at a time when there isn't much fun. Watched the game last night with my son and we reminisced. When you expect them to lose and they win, the "beer is cold!" Particularly after a year when so many games were over by the third inning. Loved listening to the ESPN guys trying to make sense of the O's winning and the Phil's with all their high priced talent losing. Harkens back to the early Buck Years after the Dark Ages. I have no expectations going forward during this unusual season. I do think for once, the O's front office will stay with their plan. In the mean time, it's neat watching a group over achieve and a number of folks trying to explain pro and con what I should think. It may all change tonight and the "real" O's show up. Till then, I'm just going to enjoy the moment and leave the "dissecting" to you "youngsters"!😀
  6. A long time ago, I taught high school math. It has always struck me that us Humans have a hard time finding common denominators. Thanks Tony for finding and perpetuating a common denominator!!!! Much appreciated - Go O's!!!!!! Now, back to the background.😀
  7. Long time reader on this site and seldom poster. Just entered my ninth decade so I've seen a lot of baseball and other stuff too. My grandmother use to tell a young boy, "Don't cut off your nose to spite your face!" Just saying. And best wishes to all of you and all of us and of course The Orioles!
  8. " But also some Orioles stuff, too. Probably because the average age of a typical baseball fan is advanced enough to remember when the O's were awesome and by the time you get that old you ain't changing." You got that right, DH!!! Tried the Senator's before 1954 and it just couldn't stick. Afterwards, they were always bad till recently. I was born in DC, but rooting for DC just doesn't sit right for some reason. Maybe it's because I always said rooting for the Yankees was like rooting for the IRS and there is some connectivity there! It's remembering the 60's through early 80's and the great teams/players that sustains. May never see that level of success again in my time, but damn it was fun!!!!! Wish that for all you "youngun's"!! I will pass to the Next league - always and Oriole Fan where ever they are !!!!!!!
  9. In the winter of 1967 I got to play basketball with an Eastern Shore All Star team against a team of Orioles at the Civic Center in Salisbury. Played against Jim Palmer, Dave McNalley, Paul Blair, - a number of the members of the '66 World Series Champs except Frank. Had a joint party afterwards with our families at Bob Layton"s home in Salisbury. Bob was a well know sport's writer on The Shore and put on the event. I will always remember just how athletic they were on the court and how real nice they all were as well. My wife was pregnant with our second at the time and she still talks about how good looking Jim Palmer was. She's had a crush ever since. By the way, they won. But, I didn't care cause that was the highlight of my basketball experience. Also played against the Washington Senators but that doesn't come close to compare. Been a die-hard Orioles fan since 1954!
  10. I pray for Trey the 27 year old young man and pull for a full recovery! I also pray for Trey, the best the Orioles have at this time, and hope for the same. In the total scheme of things, the first is so much more important!!!! Let's use all the prayer and best wishes we can to help support Trey and his family through this!
  11. The contrasts on this site are unbelievable at times. There is the depth and information in the daily Sarasota reports and the intelligent posts started by regulars like Frobby. A lot of great debate, information, and differences of opinion! Then there is this OP that keeps going on when it should have been closed pages ago.
  12. Organization didn't handle it well? Maybe just maybe, they are respecting Trey's wishes and those of his family. It's his body - it's his physical issue and in that light none of our business!!! Speculation be damned - Get Well Trey!!!!! Those that want to speculate or criticize the Orioles , try instead offering concern and prayers for Trey and find something else to talk about!
  13. From a collector's viewpoint, you should buy one and not wear it. Put it in storage and in 100 years your great grand children may cash in! Remember, "ugly" over time can go up in value because no one buys.😁
  14. Thank you! Again, this is what makes this forum special. I truly appreciate your contributions to this site!
  15. Too Tall

    Farewell OH

    Wow! Feel like I just won and lost at the same time. Best to you and of course The Orioles. Your analysis and insights will truly be missed in this forum.
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