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  1. Frobby said it best - as usual! Really, if you expect MASN to be critical of the Orioles, then expect a Moderator to be openly critical of Tony. Misery likes company, so some want all channels to follow their lead. All channels are not equal. The Sun is a different story but not surprising. The fan base in Baltimore is different ( thank heavens ) than in New York or Boston. Like politicians, papers play to their base. "Don't Worry - Be Happy!" TODAY, WE ARE NUMBER ONE - in the "picking order."
  2. The fundamental question is, how does any self respecting Baltmer Rat get caught by the tail and put in a box by a Royal Fan? Must be The Rat was so non-stressed, it was just caught napping! This is one Rat's Ass of a Tale!😄
  3. It takes a team to tank a season. Seems like they ain't getting the memo. Horrors!!!!!!!!!!!!! Don't worry - be happy! No stress here!!!😃
  4. Ellas and Hyde gotta go? Go where? OK, to paraphrase Ghost Busters- "Who ya goin call?" With this ownership? Really? - "Who ya goin call?" I'm getting use to this "stress free environment!" Wake me next year (if you can) and we will analyze and talk.😀
  5. Here's where I am. To paraphrase a slogan from the 1992 election - "It's The Pitching, Stupid!" I understand the rebuild. I get the low draft pick pursuit/need. What I don't get, is the lack of developing or drafting pitching. Offensively, this team isn't great but it isn't a laughing stock by any measure. Defensively - the same. Neither were the main reason for our long losing streaks this year. Where we have taken a critical developmeent phase (in my judgement) to epic levels of low - is pitching. I see the long range plan re offense and defense by looking at the recent drafts and our
  6. I've watched the Orioles since 1954. That first team that arrived from the Browns wasn't good, but it wasn't this bad. This team has taken bad to a whole new level. Except for several positions (first base and around the outfield - when healthy) it is not a major league team. And I don't see any other members of the current roster- YET- with a great deal of star power potential. The pitching however has taken ineptitude to a record breaking level. So, what do we have? Hyde is fat, sets a bad example, so the Orioles are bad! Hyde makes bad moves so the Orioles are bad! Coaches are inept
  7. I read the article and all eight pages - SO FAR - here. (It's hot, I am old, and I have air.) Seems to me, the "bargaining season" stands to be more interesting than the actual season of competition. It will surely add extra intrigue to the "off season" for the Orioles and beyond. I was always taught that a basic tenet of bargaining if you are management, is you go in pre tuned with what/the extent to which you are willing to give (limits)- not what you think the other side wants. In other words, it's what you want not what they want. Also, you know ahead of time what will cause you to
  8. Just asking? And I am glad this Saga is over as well! Since Chis is retiring due to a degenerative hip condition, could insurance have any positive affect on the Orioles payout? If his contract was insured or partially insured, the insurance company would be a partner in this as well. May be the reason why the Orioles did not wait for next year and any benefit from a delayed labor negotiations settlement.
  9. Not defense, but all the bad at bats - swinging at balls clearly outside the strike zone. Especially breaking balls low and away. We had a Tampa pitcher last night with nearly 60 pitches in two innings and the only run was scored by a hbp. I agree with the the points made about defense but our approach to hitting is driving me nuts and has led to wasting some good pitching!
  10. Ugly end to a pleasant game to watch. Maybe it is me, but I had visions (even the glasses) of watching Kevin Greg all over again.😀 I thought OH NO, not another .... Did the Orioles claim a clone of that nightmare from times back? Be interesting to see how this plays out. CM saved it from being a lot worse!!! Getting him into the useful category should test our coaches!!!
  11. Stu Miller returns? Showing my age, but an Orioles closer who Chuck Thompson said had three speeds - slow - slower - and hoooooo boy! Fun to watch. May he be as successful!!!!!!
  12. I'm an old, isolated guy and this is fun at a time when there isn't much fun. Watched the game last night with my son and we reminisced. When you expect them to lose and they win, the "beer is cold!" Particularly after a year when so many games were over by the third inning. Loved listening to the ESPN guys trying to make sense of the O's winning and the Phil's with all their high priced talent losing. Harkens back to the early Buck Years after the Dark Ages. I have no expectations going forward during this unusual season. I do think for once, the O's front office will stay with their plan.
  13. A long time ago, I taught high school math. It has always struck me that us Humans have a hard time finding common denominators. Thanks Tony for finding and perpetuating a common denominator!!!! Much appreciated - Go O's!!!!!! Now, back to the background.😀
  14. Long time reader on this site and seldom poster. Just entered my ninth decade so I've seen a lot of baseball and other stuff too. My grandmother use to tell a young boy, "Don't cut off your nose to spite your face!" Just saying. And best wishes to all of you and all of us and of course The Orioles!
  15. " But also some Orioles stuff, too. Probably because the average age of a typical baseball fan is advanced enough to remember when the O's were awesome and by the time you get that old you ain't changing." You got that right, DH!!! Tried the Senator's before 1954 and it just couldn't stick. Afterwards, they were always bad till recently. I was born in DC, but rooting for DC just doesn't sit right for some reason. Maybe it's because I always said rooting for the Yankees was like rooting for the IRS and there is some connectivity there! It's remembering the 60's through early 80's and the
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