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  1. What's the appropriate balance between enjoying this baseball season (short term gain) without sacrificing enjoy baseball in Baltimore for many seasons to come (long term gain)? Do we want to lose every game in extra innings by 1 run? An unearned one at that with the current rule.
  2. This all is going to end. When Disney offered their online programming in competition with their own cable channel, they were telling everyone that cable is not the future. That being said, the media contracts that feed this greed will crash and reset. Players won't be making $30m a season to play sports again. I for one will be happy to see that day.
  3. This is where I'm at and always have been. I'll never feel good about paying a player $30m a year in any sport no matter what the sport's revenues are.
  4. As much as I respect you as a poster, you're either asking me to conclude that you have a better understanding of how to build the organization back up than Elias does Or You want me to believe that Elias took the job knowing full well he didn't actually have full control. I can't, at least at this early point,. buy either of those propositions. I think we have the right guy at the helm, I believe ownership has set the parameters with which he has full autonomy. At some point down the road, we'll know.
  5. Couldn't agree more. I'm still pissed... they had the ball in OT just need to get a FG to win. Instead of looking for first downs to get into range, they throw 30 yard bombs on 2nd and 3rd and 10.. Same crap from last year and previous years. This coaching staff is not our future. We need to part with them. Too bad they're going to have to wait until the end of another disappointing season to make that happen.
  6. Awful loss. Team not prepared after a Pittsburgh win and horrible play calling in overtime with a chance to win anyway. Overreaction of the moment... fire the coach and offensive coordinator right now.
  7. The Bedard deal set an unreasonable bar. 😉
  8. Amazing how good the Red Sox and Yankees developmental programs are in that they're consistently low in the draft picking order and yet have a plethora of players from which to use to add with.
  9. Is the Manny deal in any way a hold up for other deals not being done / announced yet?
  10. More or less the same here. Howdie Neighbor.
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