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  1. NCAA grants an extra year of eligibility to Spring Sports https://www.golfchannel.com/news/ncaa-grant-extra-year-eligibility-spring-athletes?utm-tags=golf1305000&fbclid=IwAR2bOofPr_10uhV5PW_AYn-BmxVlhhRjUkyZb53nEV_Eham4FeCm9oX-_fg
  2. Just watched it. That could be one of the crazier stories I have ever heard. If you are from Baltimore, you absolutely need to watch this series.
  3. I lost my dad in September and that is a very fitting tribute. You just always think you have more time than you really do. Call your fathers everybody!
  4. How is it that MLB is allowing the A's to spend more on their 1st round pick than anyone else? I don't understand why the favoritism
  5. I dont know that the chance is "slim". If he continues to do this, do you really think he just doesn't hang 'em up? If he continues with these numbers, he will go down as one of the worst hitters in baseball history. My guess is Davis has enough money and doesn't care for that kind of moniker
  6. 1)Who is EROC 2)What major leaguer is VVM compared to? I am curious what kind of major leaguer he is projected to be
  7. He says here that Jones turned down a deal to the Phils on Friday or Saturday and that Jones wants to stay here for the remainder of the year to see after his charity.
  8. Averaging 1.4 K's / IP is pretty impressive. I am surprised he is not rated higher. SSS and all, but after being promoted to AA, he still has 18IP and 22 K's.
  9. At a .302 win clip, that is 17 wins. But with all the players they lost, I feel like the probably win about 10 more games. 31 games left vs the Al East 4 vs the Astros 3 vs Cleveland 3 vs Seattle
  10. This trade has to be for starting pitching prospects...
  11. It was a joke that he played on Kirby. Nothing to read into...
  12. Jason Rollison‏ @jrollisonpgh 4h4 hours ago More Two additional #Pirates notes: 1. Have heard two different iterations of a potential package going back to Orioles in a potential deal, but both are headlined by Shane Baz
  13. Maybe they can convert him to the 7th inning guy ala Givens. He couldn't do worse
  14. After this year, I think he is owed 4 years / $110 MM ($17MM a year for until 2022 and $42 MM in deferred money) -corrected
  15. Why are they allowing Clevenger to "go to his mouth" on the mound? He keeps biting/licking his thumb
  16. I was more referring to the previous years, but I get your point. It's too early to point to how bad a guy is doing now and extrapolate that that is who he will be this year is my point.
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