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  1. <p><p><p>Milligan is Genius</p></p></p>

  2. Okay, perhaps I was wrong. When it comes to being right or wrong the only thing I like worse than being right is being wrong. (I really thought I was right...) Anyway, I think Belmont is being overrated by the public. The trendy upset pick is gonna lose, methinks. But I've been wrong before.
  3. Maybe I'm confused as to what you're saying, or I'm not making myself very clear. I'm not saying Duke wasn't #1 going into the season. (And which season are you speaking of: '09-'10, or '10-11?) Unless I suffered a stroke at some point, but I'm almost positive that Pomeroy does adjust during the tournaments, whether it's conference tournaments or the NCAA's or the NIT, CBI, or that other one. I may be making this up, but I have this recollection that until KU lost to UNI last year, KU was #1, UK was #2, OSU was third, and Duke was fourth. Apologies if I'm wrong.
  4. Not entirely true, as Pomeroy's archived rankings were completed at the conclusion of the NCAA tournament. For instance, until Duke won the championship game last year, Kansas was his overall no. 1. Duke was fourth on his list, if I recall correctly, behind the other 1 seeds.
  5. I can see clearly now, the rain is gone.
  6. I'll take Can. I think if we stick with some kind of prog Can is gonna be really hard to beat, so how about something slightly different- Can's Paperhouse: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x76CeJBbJs8 vs. Yo La Tengo's Sugarcube:
  7. Okay, how about The Trashmen vs. Man or Astro-man? Trashmen: Man or Astro-man?:
  8. <p><p><p>Hey, thanks for the kind words and birthday wishes — though I must confess you went over my head with Les Rallizes Denudes. </p></p></p>

    <p><p><p>Wife got me an Amon Düül II t-shirt (!!) as a birthday present, which I imagine you would appreciate.</p></p></p>

  9. <p><p><p>Strange coincidence that I visited the site, posted on your homepage, and saw Weams' message re: yr birthday. Happy Birthday!</p></p></p>

  10. <p><p><p>Absolutely love the profile picture.</p></p></p>

  11. Here's how it works... I'll pick two bands to start out, and the next person picks "a winner" from those two bands and proposes "a challenger". The next person will pick the winner and select a challenger. So on and so forth. First matchup: Love vs. The Zombies
  12. I happen to like what goes on over at Project Prospect. Their rankings seem to ruffle some feathers, but they also seem grounded in their methodology, so it doesn't seem like they're making arbitrary rankings just to get attention. Whether they've hit something with their thoughts remains to be seen, though. I remember Adam Foster writing something a couple of years back stating that Rowell's 2007 season was just a hiccup and that he saw something in his peripherals (or maybe it was his age at the time) that led him to believe he'd be able to turn it around. We've seen how that went. Also, I think Adam either worked at or interned for quite a while at BA, and from what I've read he either attends a lot of games or has reliable contact with scouts, or both. With Arrieta, perhaps the writer saw him when his velocity was down. (However, as I'm sure you know, disparities in velocity reports are nothing new, so, eh).
  13. This draft strategy ain't exactly new, it's just gaining in popularity. The Red Sox have implemented this strategy for several years now. Now we have the O's following suit, and a host of other teams - Pittsburgh, KC, etc. It's just the latest attempt by teams to exploit other teams' perceived draft weaknesses. It's simply a continuation of moneyball in that sense. Proper exploitation in drafting comes from being ahead of the curve, and the O's have recently been working that angle. However, this method will eventually become a standard, and a new draft strategy will have to take hold. We have to wait and see how the results work out. Signability is one thing to measure. We had a successful draft this year in terms of that. Risk vs. Reward is different. Say none of Joe Jordan's picks reward us. Is that likely? Probably so, sometimes even the best team drafts/year allow only one or two ML's. We just simply have to wait to see how these picks pan out, IMO.
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