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  1. If we're talking regular season, I'll go with no. I think he'll get a minor league deal and an invite to ST from someone, but when it becomes apparent that he won't be able to hold up physically, he'll be cut.
  2. Now that's a smart PR Exec. I see her posts on Twitter often, because people I follow (Roch, Connelly, Meoli, etc.) follow her. Might have to give her a follow as well know that I actually know who she is.
  3. Mountcastle, Mancini, and Nunez should all be splitting time between 1B and DH next year. Trumbo is gone, Davis needs to go. They need break the logjam of 1B/DH types. Honestly, I'd be happy if they can find a trade partner for Nunez coming off his 30HR season. Then you can let Mancini and Mountcastle play everyday between 1B and DH. Or alternatively, trade Mancini if the value is there, let Nunez DH, and put Mountcastle at 1B every day.
  4. Good point. Probably not a good fit at all when you consider that.
  5. Madden to the Angels makes too much sense, IMO. But what about Buck in Chicago?
  6. Yeah, it's hard to know how to legitimize some of these offensive numbers. Look at Mancini's 35th HR. That ball came off the bat like it should've been a lazy fly ball, and it carried out. Don't get me wrong, he had plenty of other legit HRs, but #'s across the board are definitely inflated.
  7. I could see Brocail getting replaced. The pitching was awful, and when he went on record with his frustrations, it seems pretty clear that there's a disconnect there.
  8. Bird Migration: The Process of Relocating Orioles to Nashville or Las Vegas - Michael "Used to be Somewhat Relevant" Olesker and Some No-Name D-bag Lawyer, forward by Bruce "Ron Burgundy" Cunningham
  9. That's a pretty major blanket statement. Some probably won't, but some will. We can debate the % ad nauseum, but we won't really know until it happens. Let's be honest though - if they can replicate what the Astros and Cubs have done in the next 4-5 years, seats will be filled. Shoot, if they can fill seats after wandering in the desert from 1998-2011, they can do it after an effective rebuild. It's up to the O's, Elias, and company to do their part.
  10. Yeah, glad he said it, and I wouldn't expect him to say any different. I also think the Nashville and Vegas rumors are unmitigated BS. for the naysayers and conspiracy theorists, yes, we all know Irsay lied about moving the Colts. And we all know PGA famously undelivered on several promises for a competitive team, but I wouldn't say he outright lied. The O's aren't going anywhere. I just hope Elias can get things turned around soon so we can get butts in seats at OPACY again. Hoping they can be pushing for .500 in the 2021 season. I expect at least 90 losses against next year.
  11. Also, I'm intrigued by the idea of KG as a bullpen guy if he struggle again as a SP.
  12. If he's cheap and on a 1yr deal, sure. He can't be any worse than the guys not names Bundy or Means that they've been running out there all year.
  13. Since ROY is decided by the writers, many of whom are older and probably don't buy into sabermetrics like WAR, it'll be Alvarez. Also since he's on a winning team. If it went solely by younger generation voters who value WAR, Means might have a good shot at getting it.
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