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  1. Hate it. I'm sure someone will point out where I'm wrong, but I can't think of another rule that limits a manager's roster flexibility to the detriment of the team. A guy comes in and gives up back to back HRs, and you can't remove him before he serves up a beach ball to the 3rd hitter? Madness, IMO.
  2. esmd

    New Start Times

    Wow, pretty big change and break with tradition there. I'm old enough the remember when the games started at 7:35 on weeknights, but they've been 7:05 for a long time, maybe around the last few years of Memorial Stadium? I'm good with it, might make it a bit tougher to get there in time for first pitch for some folks, but it is what it is. Now if they're just start the playoff and WS games earlier than 8pm.
  3. As long as it's not for the Orioles or any MiL teams in the Orioles' organization, I have no issues at all with that.
  4. We'll just have to agree to disagree. I think it's very extreme. I get as annoyed with the Joe Girardi 5 pitch change innings as anyone else (lawd I couldn't stand him for that), but this is taking it to far to the other side of the pendulum. It's a game-altering precedent unlike anything we've seen in recent memory.
  5. This. If Elias is worried about the Ravens, then he shouldn't be the O's GM. He has his plan. The only thing that should cause him to consider changes to it is the state of the Orioles.
  6. Yeah I get it, there are rules. But this one is unnecessary, ham handed, and is "fixing" a problem that doesn't exist, and will cause other issues. I mean, why not just make it that you can only pinch hit once per game? Or no more openers, the starting pitching must pitch at least 5 innings? Just because there are already rules in place, that doesn't justify stupidity like this.
  7. I think Bundy is a JAG at this point, so I'd do it. I agree with others though, I'm not sure how much value he has.
  8. Agreed. You want to get teams to stop shifting, tell the players to learn to go the other way. Or bunt. Then they'll stop shifting.
  9. This. Hate, hate, hate this. They've got a 25 man (or I guess soon to be 26 man) roster, let the manager use it as he sees fit.
  10. esmd

    Chris Davis, 2019

    Chris Davis has done more for the Orioles even from 2017 to 2019 than Glenn Davis ever did. Come on. And that's not even taking into account when he was actually good. The donation by he and his wife is laudable and will help people (specifically sick kids and their families). Kudos to them. Also, Eric Davis had a pretty good 1998 season for the Orioles. And he wasn't off to a bad start in 1997 before he fell ill with cancer.
  11. If we're talking regular season, I'll go with no. I think he'll get a minor league deal and an invite to ST from someone, but when it becomes apparent that he won't be able to hold up physically, he'll be cut.
  12. Now that's a smart PR Exec. I see her posts on Twitter often, because people I follow (Roch, Connelly, Meoli, etc.) follow her. Might have to give her a follow as well know that I actually know who she is.
  13. Mountcastle, Mancini, and Nunez should all be splitting time between 1B and DH next year. Trumbo is gone, Davis needs to go. They need break the logjam of 1B/DH types. Honestly, I'd be happy if they can find a trade partner for Nunez coming off his 30HR season. Then you can let Mancini and Mountcastle play everyday between 1B and DH. Or alternatively, trade Mancini if the value is there, let Nunez DH, and put Mountcastle at 1B every day.
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