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  1. Or they could always just get their stuff together and offer a streaming service.
  2. This is fantastic. Why, if players suspected what they were doing (as has been reported), did no other teams do this to the Astros?
  3. I read on Twitter that he showed low iron in his blood during a physical and complained of extreme fatigue, so they sent him for a colonoscopy. That led to them discovering the tumor. Regardless, I'm glad they found it, hopefully they caught it early. Hoping he is able to recover fully and live a normal, long, healthy life after treatment.
  4. It's my hope that Akin can break in to the majors this year. I was hoping maybe he'd force his way onto the team out of ST. But with an ERA over 7.00, he sure hasn't done that. He's a prospect, yes, and I still hope he might break in and do something of note performance-wise, but it sure seems like he's not as highly regarded now as he maybe was 2-3 years ago. His job now is to go pitch well in the minors, figure out how he can get better (i.e. refine things), and force a callup based on his performance. We'll see if he's able to do that.
  5. I think we can all agree that we're hoping for the best for him from a medical perspective. At this point, nothing else really matters.
  6. That's all it can be, really. Nothing else makes sense. They own the friggin network - you'd think they'd be televising every game, or at least a couple a week and especially weekends.
  7. He's obviously carrying more mass than he has in the last year or two. We shall see if it continues to have an effect during the regular season. Also makes one wonder about the means that he got back this extra mass. I guess we'll see how that works out as well.
  8. I'm glad to see him working to improve. That said, I think he's still a 1B/DH at the end of the day. That's not a bad thing, it's just that the team needs to make a decision on whether his bat will justify moving Mancini or Nunez. I don't see room for all three of them.
  9. Infrastructure is good, as long as they're all working off of the same sheet of music. Hopefully they will be.
  10. Things like this are the main thing that I'm interested in (and hoping for) this season. It'll be good to see some of these guys break into the majors and (hopefully) establish themselves. With hopefully more to come in 2021 and beyond.
  11. I don't get it. I just don't get it. What kind of fetish do the Dodgers have with taking horrible contracts off of Boston's hands (as they did with Crawford, AGON, and Beckett some years ago)? I wanted to see Boston choke on that Price deal for the next few years. SMH.
  12. Let's just say you're much, much more optimistic than I am.
  13. Let's hope for a Tim Wakefield redux.
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