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  1. People need to stop calling the Mountain West a "Mid-Major" conference and just assuming the teams aren't good. You can make a pretty decent case that the Mountain West was the third best league in the country this year behind the Big Ten and the Big East. New Mexico could be a 2 seed and Colorado State, UNLV and San Diego State will all easily make it and be solid seeds. Boise State is right on the bubble, and should make it IMO. I'm a UVA fan, and we have no business making it. Just so many awful losses, and no performance at all outside of Charlottesville besides the totally weird win in Madison back in November. Ole Miss probably got in by beating Missouri tonight. I think Maryland will make it if they beat UNC tomorrow, solely by how many losses these other teams have had this week. I'm a big proponent of Middle Tennessee State, that's a good basketball team, I hope they get a bid.
  2. Yeah, trading 4 guys with no service time, one of whom is one of the best 2 or 3 prospects in all of baseball, another who is a Top 50 prospect, for a guy with one year of control left would have been awesome.
  3. Why would Tampa waste money by signing a mid-level starter? Even by moving Shields and Davis (who was already in the pen anyways) they still have Price, Hellickson, Moore, Niemann, Archer, Cobb and Odorizzi (who they got in the trade and is close to ML ready). They still have more pitching depth than most other teams even after this move.
  4. I was in 354 and we were going nuts the whole time. OF COURSE the crowd got quiet after the Martin home run. We were already frustrated by Hardy not getting driven in in the 8th, but still felt good that JJ could get us to the bottom of the 9th tied. The Martin homer was as gut-punchy as they get. Be back again tonight, will be just as crazy.
  5. If Saunders performs anything like Virginia Tech usually does in a big game, we are in huge trouble.
  6. I still lurk quite often, but don't post much. NCAA Hoops is about it, I can't stay away from the hoops talk, especially with my boys finally having a good season. And I would feel much better if we had won at least ONE of the games we played against the big boys of the ACC this year (4 of 5 were one possession games, only at UNC wasn't close). Luckily the bubble is awful this year so we should be OK. If we are EVER getting to a Saturday at the ACC Tourney, this should be the year. The lack of depth just terrifies me. I mean, if Scott gets in foul trouble, we could lose to ANYONE. But still, NC State isn't that good, and the tournament isn't in Carolina so they shouldn't have a big fan advantage. I thought for sure we would make it as the 2-seed in '07 with Singletary and Reynolds, especially when State beat Duke in the 1st Round. We had a double digit lead at the half, but then Brandon Costner went nuts and knocked us out.
  7. LOL. You guys are worried about Virginia in the Semis? Maybe I'm jaded, but I'll be shocked if the Hoos win on Friday. They haven't played on a Saturday in the ACC Tournament since the Junior Burrough team got to the Semis in 1995. 1995! It's been 17 years since UVa PLAYED IN A SEMI-FINAL GAME! That is absurd. Let alone winning a Semi-Final game, which they haven't done since 1994. Also going along with the history is the fact that this week UVa announced Sene and Brogdon are both done for the season, so the 7-man rotation will be all Tony Bennett has. I'm terrified that they will lose to NC State (or even worse, BC) and somehow miss the NCAA's.
  8. Sorry SG, I disagree. Duke is definitely the better team, but most of those missed FT's were from Plumlee, who is god awful from the line. If I remember correctly, the only other guy who missed a couple was Kelly, who admittedly is usually very good. Still, that was as close as you can come to winning at Cameron without actually pulling it off. UVa went like 0-11 from 3 in the second half (most of them open to wide-open looks) and Sammy Zeglinski, who averages 10 points a game and has hit more clutch shots in his career than the rest of the Hoos combined, went 0-8 in the game. If Zeglinski makes even one or two shots, UVa probably wins the game. I am incredibly bitter Duke doesn't have to come to JPJ this season. I'm not sure the Hoos are good enough to beat UNC at the JPJ, but they showed they could certainly beat Duke there if they had the chance. I think it's going to be really tough to make an argument against Mike Scott for ACC POY, by the way, if he keeps this up. His rate numbers compared to the pace UVa plays are absurd.
  9. I know I don't post much anymore, but just wanted to chime in tonight to say... ARRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH....SO CLOSE TO BEATING THEM AT CAMERON!
  10. Nice win for Florida State tonight. This is a really good team. They absolutely lock people down and with Singleton, Kitchen, Dulkys, Loucks, Snaer and their array of big men on the interior, I think they have emerged as the clear cut #2 behind Duke in the ACC. I still think 5 teams get in from the ACC. Maybe 6, but probably 5.
  11. He has been battling some nagging injuries (leg and back) so Brady usually watches his minutes closely, but he also got two fouls early today so he had to sit longer than I think Brady would have liked. The Dukes just commit too many sloppy fouls and take too many bad shots right now to beat these other really good CAA teams. Bowles is damn near unstoppable in this league on the block and he doesn't get enough credit for it but he is a really good passer for a big guy as well. Goins is a nice compliment to him but he was guilty of a lot of mistakes and bad shots today. This core of Bowles, Goins, Wells, Hitchens, Moore, Semenov and Chad Jackson is good enough to win a lot of games, but these last two games have me wondering if they are good enough to win a CAA Tournament. They have so little depth that they really can't afford any foul trouble or injuries. Anyways, it's nice just to have basketball matter again in Harrisonburg. That's a great step for what the program has been the last 15 years or so.
  12. Congrats to the Mason fans on a big win today. JMU is a good team, but they still haven't proven they can beat the big dogs in the CAA yet. They had their chances at ODU and at home against Mason this week and couldnt win either of them. By the way, that was the best game of Cam Long's career. What a fantastic performance. You guys won today because he was wearing a Mason jersey, not a JMU jersey. Looking forward to the rematch in NoVa.
  13. UVA won at Minnesota earlier this season! (I'll decline to mention they lost to Seattle U at home last week)
  14. A-HA! So they are talented players, and they were able to produce in a lineup without Prince Fielder? Interesting...
  15. UGH. Once again, you take a quote and turn it into whatever you want it to mean. MacPhail said that he wanted to improve the offense this off-season, and that having a better offense would help those guys. Not "We need one guy, preferably fat and expensive who Red Sox fans have heard of and those guys will be better". He improved the offense. Hardy, Reynolds and LaRoche are all enormous upgrades from what we had last year. Again Posey/Santana? Anything from you on that yet?
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