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  1. If I'm in New York, am I going to be blacked out from watching the MASN feed for today's game on MLB.tv?
  2. Same for me. Ended up getting the seats I wanted.
  3. I'm having the same problem. Spinning and spinning.
  4. Is no one else having a problem with the picture on MASN??
  5. Anyone else having trouble with the picture on MASN lagging?
  6. Got pretty close to my typical seats. That was easy.
  7. Really interesting interview here, especially when it comes to MASN issues. This, to me, deserves its own thread.
  8. What happens if Detroit is forced to play Monday and ends up tied with us, forcing a game 163? I'm assuming there there isn't answer to this yet, but that would be wild!
  9. Went very smoothly for me. Already had tickets to ALDS Home game 2 through my Bronze package so I bought tickets to the WC game and ALDS Home game 1 without issue.
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