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  1. Well, you respect my quarterly payment well enough, despite my lack of humanity. So neg rep away. Take me down to zero. Maybe rep is only for actual humans...clearly my lack of an imaginary sky god disqualifies me from that status in your world. There is one reverend I can get behind, though...the Reverend Horton Heat!
  2. Nope. Kid should have kept his mouth shut. You don't want to wrestle a girl? Here's the entire statement: "I have chosen not to do this. I have my reasons and they're none of your business." And anybody who thinks not wrestling is gonna save Tibet or stop offshore drilling hasn't yet learned to follow the money and is just roadkill waiting to happen, anyway. Don't play the religosympathy card. Just do or not do whatever it is you're going to do or not do. The explanation is either going to be sad or funny...or both. And how far would your sympathies extend if--instead of playing the "Jesus do
  3. Hank $teingrabber is a walking, bloviating, spewing, compelling argument for a 100% inheritance tax. What a festering gasbag that "man" is.
  4. There's no question that Belle was...Belle...before the injury cut his career short. There is ample reason to question the validity of that deal for that team at that time...and no question about how much psychological damage it did to PGA. IIRC, baseball contracts can only be insured for three years. And we all know they're guaranteed. If I was an owner of a mid-market team like the Orioles, I'd think long and hard before giving anybody a 10-year, big-money, guaranteed deal. Long and hard.
  5. People can (and do) believe whatever they want. In this instance--as in so many others--"belief" is being deployed as a get out of jail free card. At that point, all bets are off and it's mocking time.
  6. I know you wrote that, but I don't think you believe it. The Yankee$ can afford a $300MM payroll, should they choose to go there. I'm just not entierly sure the current generation of $teingrabbers wants to go there. (If there was ever a better argument for higher inheritance taxes than Hank $teingrabber, I haven't seen it.) Despite all the b****ing he does obout "our money", expect Hamfisted Hank to pony up in the end. If Pujols doesn't re-up with the Cardinals, he's a Yankee in 2012...and they'll puzzle out the ramifications as they go. Book it.
  7. The bolded sentence is just screaming for a rewrite. Seriously, the first time I read it I thought you'd actually killed somebody.
  8. I read stories like this and wonder not only if I'm living in the same century as these people, but even on the same planet. Don't want to wrestle a girl? Not OK if it's a "damned if you win, damned if you lose" situation. Perfectly OK if your reasons are "religious". Wanna slaughter a goat in the back yard? Not OK if you're hungry and just happen to have a goat. Perfectly OK if your religion wants you to off a goat a couple of times a year. I don't know whether to laugh or cry.
  9. Perhaps Teixeira should consider the purchase of an outfielders glove for 2012...or learn to love DHing. Either way, I don't care in the slightest.
  10. Given that there have been no reports of Gurrero biting the head off a live dove at the press conference; no reports of him mooning the assembled throng or groping a female (or male, for that matter) reporter...who cares how enthused Peter Schmuck thinks he was?
  11. Take the cash: don't let them pay you in kind Take the cash: don't let them change their mind And let's see the color of the money... Take the cash! --Wreckless Eric
  12. The thing I don't get is when your winkie is obviously that small, how do you keep stepping on it???
  13. Four big birds up to one of our top posters! You deserve 'em! :clap3:
  14. If it's $8MM guaranteed, I'm surprised and slightly dismayed. If it's $8MM after a bunch of incentives, I'm surprised and pleased. So, one thumb halfway up for now...
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